How are tumors and cancer related

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Cancer is a class of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled, invasion, and sometimes metastasis, MORE [ Source: ]
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Does interferon-alpha prevent recurrence of malignant tumors in p…?
Interferon-alpha may prevent the re-occurrence of liver cancer caused by hepatitis C in patients who had the initial tumor surgically removed. In a study of 30 patients, the cancer recurred in 5 of the 15 who took interferon-alpha and in 12…
Does Interferon-α Prevent Recurrence of Malignant Tumors in Patie…?
Summaries for Patients are a service provided by Annals to help patients better understand the complicated and often mystifying language of modern medicine. Summaries for Patients are presented for informational purposes only. These summari…
What is Trapeze trial? How does it relate to cancer or tumors??
It is a clinical trial for use in treating cancer.

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What exactly is cancer and how do tumors relate to it if it does? Also,how can I immerse myself into oncology?
Q: I’ve always been curious about this subject and every attempt I have made to research or read more into this usually…related to medical mumble jumble that I can’t understand quite yet. Any and all explanations are welcome. Also, I am quite fascinated by this subject, even though it is a extremely sad and somber one. How would I begin to learn more about/immerse myself into oncology so that it would set me on the track to join the oncology field far off into the future? Thank you for your help.
A: Simple explanation:The cells in your body are always dividing on a set schedule. But sometimes this schedule is interrupted (triggered by factors ranging from environmental to lifestyle to genetic), and thus the cells start dividing out of control. This creates a mass of useless body tissue — e.g. a tumor. Now, if this tumor stays in one place, it is not cancer. But sometimes mutant cells will break away from the tumor where it originated and travel to another location in the body. If those cells starts to divide in the new location and form a new tumor, it is now considered cancer. I think the medical term for that is “metastasize.” These bad cells can spread all over the body and form tumors in various places. And the tumor cells are always the same type of cells as the original location — e.g. if the tumor started in the breast and some of the mutant cells spread to the kidneys then there will be mutant breast cells in the kidneys. Tumors can get very bad because like I said they are useless clumps of body tissue and they steal from the surrounding healthy tissue. Sometimes tumors can form blood vessels and steal nutrients and oxygen and other important resources.
Can someone please help, it’s cancer related?
Q: My father was just dianosed with brain cancer a few weeks ago. It’ been really hard and I don’t know who to talk to. I don’t want to always talk to my mom and dad about it, it just feels too depressing when I do that. I told my two best friends and they just don’t talk back to me about it. I understand they might not know what to say but I didn’t think a pat on the back would be too much to ask for from my best friends. I told my other best friend, I’ll call her Maria, and she started to cry because she felt bad. She told me to talk to her if I had to and that everything would be fine, she gave me the support I needed. The first two days all I did was cry. Then I promised myself I wouldn’t cry anymore because my dad needed me and I had to help him stay strong. He doesn’t think he’ll make it and I tell him he’s not going to die. Anyways Maria just found out that her mom also has brain cancer. She had surgery to remove it and most of it was removed but Maria said it’s the worst kind you can have and has fingers on it to help it stay in the brain. Her mom is getting chemo and radiation. She will suffer some memory loss because it was near that part of the brain and her mom is deep asleep and won’t gain her memory fully back until another week to ten days. I feel so bad for her. Then I start to compare things between our parents and wonder whose situation is worse, which isn’t the right thing to do. Just it seems so many people are supporting her yet no one really supported me like she did. Now I don’t want to talk to her about it because the stress she has with her mom. Her mom is in the hospital now asleep. My dad is getting radiation and chemo and his tumor is behind his optic nerves and can’t be surgically removed, there’s a chance he could go blind. The doctors aren’t sure what type of brain cancer it is, they all say something different. I just know it’s a rarer type. It’s hard because we’re both young, 16, and still need our parents. She asked me how I can handle this so calmly and I just said my dad needed me to be strong for him. But the honest truth is I don’t know how to feel, I honestly don’t think I feel anything. It just doesn’t feel real. Does anyone have any advice on why I don’t feel anything? Or what I can do to help Maria? Any advice on how to deal with a parent who has cancer? Thanks.
A: First, let me say I am so so sorry you and your family are going through this. Also, sorry that your best friend Maria and her family are going through a terrible illness also.You may still be reeling from all that has happened. It’s seems unreal, like a very bad nightmare. You are trying so hard to be the brave daughter for Dad. You are trying to be supportive of your friend who is going through similar, though not the same things you are going through. It’s a lot for a sixteen year old. It’s a lot for a grown-up too.I would say, your other two friends don’t know how or what to say. They may take their parents for granted and have the idea nothing bad happens to parents. That is why they may not know what to say or how to convey their support. They have no frame of reference.You and Maria are both going through this. As her friend you can be a good listener, when she talks about her mother and the future, be there and let her talk until she has said all she needs to say. Let her know you are there for her, anytime. I hope she does the same for you.Dealing with a parent who has cancer. You have to take his illness one day at a time. Spend time with your Dad, as much as you can, be supportive, and let him know how much you love him. That’s all a parent really wants to know. I wish you all the best. Take care.
Q: 1.What is cancer? What do ALL cancers have in common? What does cancer have to do with cell division?2.List 5 types of cancer and give a brief explanation of each.3.What is a tumor? Do all cancers involve tumors? Explain4.Distinguish between benign and malignant tumors5.What is metastasis? Why is it a problem?6.How many Americans get cancer in their lifetime? About how many survive it?7.What are the 3 major categories of cancer treatment? Briefly describe each.8.Why do some cancer patients lose their hair?9. What cells are effected by chemotherapy? Relate this to the multiple side effects of chemo.I know this is a lot but answer what you can….you can also summarize the main ideas of these ?’s into a paragraphThank you to those who have answered the ? seriously…those of you who have claimed it is my hw do not realize that the reason why I’m asking these ?’s is so my adolescent daughter can understand what her grandmother is going through in simplified terms
A: Cancer is a term for a syndrome of diseases. Cancer cells divide and don’t stop dividing. They actually form and create their own blood supply to keep themselves (the tumour) living. Malignant is cancer, benign is not.Metastasis is when the cancer has progressed from stage one and has moved to stage 2, 3, or 4 which is pretty fargone.Stage one is very early and often very curable depending on the type of cancer. There are so many cancers, lymphomas, sarcomas, leukemia…just do a search on “types of cancer” and you will get a huge long list.Metastasis is a problem because it means the cancer has invaded other areas of the body, meaning it could pop up anywhere.Patients lose their hair because the chemo drugs are so potent and toxic that they kill ALL fast growing cells, and that includes normal healthy cells too such as those which grow hair…so it falls out. It will grow back when you top chemo.The side effects are because the good cells (like white blood cells, platelets, etc.) are killed too and this weakens your immune system, and the side effects could kill you if you are very sick and on chemo for a long time because you basically have no defenses left. That is why you should stay far away from someone who has cancer if you are sick as you could make them severely ill.How do I know all this? My 11 year old had cancer and you kind of learn it all “baptism by fire”.
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