Does lemon water really help joints

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Lemon water neutralizes and removes toxins from your body. Since the joint pain of arthritis may be caused by a buildup of toxins in the body, taking lemon water to remove those poisons may rid your body of the disease. ChaCha Again! [ Source: ]
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Does lemon water really help joints
Lemon water neutralizes and removes toxins from your body. Since the joint pain of arthritis may be caused by a buildup of toxins in the body, taking lemon water to remove those poisons may rid your body of the disease. ChaCha Again!

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Lemon juice/water good or bad for you?
Q: So, I heard from quite a few sources that drinking warm water with a little bit of freshly-squeezed lemon juice (would lemon juice out of a bottle do the same thing?) in the mornings does quite a few things, including:reduces acne/makes the skin glowreduces chances of heart disease’energizes’ youreduces body odordoes a great job in cleansing your digestive systemproduces some sort of acid that is essential to your bodystrengthens hair..and several other things.But I did a quick search and found a few sources that said it’s bad for your teeth, bad for your joints, and/or helps you lose weight.I need to know whether the teeth and joint thing in particular are true (preferably from someone who’s used this or knows someone who has?) because.. well, I like my teeth, and can’t afford to have painful joints, else it’ll affect my running and dancing.———————While I’m at it, does anyone know any really good home remedy sites?
A: lemon juice is acidic, so yes, its bad for your teeth. just brush and it’d take care of for acne, its unproven. use peroxide on acne, it destroys the grease absorbed in your skin, and makes acne go for joint pain and weight loss.. those claims are not supported or proved.
Does Gastritis EVER go away?
Q: It seems like it lasts forever in most people from what I’m reading online, and it SO MANY cases the Dr.s can’t do anything for the patients. Some are even prescribed Prozac, how insulting. I was thinking I had candida, but the Dr. says it might be gastritis (Dr.s also killed my mom so… to say the least I didn’t trust him. He was pompous and didn’t even let me explain all my symptoms).I have been under immense stress for the last year and 8 months, my dad was dying of cancer and I was his primary care giver. And I live in isolation because everyone I meet is cruel and fake.. I have also had an EXTREMELY POOR diet my whole life. Lots of salt, lots of sugar, pop instead of water, etc… Overnight that changed.I have had these SHARP pains for the last 2 weeks. At the least the pain feels like: My stomach sits there swollen and IS REALLY NAUSEATINGLY HOT. At worst it feels like swords dipped in lemon juice stabbing me all over my gut leaving a soar residue of pain and also in my sides, with sharp pains in the middle of my chest, and the upper left portion of it. A swollen sore throat with sores growing on my tongue is a new symptom. My joints hurt and my muscles are extremely weak. Every time I stand or move in the slightest I get a racing heart beat. I wake up with a racing heartbeat… Every day there is another symptom or something else is worse.. I have frequent thoughts of suicide because this is too much pain to live with. Make no mistake though… I -don’t- want to die…Dr. prescribed me: famotidine 40 mg once a day. But I got the same thing as an over the counter med which was Pepsid (Famotidine) 20 mg twice a day. Not working.. So I got Pepto Bismol for in between uses.I have a low sodium, iron, and potassium count because I couldn’t eat anything other then broccoli or lettuce, everything else causing STABBING pains… I haven’t been able to eat really for a weak. I am incoherent, constantly in a fog of pain, I can’t laugh, concentrate on anything even watching comedy. I cry from the moment I wake up until I pass out in pain. Such… horrible pain… I am miserable, and very scared.. please….. does this ever go away?HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!! ;.;
A: I never had gastritis so i dont know when it will go away but I feel for you that sounds horrible gastritis means inflammation of the stomach so its painful but eventually with antibiotics it should go away. your doctor would know better. if youre in so much pain im wondering how come youre not on pain meds. maybe tell your dr how much pain youre in so he can prescribe something for that. but other than that hang in there, eat bananas, dark leafy veg. and cereal for iron.
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