Does throwing up really make you loose weight

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Yes, but it is a disease and you need to avoid it because of the drastic side effects including death [ Source: ]
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Does throwing up really make you loose weight
Yes, but it is a disease and you need to avoid it because of the drastic side effects including death

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Does throwing up really make you lose weight?
Q: i’ve been wanting to loose at least 10 pounds but i always forget to diet and exercise, and i’ve been considering throwing up but im not sure if it really works.
A: Nope, when people have the disorder of throwing up they are more commonly an average or slightly overweight. This is because after you are sick your body recovers its self, storing any food it gets and not making you lose anything. It wont work. Plus, it will make you ill and the acid from the sick will attack your teeth straight away, even brushing your teeth after wont stop this, it will make it worse.Starving or being sick isn’t the answer because in the end you will have to get a normal eating pattern back seeing as it can actually kill you, which will make you put it back on again, as your metabolism slows down. It isn’t hard to diet, as long as you find one ideal for you. Just find the healthy alternatives to what you like. Also when you eat just be aware of the calories and fat intake. A very effective way is to cut down in main sources of carbs, don’t eat as much potatoes, bread ,rice, pasta etc.. Still have some obviously, but cutting down will make a difference.Or if you times your ideal weight in lbs/pounds by 10 it gives the recommended calories you should have every day to get to that weight supposedly.
A: Being sick after you have eaten can make you lose weight. Basically because if you are sick as soon as you have eaten, you are emptying your stomach so essentially you haven’t eaten anything.It can also:Destroy your teeth. The stomach acid that comes up with the sick when purging eats away at them, destroying them.Cause DEATH.Being sick upsets the electrolytes, causing an imbalance in the stomach. This alone can cause death. Being sick also puts strain on the heart and can cause heart failure.And, it hurts. God it hurts. No matter how often you do it, or what you’ve eaten to make it better, it still hurts. The throat, mouth, tongue, stomach, bowels, everything just hurts.Trust me, I’ve been bulimic for a while now, being sick to regulate your weight is not a way to go. (Being sick alone is not being bulimic, but it may develop into it when you become dependant on it.)Its not nice, and certainly not a way to go.Exercise more and eat les.. Simple!xxx
What is the big deal about minor bulimia?
Q: If someone only throws up once a day, because they over eat and don’t want to gain weight, because they want to loose weight, is making yourself throw up really that big of a deal?You cannot be doing THAT much damage to your body by making yourself throw up, if it is only once a day, for 1 month segments every 6 months….right?
A: Wrong it is a big deal. Once you get into that cycle it can become hard to break. your once a day can and will turn into multiple times a day and won’t stop after just one month. You are running your teeth and gums which can cause periodontal disease which can lead to infection in the heart. Also your esophagus is becoming raw causing the cells to mutate which can lead to cancer. You are also causing an electrolyte imbalance in your blood which can cause a heart attack and or death.
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