Does bird poop have viruses

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There are over 60 other diseases that birds and their droppings can carry. The problem is especially worrisome in MORE? [ Source: ]
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Does bird poop have viruses
There are over 60 other diseases that birds and their droppings can carry. The problem is especially worrisome in MORE?

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Parrots and Germs?
Q: I have two Parrots, a 10 year old African Grey and a seven year old Orange Wing Amazon. There is a debate in my home over the germs pet birds carry. They were both hand fed babies, and neither they or their parents have lived in the wild. They are healthy. They both recieved a clean bill of health from their Vet. One person feels the birds, and especially their poop is a germ laden bio-hazard to humans. They feel that birds just naturaly carry viruses and bacteria harmful to people. Another person feels that unless the birds are sick they are not in general any more germ laden than a cat or dog, and the same general precautions you would take with cats or dogs applies to the birds. And perhaps, since the birds do not go outside – ever, not even to bird clubs or shows that they may actually be less likely to harbor viruses and bacteria harmful to humans than would be a cat or dog that goes in and out of doors at will. Can anyone help us to end this debate??
A: Any animal carries a risk of passing disease to humans. You want to take basic precautions, such as washing your hands before and after handling them. When it comes to birds: Their poop shouldn’t be inhaled or ingested. When cleaning it is best to either wear a respirator to avoid inhaling dry powder from scraping the poop, or to wet it down and wipe it up. I’ve been around birds for years, and have never gotten sick from any of my birds (including pigeons). I also have cared for over 450 birds for over a year, and have never gotten sick, even not wearing a respirator. Our saliva is more dangerous to birds than anything from them is to us. If you use common sense your birds will not get you sick. If however you are prone to respiratory conditions, you should be extra careful, and if you have respiratory symptoms that your doctor can’t easily identify, let them know that you have birds.
Can this cause cancer?
Q: I know that cryptococcus is a lung infection from a virus (rather a fungus). So here’s what happened today:Today, a bird pooped on my shoulder so I went home and washed my shirt in the bathtub. (I didn’t use soap). After that, I threw it into the laundry basket (it is still in there amongst a whole bunch of clothes).I read a book saying some bird droppings contain the cryptococcus fungus so that really freaked me out.After a few hours, I went into the bathroom to take a shower. I’m worried, what if some of the ‘bird droppings’ were mixed into the water and it did not fully drain? So anyway, I go take a bath and I’m sitting in the tub.Could I catch the infection if I’m sitting on the tub, or does it have to be inhaled to be harmful? Can this cause cancer? Please help, I’m starting to worry.Please don’t say that it is not common so don’t worry, or don’t say we have immune systems, just answer my questions.
A: That would be if you inhaled large quantities of dried bird droppings. I have 5 birds that occasionally poop on me and my lungs are fine. I’ve had my birds for almost 10 years now. And it’s not cancer.
Help advice about pidgins! In my area!!!?
Q: About 10 years ago, my landlord had a resident that had 4 pidgens before he moved he let them go, now we have a huge load of pidgens in this city and the next city, they have ruined our air conditioning vents that we no longer have heating or air.we have to have electric heating, and window air conditioners. Its really bad I mean we have a epidemic of viruses that pets are getting here because of them, We have poop everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. They are nesting and they drive me nuts! now that they have sealed the vents they are like going crazy,!!!!!! Please help what can we do? How can we get these birds to stay away from at least my patio? I have 2 dogs back there and the poop is just unbelievable!
A: I’d agree that ‘the pigeon pill’ is the best way to deal with them humanely but that is something you would ave to propose to your local council to bring it into action.’I’m not sure what you can do about the living situation. You can’t block up the holes the birds are living in since they most likely have chicks in there, if the chicks died you would not only be applicable for cruelty charges but you’d have an awful smell throughout your house!You could try and provide somewhere nicer for them to nest that they would choose over nesting in your vents. Maybe a shed with some nest boxes in? You’d have to feed them outside the shed and make them feel safe around it, it’ll take time but once you have them nesting in there you can take their eggs (as long as they are no older than 3 days) and boil them then put them back under the birds. The eggs wont hatch, reducing your pigeon problem and the pigeons have a nice new home to live in!
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