Does eating fried foods clog arteries

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Eating friend food will only increase your chances of getting heart disease, diabetes, clogged arteries, high blood pressure.more [ Source: ]
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Does eating fried foods clog arteries
Eating friend food will only increase your chances of getting heart disease, diabetes, clogged arteries, high blood pressure.more

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Do you ever wonder what kind of poison you’re eating when you eat fast foods?
Q: I very rarely eat fast foods any more but when I do I feel like I might as well be smoking a cigarette. I can just visualize the clog getting bigger in my arteries. Does anybody else feel this way? Do you worry about what your children or you are really doing to your bodies by eating all of that fat and chemical preservatives or do you just go into denial – which is what I did and have to do everytime I’ve ever eaten fast food burgers and fries.Uh Mr Golden, I’d love to respond to your question about whether I drove my gass-guzzling death machine down to Mickey D’s but how can I answer you if you don’t provide an email address. Oh, and I don’t eat at McDonald’s. My weakness when I want fast food is In and Out Burger – a little sexual innuendo with my poison makes me smile.
A: Of course I worry for the food I ate. Many parents use fast food as a prize for their children and this is wrong. But the era we live is quite difficult. Every time we listen that some kind of food is not good. Many grow their own vegetables,other don’t mind what we eat.
Do your arteries unclog?
Q: I’ve eaten some pretty bad stuff over the last 20 years. Fried, fatty foods, guaranteed to clog my arteries.My question, if I change my lifestyle now (I’m 28), will the collected junk in my arteries eventually go away? Does anyone have information on this?
A: OF COURSE!One of your bodies main wonders is that over time it has the ability to heal itself IF YOU ARE GOOD TO IT!If you keep repeating the offenses (espescially for such great lengths as it seems you have) it may seem like the damage is irreparable. BUT CONGRATS for making the concious decision to do something about it.Id suggest eating “heart healthy” foods as a large part of you diet now. Aka oatmeal, whole grains, honey nut cheerios (lol!), apples, fibers, basically GODD STUFF.stay away from dead calories such as white “marshmallow” bread and ANYTHING HOSTESS.. or canned soup.East fresh, healthy, raw, homemade!Just be good to yourself, go to your doctor, drink water, and be happy! :)Your heart will come around! =D
clogged arteries?
Q: hello, can someone still get clogged arteries if someone has a very healthy diet with all the right oils and not trans fats and fried foods? what are the chances? also, are skipped heartbeats related to clogged arteries or heart disease or are they just anxiety and stress..i have been getting them back again after 4 months of not having them…now it started up again..does not make sense..there are no symptoms with the extra heartbeats…i eat healthy and excercise and my cholestrol is normal as is my blood pressure..what is going on here? why does it leave for a few months and then come back? thanks for your answers.thanks MR ANSWER again for your amazing answer..please send me your email at [email protected] thanks
A: Some people are simply proned to get “clogged” arteries as a genetic trait. If you are concerned about having buildup in your arteries then you can get a cholesterol screening at your doctors office to evaluate it. The “skipped” heartbeat is unrelated and is normally a result of anxiety, caffeine, nicotine, etc…basically its caused NORMALLY by stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. If it causes you to become faint, light headed or dizzy you should see a physician as it can be a result of something more indepth. If you’re not used to having caffeine and then go on a couple week binge of it you will really notice this happening. Hope this helps.
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