Do trees get sick

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Trees can get diseases and can be attacked by insects and fungus. Trees all go through different cycles over the years. ChaCha On! [ Source: ]
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Do trees get sick
Trees can get diseases and can be attacked by insects and fungus. Trees all go through different cycles over the years. ChaCha On!
Can dogs get sick from eating acorns that fall from oak trees in …?
Yes they contain a toxin tannic acid that can cause them to be ill and the shells are sharp and can cause gastric upset. In some cases they can cause an obstruction of the bowel if too many are eaten as dogs can’t digest them. Hope this hel…
What is a Bonsai?
A Bonsai is a miniaturized tree that is kept in a small container or pot.

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Dead birds and sick trees???
Q: Ok, so I have had 3 crows drop dead out of my trees in my front lawn, and I’m worried. They have each been reported, but the west nile testing have not been able to come out and do so…so I’m stuck. I just got off the phone with the West Nile Virus Hotline and again, they can’t do anything. So my question is, who do I get a hold of to come check out my trees? It’s obviously something going on in the trees because my lawn is the only one with a dead bird! How Scary! Any and all help would be MUCH appreciated.
A: West Nile Virus is just that – a virus. It is transmitted by mosquitoes, much like heartworm is transmitted to dogs.Your trees would not be the source of the virus. HOWEVER, you might want to call an Arborist and have them take a look at your trees. There may be something going on that is killing the birds. Someone may have set poison to kill the birds, if your trees are harboring crows. Crows are scavengers, and they will carry dead carcasses to their young. Someone may have wanted to kill the crows. Which is not very smart. Yes, crows will raid songbird nests and eat the young. But they also eat carrion which, like vultures, keeps the landscape clean and disease free. I can tell you, that since WNV came on the scene 6+ years ago, I was working as a Veterinary Technician. Back then, the reporting was new and ALL reports were checked and verified. Now, I’m sure there are so many reports that the agency cannot give reports to every person that turns in a dead bird. There is not enough manpower to take care of that. Reports should be in your newspaper, or you could go online to the state or county health dept. site. They, I believe, report the number of animals that have been verified with rabies, how many and what types of animals and also where they were found. They may also report on WNV. And remember, every living thing dies. Not every bird death is from WNV.
I have a sick tree outside. Who do I call to get it cut? 411 or 311?
Q: are there any websites?
A: I normally call the local municipal department in cases like these. I guess the forestry / environmental department.
grapefruit tree sick?
Q: my grapefruit tree has a sticky feel to its leaves, i found this out because it looked like it had water droplets on it so i had a feel to find out. i’ve had the tree for about 5 years now, its still really little and stays indoors for a majority of the year becuase i live in northern washington and its often too cold, but it stays in the window and is watered often. the pot it sits in is plenty big enough for it to grow. my mom says that it has a disease and suggested that i wipe off all the leaves with a wet cloth. i know its a tropical fruit and i should get a heat lamp for it, will a heat lamp fix the sticky leaves? is it normal to have sticky leaves? what should i do? this plant means alot to me and i would be terrified if it diedwouldnt soapy water kill the leaves? if not what should the water to soap ratio be? and just normal dish soap?aphid honeydew sounds like a possibility, but i cant exactally bring a bag of ladybugs in my house to kill them. suggestions to a non harmful spray that i can use?
A: sounds like aphid’s honeydew
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