Does low iron affect metabolism

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I do not find where having low iron affects your metabolism,Metabolism Problems In a broad sense, a metabolic disorder is any disease that is caused by an abnormal chemical reaction in the body’s cells.Most disorders of metabolism involve .More. [ Source: ]
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Does low iron affect metabolism
I do not find where having low iron affects your metabolism,Metabolism Problems In a broad sense, a metabolic disorder is any disease that is caused by an abnormal chemical reaction in the body’s cells.Most disorders of metabolism involve ….

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Q: Now i understand that there is no food or magic pill that makes people get taller. GENES play a major role in a persons height as well but i dont think its everything. 1st issue is SLEEP children are expected to take nap times during the day and always have a full night of sleep which is 8hours+ for adults and even more for toddlers children and TEENAGERS. teenagers concern doesnt typicaly revolve around growth or health in general with the exception of athletes*. because they like to think of themselves as grown ups starting to make decisions or just busy in general investing their energy on their “future” because what you do during your teenage years can highly influence what will become of you. Pilates also stretches bones and the body catches up with the gap although i am not sure of this. i think it influences your day height and night height..Going back to the athletes. From observation as i grew up i saw my growth pattern and theirs. I was more attentive about the subject of height because i was falling behind with friends and classmates. My friends who played sports such as soccer tennis and swimming turned out tall. their metabolism was enhanced from the sport and they ate more that me but they burned more aswell. I was active aswell so i did not fall too far behind. Elongation of lower body depended on which sports kids were involved in. the sports i mentioned required running. Also i learned that it is unadvisable for younger kids to start doing straining excersises such as body building as it causes the bones to stop growing because the muscle and weight being put to fragile bone may stop or cause shrinking, In short be physically active routinely but dont strain your body by carrying or pushing heavy objects or other activities as such. Now FOOD there is no specific diet. this is also what i need help with. I do understand the importance of some vitamins and nutrients such as b1 b6 b12 calcium iron protiens amino acids etc.HORMONES a big part relates to this aswell but release depends on mental well being aswell such as mood. I do believe that human growth hormone is released under optimum conditions affected by factors i have listed. For the FOOD i need people who can actually explain to me the building blocks of each food item such as an apple or milk that have strong ties with growth. I know the carbs and protiens. its hard to explain the question i am asking for. I guess i am just tired of yahoo answers list of unproductive talk about “getting taller”I wrote this to share what i know so people can stop asking similar questions and getting similar stupid best answers that say its all about the genes.MY QUESTION ISCan a DOCTOR or someone knowledgeable in the field of anatomy/biology tell us the crucial information about human development i guess but not put it into simple terms such as eat green vegetables/ drink milk. PLEASE evaluate in specific and smaller micro things. For example talk about the Flour and the starches and krebs cycle well just tell me a list of food items and where it ends up in my body composition. I eat an egg=its protien body takes it and uses its molecules to form and repair a cut…Please excuse my grammar and spelling because i am half asleep ranting about this. THANKS to all who respond.
A: FOOD+SLEEP+MENTAL & PHYSICAL WELL BEING=Taller? NOAll that will make you healthier but will not make you taller, it is all genetic, if your not tall blame your parents, they are the ones that provided you with your genes which determines your height, eye color, hair color. Those you can change with contacts and eye color but that is only superficial. The foods you eat, well I dont really eat all that healthy honestly rather have pizza or steak than carrots and broccoli, I sleep about 5 to 8 hours a day even when I was younger, sometimes less, I’m in decent shape but never really worked out a whole lot. and I’m 6’5″ and I used to smoke because I thought that would stunt my growth, I wanted to be shorter since I was taller than most of the people in school, so that is a myth also.Well hoped that I helped you out a little,
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