Does smoking marijuana harm your liver

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There is no evidence that marijuana itself leads to liver disease or damage. However, you must keep in mind that marijuana…MORE? [ Source: ]
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Does smoking marijuana harm your liver
There is no evidence that marijuana itself leads to liver disease or damage. However, you must keep in mind that marijuana…MORE?
Does smoking marijuana affect the liver?
Not too much. It mainly screws with your brain and lungs. But it’s not great for you anyways, tell you that. Alcohol messes up your liver. ~{Insomniac Platypus}~
Will smoking marijuana slow recovery and/ or negatively affect li…?
background: i’ve had mono for about 3 weeks now, getting better. i usually smoke every time i get ill. nothing better to do, right? i’m 27 years old and my symptoms are different than most who get it younger. i haven’t had the fever, and…

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Why is alcohol socially and legally accepted and marihuana is not?
Q: They both impair your physical and mental abilities – the difference is that alcohol is more probable to lead you to dangerous behaviour.Alcohol harms your liver permanently. With marijuana some of your mental abilities can be affected for an amount of time relative to the frecuency and quantity of consumption. Also your lungs if you are stupid and smoke it.Alcohol causes physical addiction and marijuana can be psycologically addictive (like ANYTHING in this world can be addictive to a certain person under certain conditions)You can die from drinking in one night. You can’t die from marijuana..The only thing I can think of is some lung disease if you smoke like shit every minute of your life or if you just stop breathing air to start breathing smoke.And marijuana it’s not a “gateway drug”…That’s something society has invented. Marihuana has so bad reputation that some people believe that doing some other illegal drugs it’s the same BUT more powerful (“I’m already doing illegal stuff, what’s the difference). But the thing is that marijuana is nothing compared to hard drugs; it’s even less harmful than alcohol and cigarretes. If it was accepted with alcohol and cigarretes, law-followers would not move on to other drugs as they don’t do now on maijuana for example.So is there a valid reason (besides corporative issues) for not legalizing mariajuana?
A: public perception and stigma. Although alcohol is a “drug”, the public doesn’t think of it as one.”Drugs are bad, Mkay”And it IS a gateway drug, it just affects people differently. Where are you getting your info?
Why do feds get tough on marijuana but ignore hard drugs like crack & cocaine?
Q: Please do not insult my intelligence by saying that they do not. I would like to hear from a law enforcement official or from a lawyer/judge what it is about marijuana that makes it so much worse than heroine, EX, cocaine, crack, etc.I don’t drink, no other drugs, just pot that I get from my family. I don’t harm anyone and no one gets hurt. I have no problems with my life.My father does cocaine because drug tests don’t pick it up on urine samples. He also abuses alcohol, has saught both drug and alcohol treatment numerous times, and will likely die when his kidney/liver explode from being pushed to the brink for the last 40 years. His alcohol drove him to physically abuse my mother, mentally abuse me, and use his influence to create theatrical lies about me to the rest of my family in order to cut me out of the will; all because I would not accept his habits, and he saw it as a challenge.I will restate the question: Why do feds grab up all the marijuana but leave the harder drugs on the streets?As a “pothead” I am downright outraged at all these commercials about how terrible smoking cigarettes is, about how “this is your brain on drugs”, and all this other garbage… as if I needed a reminder of truly “bad influence” that federal law enforcement simply does not seem to grasp, and I am not alone.Do your freakin job.i hate to nag on cops though because they just do what they are told, but feds like the DEA dont answer to dirtballs like that.Oh, really? You’re some expert, right? I already informed you of my abusive father. The life or death situations I was in as a child gave my PTSD. In many ways I was a soldier before I could even learn to formulate thoughts properly. Instead of taking some medication that will put me into a coma or kill me, I have chosen to smoke marijuana. In the long term it is also much cheaper. I have had no anxiety, and depression is much better than it was many years ago… but, with all due respect, I do not expect you to understand that in your own shoes.the above msg is meant for fangthanks for taking part in my question.
A: All drugs should be legalized- period. The majority of violence associated with the drug trade is because the drugs are illegal in the first place, causing their prices to be much higher than they would without the criminalization. This leads to crime to try and obtain the large amounts of money needed to purchase the drugs.As it happens, we have a part of our American history that we can look upon for evidence of what happens when a mind-altering substance is criminalized. It’s called prohibition from the 1920’s. Alcohol was made illegal, prices skyrocketed, organized crime skyrocketed and it was a miserable failure. Fast forward 60 years to Reagans “War on Drugs” and we see the exact same thing.A HUGE part of the jobs created in law enforcement are due to drug law enforcement. It is useless to ask law enforcement to objectively evaluate drug laws because so much of their job security is based on the fact that the drugs are criminalized. That isn’t to say that they aren’t brave men and women doing a valuable job, it simply states that many don’t have much objectivity on the issue. Also, it is the voters, the politicians, the prosecutors office, etc. which set the agenda for the police. So much of the blame can be placed on those parties.I won’t even get into the financial costs to our country of criminalizing drugs or the fact that criminalizing them is violating citizen’s personal liberties. That would take too much time.(For the record, I don’t use drugs.)
How do you feel about legalizing….?
Q: How does everyone feel about the fact that here in America alcohol is legal? Yet, it kills people EVERYDAY! Whether it be a drunk driver hitting a family, someone overdosing from a mix of alcohol and another drug, or just dying from liver disease? Alcohol also impairs your judgement and functions and alot of people get very violent when drinking. Yet, Marijuana is Illegal?? You don’t hear about people smoking a lil pot and killing people, or overdosing from pot and sleeping pills, and marijuana is not proven to harm your body in anyway other than the paper that is used to smoke it in. And your definetly don’t hear about a pothead beating their kids or wife. So why is the role not reversed? Marijuana legal and alcohol not?
A: I’m guessing that because there are big businesses involved in the alcohol industry, there’s a lot of political pressure being exerted. Who’s going to go argue for pot? The cartels? Whenever you’re talking jobs, influence, PACs and the like, it’s almost impossible to take a stand against anything that has already been legalized.
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