Has there been more cases of AIDS in men or women

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More women are now infected with AIDS than men and well above 40 million people are now living with the disease, figures reveal. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/has-there-been-more-cases-of-aids-in-men-or-women ]
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Who had hiv/aids mre men or women and what country has the most c…?
in the united states more men have hiv then women. 73 to 26 percent. As for the country HIV-2 infections are predominantly found in Africa. West African nations with a prevalence of HIV-2 of more than 1% in the general population are Cape V…

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Why are black women loyal to black men?
Q: I always hear black women saying that that they want a black man and how loyal they are to them, all I ask is why? I know we both face racism and supporting each other would be ideal, but black women IMO have been loyal to a fault in supporting black men who in most cases are just no good. No other women put up with the sh*t we do, we are enabling them and basically telling them how they act is OK, we’ll forgive or just accept it. Men have since the beginning been the providers, a women’s standard of living is based on how well their men provided for them. Asian women are well taken care of, as are Latin women, and we don’t even have to go in to white women’s standard of living cause white men have basically given them everything they could want. But black women are the at the bottom in every country, even in our own continent of Africa where there is a tiny White or Indian minority, we are at the bottom and the small minority is rich. Black people are the only race with out a wealthy, progressive, self sufficient country, the only race. All our countries need aid from other countries just to survive and run, we can’t do sh*t right it seems. Its really a shame cause we had a couple thousand year head start in building civilizations, but looks like we are being left behind faster and faster. And who’s fault is it? I know some people don’t like to point fingers but sometimes you must, its 100% black men’s fault. Men are supposed to be the cornerstones and provide for their women, a race can only go as far as their men can take them and for that reason black men are complete failures. Do you know any other race where the women have a higher average income level then their men? Or are more respected then their men? Or have more executive or prestigious occupations the their men? Just the black race. What exactly are we clinging to? Well over half the black children born are raised by their mothers alone, cause these black men are to cowardly to help raise the baby they helped create. There are more black men in jail then in college, cause they think being a thug makes them tough or honorable. Well over half the men living with Aids in American are black men even though they make up only 6.5 percent of the population, and they are the ones infecting black women at record rates, same goes for STD’s as well. But most don’t seem to care as long as they get their dick wet. Black men murder, rape, assault, and abuse their women at higher rates then any other men. We are basically at the top of all the horrible statistic and the bottom of the good ones.So again why are we being so loyal? Before black men come in here and say “we live in a racist society” and “we are still getting over the effects of slavery”, all I can say is stop using that as a crutch. Every race has faced racism and been enslaved in the past, and that includes white people as well, so stop using that as an excuse and be a man. And before some of you post and talk about how you are a good black man or know a good black man, just stop, cause I do believe there are some good black men. But the overwhelming majority are no good IMO.Honestly, do you see the way White men treat their women? They are treated like goddesses and well taken care of, white men have built society up where white women have all the advantages and opportunities in the world. Do you see how Latin men speak and love their women, they have such passion in them when ever a Latin women is even mentioned in their presence. But black women, we are the most down tauten and disrespected women in the world, and that’s a damn shame cause we give more then any other women.
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Why are there still so many people who believe that sexually transmitted diseases are only something gay……
Q: people get?AIDS/HIV Statistics show that the majority of infected cases worldwide are men, women, and children with the highest infection rates in African nations due to lack of financial and social backing to stop the spread.Heterosexuals are the highest in infected cases worldwide.HerpesAll are subjected to this and statistics show that 1 in 5 people, regardless of sexuality, have one kind of herpes or another.Gonorrhea All are subjected to getting this but the statistics show that this disease is more often passed through heterosexual sexHepatitisCan infect anyone regardless of sexualitySyphilis Can infect anyone who has contact with someone who has a syphilis sore during ANY sexual activity of any sexualityThe list goes on…STD’s do not have a sexuality and there is no sexuality that is more “likely” to get a STD.Those who are more likely are people who believe themselves immune, while drunk or high, or just being irresponsible.So, with this knowledge, why are people so insistent on making such claims as that being gay is “dangerous” and that gays are more “likely” to get an STD?In this day and age, are people still really that arrogant and ignorant to reality?
A: Ignorance. Plain and simple.
there has tobe more help for abused woman who is trying to get out of an abivisve relastionship?
Q: after going through all the torture and the pain and and every one could not help me because of a lack of money. as soon as I left he cut everything banks credit cards everything. no attorney would help without money legal aid could not help because I had never called the police on him. there has to be someone many more woman or even men that this has is is going on in there life that need help. even though I was pro se self repsented myself I still one my case but there has to be something that can be done to help people like me and the millions of others out there like me any idea who to contact to change things so there is less abuse in the world
A: There is only one way that we can stop the abuse in the world, and create a place where everyone is safe.The whole reason for the abuse, violence and dissassociation in our world comes down to one thing. We are really one, interconnected organism, like the cells of our body, but we see ourselves as individuals. And as individuals, we are always acting for ourselves. Now, if this happened in your body, those cells would be called cancer cells. So, what I am saying, is that we are all little cancer cells in the single organism that is called the human soul. And until we fix this problem, and start acting as the healthy cells in the body do – doing our own part for the whole, we will continue to have these problems.If you are serious about making the world a better place, may I suggest a fantastic, free, non-coersive course that is held online. Follow this link to find out more: http://www.kabbalah.info/course/main/bb.php?id=yahooanswersAll the bestMem
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