How bad is drinking pop on a daily basis

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One can of soda a day is associated with a 48 % increased risk of “metabolic syndrome.” It can cause heart disease & diabetes. [ Source: ]
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How bad is drinking pop on a daily basis
One can of soda a day is associated with a 48 % increased risk of “metabolic syndrome.” It can cause heart disease & diabetes.

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Drinking Water and Skin?
Q: This Question Is for people (who have) noticed a improvement from not drinking water to drinking water on a daily basis.. Have you noticed a improvement , how much of one and how long did it take.. Reason I am asking is because over the years I played hockey, basketball and smoked.. I was always active but never drank as much water as i should it was always pop or something. I quit smoking a year ago, but now i am always tired my skin is bad and dry and my face isnt supple at all .. Ima start drinking alot of water on a daily basis to get my body rehydrated .. How long till I start noticing a difference ya think and what kinda of results will I see Btw I just turned 24- Im male Thanks in advance
A: I reckon you will start to notice a change in your skin within a week. I am 30 and stopped smoking just over a year ago. Within the last few weeks I have been drinking about one and a half liters of water a day in the hope that my skin will improve. I have seen a definite improvement so far. My skin is smoother and has a better tone. Also, some cuts on my hand that I seem to have had for aaaages have just about gone! Every day I notice they have faded a little more. I have cut out diet coke which I usually drink stacks of and replaced coffee with tea. Other great things for your skin are salmon, brazil nuts, oats, wholemeal bread and evening primrose oil. Hope you start to see an improvement soon!
seminiferous tuble is slightly swollen after a minor injury 5 years ago?
Q: i was riding my mountain bike back and forth to work on a daily basis. the seat was very hard and the levi cords that i was wearing were kinda tight! ahem! i musta got a bit of an injury cause my left one hurt a bit but not bad . any how i havent got any treat ment for it and it only bothers me slightly when i realize i”ve been drinking lots of tea or pop with appears that my seminiferous tuble swells at that point [lots of caffine] and is quite hard and slight to moderate pain only when swollen. Is there a medical term for this issue ? i have no noticeable problem with producing “da spooge”…..what do ya think …doctors of YAHOO?
A: go to a doctor immediately
Cant keep the kids out of my yard?
Q: I always wanted to live in a neighborhood full of kids so my own kids (6 & 8) always had playmates, and I always wanted to have the “fun” house that kids wanted to play at. Well, be careful what you ask for, I guess. We live right in a cul-de-sac with a lot of kids. We have an inground pool, a swingset, and the kids have the basic toys like scooters, pogo sticks, hula hoops, water balloons, sidewalk chalk, the usual. None of the other houses in the cul de sac have any of these kinds of things, it appears the other kids have virtually no toys, except our next door neighbor who has a trampoline. So the parents of all these kids just send their kids out to play and they always end up at our house (or at the trampoline) for us (or the neighbor with the trampoline)to supervise. Some of them barge into our house without knocking, they just suddenly appear in my kitchen. They stomp around with their dirty shoes. When they leave they leave the door wide open. I can tell them 100 times to knock, dont come in with dirty shoes, close the door, and they never remember the next time. Or we will be out by the pool and they appear through the sliding glass door on my deck, like they just let themselves in through the front and have been walking through my house. Some of them constantly ask for food, drinks and freeze pops. I usually hand out freeze pops and juice boxes within reason, but say no to the food. I will just walk outside and there is a kid in my garage looking through stuff grabbing toys, or a 3 year old all by herself on the swingset. If i tell the kids to go home, they ask “why”? Then they just linger. If I say we have to leave and go somewhere, they ask to stay while we are gone. Some of these kids….my own kids dont even like them or want to play with them. Their parents just send them over without asking. Even the parents will just walk into my back yard without asking to push their kid on my swings. I dont know which is worse, having these uninvited kids running all over my yard for me to supervise, or having their parents come over with them to supervise because I dont really want to talk to these parents because I am really annoyed at them. The kids I am talking about range ages 3 to 7.My own kids would NEVER walk into someone’s house without knocking, or just appear in their yard or garage and start playing with something, or ask for food. They only other parents that reciprocate with food/drinks/toys are the next door neighbors with the trampoline, and I have no problem if there is reciprocation, and their kids are well mannered and are welcome to my house any time they want. But how do I politely let these other parents know that I am not going to be feeding, entertaining and supervising their kids on a daily basis? I dont want to rock the boat and create a problem, but I just cant take this anymore..
A: Try locking your front door.
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