Do you know any fat people

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I know several people who are overweight. I don’t try and judge anyone but I know that they are in serious trouble for disease. [ Source: ]
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Do fat people know they’re fat?
Even skinny people think they themselves are fat. People live in this culture where it’s not ok to be overweight. I think these people who are overweight but wear little shorts and stuff have much more confidence about their appearance than…
Does anyone know any movies about fat people?
Those damn lifetime movies. I think one is called Fat Like Me or To Be Fat Like Me (not sure of the name) and another is called Queen Sized. Those are pretty good fat movies. I was going to say Shallow Hal but then I read the preferably not…
Why do people look at fat people with Immediate disgust and bias?…?
They don’t care most of the time. I know people who have been denied medical treatment and just told “you are just fat” (even though blook work showed a problem) and given a low fat diet to follow then they got sicker and sicker…

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Do you know any Music Video with Fat People chasing burgers and a Werewolf at the end?
Q: They tie burgers to people and let them be chased by fat people. Something like that.
A: I dont know saounds like maybe Eat it by weird al
Do you know any fat people who claim they never eat anything but healthy foods at meal time?
Q: I have married into a family of those and they all say the same thing. The funny thing is when I see them alone, they are always eating a box of chocolate, drinking a soda, or wiping out a bag of potato chips.
A: yes they eat unhealthy instead of changing there eating habits it is easy to say it is because i burn less calories than most people. there the type of people who blame what they ate on something else there bodies just are not like there’s somehow! they burn calories slower no it is not there unhealthy lifestyle. it is easier to blame your weight on you body than a lifestyle because lifestyles are harder to change. my aunt always complains about her weight well she started a diet in the mourning and caught her eating a donuts! this was the first day on the diet.
Do you know any fat people or people with “pot bellies” who can dunk that are 6’0 and under?
Q: LOL…I know this sounds like a funny a$$ question but it needs to be asked. Do you know of anyone that was fat and could still dunk at a basketball court? Do you think having a pot belly hinders your chances of getting higher or is it all mental regardless if you have a pot belly or not, or if you’re fat or not?
A: Dunk a donut maybe. Not literally defy gravy… I mean gravity.
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