Does having a cardiac arrest have anything to do with drugs

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Cardiac arrest is most commonly caused by heart disease, but can also be caused by respiratory arrest, drowning, choking & trauma. [ Source: ]
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Does drugs have anything to do with Brittany murphy cardiac arres…?
“Brittany Murphy Body To Be Autopsied” An autopsy will be conducted as early as Monday on Brittany Murphy, has learned. Murphy, 32, died suddenly Sunday morning after going into full cardiac arrest. She was transpo…
Did Michael Jackson die from cardiac arrest or drugs ??
Well, thats a toughy in which you’re probably goin to get mixed answers… however he died from the cardiac arrest right? =D am i right?
Was Brittany Murphy’s cardiac arrest caused by drugs??
It’s very sad.. My favourite movie of Brittany’s was “Don’t say a word”. However, why are so many people focusing on drug use and anorexia…you know a person can have a heart attack at any age. People should not assume unless the…

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My mother in law passed away 3 months ago and i need some outside insight!?
Q: okay … first off my mother in law was sick for days before her hospitalization. My significant other had to say with her the three days before the ambulance was finally a must. She gets to the hospital with a blood pressure of 60/40 in critical condition and they automatically assumed she had overdosed. So the treated her as a suicide victim. We in formed them about the past days events and they keep saying well our initial assessment was drug over dose and from some magic fairy i suppose came up with she took 60 to 90 blood pressure pills. My MIL was unconscious at this point so she did tell them and we weren’t allow to speak to anyone for 8 hours no news about her condition or anything. When they stabilized her and incubated her without consent … this was one thing she never wanted done she went to ICU and they kept her sedated for the next two and a half days they decided to wake her up on the third and she was fighting mad bc her wishes were not upheld and bc of her attitude and the fact that they thought she tried to commit suicide* she told them she didn’t* they took her out of the medical part of the hospital and put her in the Behavioral med unit… where there are zero medical personal.*which means she was well enough to not need physical medical attention only mental right?* well after a few hours in there she had a very severe asthma attack or so they thought and rushed her back to the icu where they once again sedated her and proceed to treat her like crap for trying to commit suicide they finally let us she her and she was in and out of sedation telling us she promised she didnt do and they were all liars. She died 5 hours later alone. We got there and they said she had a blood clot in her lung and thats what was causing the asthma attacks. *something they might have figured out if they had treated her like a human being instead of a suicide victim right?* Well if its not hard enough to lose someone u love so much we get the death certificate in and it says cause of death respiratory arrest, Possible pulmonary Embolysm*after telling us thats what killed her* Cardiac Arrest, drug overdose, depression, ATTEMPTED SUICIDE, and morbid obesity * she had a big tushy but she wasnt MORBIDLy obese so what does that have to do with anyything* AND THE Icing on the cake …. MaNNER OF death Suicide. Now did u notice one of the causes were attempted suicide? and the suicide is what killed her when she was in the hospital three days and well enough to leave the medical division on the third? Im fighting this have and lots of evidence to dispprove it. But my evidence aside i think this is totally F**ked up and i wanted an imparsle parties opinion. Sry it was so long but i do appriciate ur in put.And also there is a part on a death certification next to the causes where the doctor is suppose to list the onset of the cause and the time of death this was all left blank and after sending it back for full description it was once again set in blank.I know thats my question how the hell was it suicide. We refused the autopsy because it was against my MIL wishes but had we known they were going to change their stories we would have went against it. A lawyer has been retained but we are currently in waiting… we got a good one so its going to take another month to actually get to see him but we are fighting i am just stressed and needed to know what others thought.
A: That entire situation stinks. I would want answers right now.If the blood clot killed her, how can then say it was suicide? That makes no sense at all.I know it takes money, but they should have done another autopsy by a different person. It sounds like you need a lawyer.
I Think I Am Depressed, So What Happens Now?
Q: I have been to the Doctor about this, explained a few Symptoms, strangely I did not even have to tell him much and he referred me to a Psychologist quickly, so I go to the Psychologist this February and I have no idea what happens there, but I am worried that I may be to scared to tell them some things, like my Dad was on drugs and I used to him take them, and my Brother had some sort of mental health and used to go crazy in the house, smashing things and cutting himself with knives and my other Brother is in jail and the police always used to raid our house and then I was with my Nan when she died of Cardiac Arrest and I think I am depressed, but there is so much going on that nobody takes any notice of me, I think my family hate me, and I am scared of what to say to the Psychologist, in case they think I am a freak or I feel sorry for myself.I am sad all of the time, even when I smile I am sad, I generally feel alone in this world, like nobody loves me or even understands me, my Mum has a lot to deal with, due to my other brother having some sort of mental health, that she has no time for me, I spend most of my time in my room alone and sad just thinking, I feel helpless, and hopeless, I feel like there is nothing to look forward to in life, sometimes I just get so angry, when I am trying to tell my Mum how I feel and she dismisses it, that I go upstairs and boot my door and just start crying.If anyone says anything to me I take offense to it, I always think they are being sarcastic if they are nice, because I feel like everyone hates me, I know that sounds silly but I can’t help it, I am so paranoid, I sometimes walk to school and see everyone going in the building and start panicking and rubbing my neck and shaking and my heart starts racing and I want to scream because I think they are all laughing at me and I get really freaked out so I skip school.It is much worst when I actually go to school and I am in class, I get so scared and worked up, when I tell my Mum that I think they are all laughing she gets freaked out and thinks I am crazy, but I’m not, I always think I am being targeted though, like everyone is out to get me, if somebody sits next to me, I get so worried and start getting worried and stabbing my work book with my pen to relieve stress, I’m not agressive, but it is a way of releasing my stress and I try to make patterns, usually the person next to me looks at me like I am mad.You would think my own friends are strangers to me, I can’t speak to them anymore, I act like I’ve never known them, people I used to be able to talk to, I have gradually stopped speaking to them, even them I get paranoid over, if they look I me I shout, “Stop staring at me!” I can’t even go into a shop if there is a queue because I get so freaked out standing near people.I eat very little and am underweight, and it takes me a long time to sleep, and if I do sleep I will stay asleep for too long, I can never relax, or concentrate, I am doing terrible in school, I was once bright, but now I hate school, it freaks me out, I’m not just a typical teenager, disliking school, being around so many people is like a nightmare to me, I feel under threat, and I always think of killing myself, and think of how people would realise how much they loved me if I was gone, and I have to think of reasons to live.Amidst all this, there are times when I go hyperactive, and start to think of great ideas, like writing books, and plan to do loads of things, I feel so full of energy, and quite overly happy, trying to do a lot of stuff at once, and buying random things I don’t need and being quite reckless, I don’t know if this is dellusion? But I start to think how I will be a best selling author, and plan loads of random stories with loads of sequals, and plan to buy loads of things, and then I go back to normal, and it makes me feel worst, because I feel like an idiot, and I’ll read the stories I wrote, and they make me feel more sad because I wish I was normal.What is wrong with me? I’m going to see a Psychologist, what will happen there? Can they cure me? Or atleast, can I have a normal(ish) life? I don’t want a life like this forever, I’m only 17?
A: Please be careful if the doctor puts you on any medications. I once was on an antidepressant as a migraine cure after a head injury. The meds had the opposite effect. It was miserable. I went through the same thing about the family. I knew they would never understand, so I never was serious about hurting myself, but I really just wanted the depression and the headaches to go away. I stopped the meds and the depression ended. Back then you didn’t hear about antidepressants and I didn’t know a side affect would be suicidal thoughts. I also had the anxiety when going into a grocery store. There were so many people in the aisles. It was quite overwhelming. Since you already have these symptoms, make sure you talk to the doc right away if it gets worse with meds. Be honest with the psychiatrist. There’s a lot of crazy things happening in many houses around you. You just aren’t aware of it. People tend to hide these things and never talk about them. It’s quite possible that mental health issues are a genetic thing in your family. It’s not like other illnesses, because people can’t see anything physical wrong with you.Do you have counselors in the school? If so, you can tell them how you are feeling. Unlike the psychiatrist, you may not want to reveal all the family history. You can tell them that things at home aren’t stable and you don’t feel like anyone pays any attention to you, plus they seem to dismiss your feelings when you tell them. It would be good to have an adult on your side at school. You might also look into bipolar disorder. Google it and see if you can get some info. You may have symptoms of this. I do know that bipolar can run in families too.The teenage years can be really tough. There’s a lot going on in your life to make it even more challenging.I think seeing the psychologist will have a positive impact. It will probably be a slow process, but in a few years you will probably just look back at these days as a rough bump in the road. Most likely if you are prescribed meds you will start feeling better (not perfectly happy, but better). I will say it once again, if you do get on meds and feel worse, talk to the doctor right away. I’m sure your family and friends love you more than you can imagine. These folks just don’t know how to help you right now.By seeing the doc now, at 17, I think you are taking a step in the right direction, and things should start to get much better for you. I don’t think you need to worry about feeling this way for the rest of your life. If you are able to move out of your home in the next couple of years, you may find a lot of enjoyment with your independence, plus having a roommate with a similar personality and interests to yours can be a lot of fun.
Friend comatose after meth accident and me being investigated?
Q: My friend Dave was around a meth lab and had a chemical they use to make it on his clothing. Unbenounced to me he came to my house to talk about his breakup with his girlfriend and i thought thats it. I didnt notice anything wrong with him or that he was high or anything. I did not even know he was around meth or doing meth. I didnt know he had a drug problem at all. How i didnt see this I dont know. I was nieve to it i guess. And i know ignorance is not an excuse for any of this. Well he went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital and everyone was thinking it was his athsma acting up. His family and I were at the hospital within the first few minutes of finding out. They quarintined the whole hospital and the hazmat team was there. We had to take showers outside and the whole thing was horrible. To make matters worse the next morning I came down with breathing problems and was admitted as well to the hospital. I begun to get very scared. I didnt know what was going on. When the dr. told me what it was i panicked. I have a child of my own and 4 others I take care of on a daily basis. It scared me to death and I didnt know how to deal with everything that had happened. I am now under supervision due to this insadent. My question is with the fermeldahyde being in the house I was told to thorughly clean my house and wash all clothing and cloth materials. Everything from top to bottom. Well I was cleaning I was taking out my roomates stuff because I can not have anyone over here and I found two needles. She lives in the bacment and I never go down there. Well I called the police right away. My children were in grave danger. I called it in and reported her in a frenzy panic. The officer that came told me to calm down and it was going to be okay. I was just wondering how this is going to reflect on me? I have never done drugs, and i dont drink. There are no guns or knives besides common kitchen ones in my house. I have set it as a safe place and now i have lost that. Am I going to be okay? I am really scared because these people have jepordized my children that it is going to come back on me as a bad parent and care taker and they will take them away and destroy my life and put me in jail or worse prison. Do you think that I will go? I’m panicing over all of this. Please help. And I know the mistakes in the people I have allowed over are unexceptable. There is nobody in or out now besides me, the kids, and the police.I learned real quick not to associate with people like that. I am trying my best to keep it together. Its just really scary. And yes I obviously should have known about these people but they did not act any different from when i first met them. But I guess drugs affect people in a way i didnt understand. I’m only 20 and have never been around these things. I go to college and am trying to make a good example for the kids.I have reported everything that I can possibly know. And that is why I reported the needles today. For the saftey of my children and i didnt know who’s they were exactly.
A: First and foremost, it don’t sound like you’ve done anything wrong, so quit panicing, and don’t talk to those 2 anymore. So, your being investigated, whoop te do, if you don’t do anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about. It does sound however like you could use some counceling because you sound like a really nervous person, like you get riled, like way to easily. dilligaf is an idiot and she’s feeding into your problem. Look, let me tell you something, I had a boyfriend for 4 and a half years, I lived with him, and I had no clue that he was on meth until shit hit the fan, its hard to detect. It really is, I mean its odorless and, how was I supposed to know? You know, it happens. Thats one of the reasons why the police are having such a hard time combatting this problem is because you know its difficult to tell when someone’s on it. But from now on, if I were you, if anyone acts like they have a little to much energy and like they’re doing more than what is actually humanly possible to do, then, I’d stay away from that person if I were you, you know like, someone pushy with a short fuse who acts like they have everything together, that’s a meth head, more likely than not, that or they’re on steroids. Someone who don’t sleep, don’t eat alot, bad teeth sometimes. But everyone who does meth eventually crashes and burns, that is the saddest part about it, and usually, they’re decent people, other than their addiction kills them. Heart attacks, some just loose their mind completely, strokes, its bad news, bad news. Some loose their temper and kill others, some just flip you know, its really bad.
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