How about in good condition

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Chrohn’s disease can affect you even in good condition. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How much does gamestop usually pay for an original ds in good con…?
Uu would have to check ur local store, as it depends on the individual stores. Currently, any hardware traded in has a promotion.
How are you?hope youre fine and in a good condition
know what kuya tom last week we experienced a very strong typhoon that leads to a huge flood.. and that flood almost kill us..i hardly imagine how i and my family survived in that tragedy but still im thankful to God that despite of what ha…
Agreements always state that vehicles must be handed back in good…?
A Good condition allows for the normal wear and tear of daily use. Only significant damage or abuse would cause a problem. Naturally it is always in your best interest to keep your car in good condition.

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How do I go about selling my old, unwanted clothes that are in good condition?
Q: What is that place called where you sell your clothes and get a small fee back and then they sell it back for the same price.Kinda like a pawn shop for clothes.
A: eBay, Craigslist or try a local Consignment shop. Although, most consignment shops are really particular. They want the clothes to be in new condition, ironed and on hangers. [=
About how much does an Automatic 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertable that’s in pretty good condition go for?
Q: What would you guess?Whats the most you would pay for one?
A: need more info but i did the private party value of a 05 gt convertible with 50k miles good condition they came up with 14,500 for good and 15,600 excellent condition. now theres a gt-s model thats more expensive and a gs model thats less expensive. also they said the average mileage for that car was 40,000 so i put 50,000. i wouldnt pay more than 15,000 for one though. no matter what model.
How much trade-in credit for slim PS2 in very good condition and about 30 PS2 games at EB Games or Game Stop?
Q: Towards the purchase of a PS3 ?
A: Well if you return a ps2 for a ps3 they deduct 50 from the ps3 price with the ps2 trade in i don’t know about the games lolz.
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