Does the band queen a singer

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The lead singer of Queen is Freddie Mercury, one of the most openly gay men of all time. He died of a disease in the early 1990’s. Thanks! [ Source: ]
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Who is the lead singer in the band Queen?’s+name
Freddie Mercury he died a day after he anounced he had aids to his fans
Did the band Queen pick up Adam off American Idol as ther lead si…?
What? If they did, OH My God! That would be awesome because I discovered queen not that long ago and love them and Adam was like the best person ever. I compared him to God! Wow I’m erasing all that later.
Were all the members in the band queen gay or only the singer?
Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the band Queen was bisexual. Thanks for asking ChaCha.

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Would the rock band Queen been as popular if their lead singer was dark skinned?
Q: I recently learned the lead singer, Freddie Mercury, was actually Asian from India. He did a lot to hide he was not white because he was smart enough to know people would judge him negatively. So he also worked on looking more European in appearance. Now I kind of understand the psychology of why Michael Jackson tried to dye his skin. Though he was certainly sucessful, the world looked down on minorities, especially in the past.Do you think Queen would have been as sucessful if he didn’t hide his Indian ethnicity and didn’t change his appearance?His parents were Indian not British. He was born and lived in India during his formative years learning music, and at age 18 he moved to London. Saying he was bisexual/gay didn’t affect his music career doesn’t make sense because he HID that fact until 1 day before he died from aids. So no one knew he was gay/bisexual until after he died. I was referring to him being seen as “INDIAN” not “black” obviously there is a huge difference. Just because someone is darker skinned they aren’t black. DUH!His parents are were Parsis originated in Persia then traveled and settled in India several centuries ago. Regatta you are probably a bit offended because you believe that race wouldn’t matter in regards to success. People repress those ideas and if they are brought up they deny them. But if you examine history gender and race has influenced peoples’ chances at success. That is why we have to make LAWS regarding equal pay for men and women. Women just aren’t taken as seriously as workers, though they are obviously overtaking men in many areas in life. Its been a struggle for women to overcome stereotypes about them as different races has to overcome discrimination against them. It DOES exist, sorry to burst your bubble.
A: Would not matter to me he was a great singer and ethnicity would not have made an atom of difference to me. I would add..I have never been racist in any shape or form, there is good and bad in all etc
Do you think that the band Queen can find a new singer?
Q: The awsome band that thier lead singer died I think in the 90’s. His name was Freddie Mercerey.
A: The two members of the band, got together with Paul Rogers.To me though, this is not Queen any more.Not without John Deacon and certainly not without Freddie Mercury!What about finding a new name?
Lead singer for the rock band, Queen.?
Q: Who is the current lead singer for the rock band Queen that is presently touring with the band? What band did he used to be a member of?
A: He´s Paul Rodgers.He´s been in many bands since the late 60´s,well, first he was in the band Free,Then he went to Bad Company,Then in the 80´s he worked on a bit of solo projects, & after thathe´s been through a couple of bands…Finally in 2005 he joined Queen…And he did well I think!Long Live Queen!
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