How as in ill or sick

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(When the meaning is bad health due to a disease, either sick or ill can be used. There are a number of other MORE [ Source: ]
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Am I sick? Is it because of the bra as an irritation? or am i phi…?
it could be the bra that semi happened to me before and it was cause of the lace on the bra so i changed bras and i dont have that problem anymore
Am i wrong? sick vs ill
Even the BYU Corpus of American English give 114 for “called in sick” and nothing for “called in ill”. I just wonder who is saying the latter and where. Regarding the advice below, would you still entice an ESL student…
What is the difference between sick and ill?
The main difference is that sick also has the specific underlying meaning of nauseated (for example: she drank too much and was sick all over everything), while ill is unspecified; and that when used as synonyms, ill is considered more form…

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does anyone know how long a poison such as arsenic be detected in lab work on someone?
Q: i have a friend that has been ill first with vomiting for months then seizures and all sorts of nerve damage as well as other health problems. i didnt know anyone could be as sick as she. her husband took total care of her as she lay ill. she has left her husband about a month ago. since they have been apart her energy has come back gradually, she no longer vomits her last seizure was one week after leaving him. we are very suspicious because his first wife died mysteriously with no autopsy. she is gong to the doctor soon to get some lab tests done to see if she was poisoned. does anyone know how long a poison can be detected. or is it too late since she left him a month ago. please i need some advice. her appointment is a few days from now and labs take a while sometimes. i know she has to wait for the results but i need some expert advice.
A: it can be detected in the hair for a long time
on average, how many months/years of his/her life, does a person waist being sick?
Q: Sick as in “ill” with a cold or the flu. Not with something serious like cancer.
A: About 35% of unexpected days off are sick days. In 2003, 407million workdays were lost due to illness. You can figure out a rough estimate but you’ll never get an accurate figure. The word is waste, not waist. This is not an Infectious Disease question.
If getting dirty is unhealthy then how come I was never seriously ill as a young child?
Q: Allot of people say getting dirty makes you ill but when I was a young child I would always play in the dirt, eat the dirt, worms, and I have never been sick, the worse I have had is chicken pox when I was 10 and a cold or 2, but never anything serious.How come?
A: Studies have shown that kids who are allowed to play in the dirt develop stronger immune systems than kids who are kept in a super-clean environment. You were exposed to a lot of germs when you were a kid, so your body learned how to destroy them.
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