How are nuts healthy when they have alot of calories

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Nuts may be high in calories but some nuts like almonds help reduce your cholesterol, your risk of heart disease and diabetes. [ Source: ]
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Do nuts have healthy fats & calories?
The unsaturated fats in nuts are healthy fats but they are still fattening. Almonds are probably the only nuts that are not fattening providing you don’t eat more than 50 gm per day.
Are nuts healthy even though they are high in fat and calories??
Eating nuts as part of a healthy diet is good for your heart. Nuts, which contain unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients, are a great snack food, too. They’re inexpensive, easy to store and easy to take with you to work or school. The …

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Are detoxes safe and do they mess up our metabolism and cause starvation mode to go into affect?
Q: I want to loose weight and also detox. First you go on a 3 day juice fast, then after that you eat various raw fruits for 7 days. After that for the rest of the month you live on a strict vegan/raw food diet. It cleans you out while helping you loose weight. The diet plan has ALOt of food, for example for breakfast you have a entire melon (any melon) and 2 apples and 2 oranges. That’s more food that i can eat so i dont think your starving yourself at any rate, You have raisins and also nuts for protien. BUT isn’t it true that your body would go into starvtion mode? It would be very hard to eat enough calories with only raw fruit? What about the 3 day juice fast? Wouldnt’ your body definetly go into starvation mode doing any kinda liquid fast? I’ve always heard there healthy? I want to do a fast to get rid of cravings and reset my body with the food and loose weight (I need to loose about 80 pounds to be a healthy weight) But i do not want to mess up my metabolism or health in the process..I dont want to be vegan or vegetarian for the rest of my life either, but use it as a stepping stone to learn how to eat healthy. When i get to my ideal weight i want to start to incorperate meats and carbs back sugars slowly back into my body but controlling it to a very healthy amount.any tips and advice are welcome but please no add’s and rude comments. Thank you 🙂
A: There are a lot of peer-reviewed scientific studies that show that not only are these types of “detox” diets a hoax, they can sometimes do more harm than good. It sounds like this one will only slow down your metabolism and cause your bodyfat to increase, not decrease.So much fruit… do you think that, in the end, all that sugar is really good for you? And nuts are a poor protein source unless you eat a LOT; then you’re getting a lot of calories and fat. You get much more protein and fewer calories by eating meat, fish, and eggs.The human body is good at taking care of itself, as long as you provide it with a variety of nutritious food. The detox industry is all about making money for themselves on false dreams and ignorance.
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