Does jaundice cause pain

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The underlying disease process may result in additional signs and symptoms. These may include: * nausea and vomiting, * abdominal pain, * fever, * weakness, * loss of appetite, * headache, * confusion, * swelling of the legs and abdomen. [ Source: ]
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By now (two months after you posted the question) you may already have your answer in this case, and I offer condolences to you. Liver failure means death, but jaundice pain and itching only mean the liver is highly distressed, not necessar…

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Does Jaundice causes liver enlargement? What is the cure?What food/liquids should one have and what should you
Q: There is a lot of pain in the stomach and the body is itching besides normal symptoms of jaundice.
A: Jaundice is a symptom, not the cause of liver problems. Jaundice is due to high bilirubin because the liver is not functioning properly. The itching is also due to the liver not filtering as it should. Please see a gastroenterologist, as this may be serious. Best wishes.
How soon after overdosing on acetaminophen does jaundice appear?
Q: I’m just wondering. I know that a sign of liver damage (caused by taking too much Tylenol) is yellowing of the skin and/or eyes. How long after taking the medicine would you notice the jaundice? And for that matter, how long before you notice any other symptoms, like nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain?Thanks!
A: Initially often only nausea/vomiting/sweating, then no other symptoms for 24 hours.At 24-48 hours, liver damage occurs, which can lead to right upper quadrant abdominal pain, jaundice (yellow skin) or icterus (yellow eyes), confusion, coma, kidney failure, and death.
How do you remove jaundiced or yellow tinged in the eye-whites (on the eye area)?
Q: I have this yellow tinged for a couple of years now & can’t seems to get rid of it although it cause no pain nor discomfort. I tried taking eye herbs, Vitamin A, C & E but nothing changes.
A: Hi, yellow tinged eye white signify a weakness in your liver.I had a friend who had the same problem as you and he was suffering from very poor health from his weak liver. His problem was worse than you cos the whole of his eye whites were yellow.He was so weak that when he was in his late twenties, he would wake up in the morning and have to lie on bed for one full hour to wait for his body to warm up before he could go off bed. If not, he would suffer from aches throughout his whole body and would have to use the wall as a support when he walked.Like you, he tried many methods to get rid of this problem. He took various supplements, took up yoga classes, picked up reiki (energy healing) but even the best methods he tried were only able to prevent the problem form getting worst.After doing a detox with a series of products called HUNZA, he was able to UNDO his eye white problem and his eye whites turned white again. Not just that, he started to be able to exercise and he lost some weight as well and looked 10 years younger!
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