How bad is smoking 1-4 cigarettes a day

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Smoking 1 to 4 cigarettes a day triples the risk of dying form heart disease or lung cancer. [ Source: ]
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How bad is it to smoke 1-4 cigarettes a day?
Quitting smoking: May take several years, & generally many attempts Quitting on one’s own: *Throwing away all cigarettes or decreasing gradually *Delaying first cigarette 15 minutes each day *Distracting oneself when craving for a cigar…

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How long should I expect to be coughing up mucus from quitting smoking?
Q: About 2 weeks ago I quit smoking (just marijuana, I don’t smoke cigarettes – yes I know it’s illegal and bad for you, don’t bother telling me, I’m quitting for a reason) because of chest pain and difficulty breathing. At first, my lungs felt much better. I could breathe easier and I didn’t have any cough. However, after a few days, I began coughing up tons of gross, frothy white mucus. There’s little specs of black or gray in it sometimes as well. I’m 17 years old and have been smoking for less than 2 years; on a regular basis (normally 1-4 times daily, depending if I was alone or with friends) for about 1 year. I’ve researched a little on Google and most websites say that this is just the natural process of your lungs clearing themselves of all the nasty tar and carcinogens left behind from the smoke.At first, I was okay with this. I’m willing to pay the consequences for picking up a bad habit, and I know it will subside eventually. But now the coughing is so violent it’s tearing up my throat and chest muscles. Honestly, I’d say the negative health effects I experienced while smoking didn’t affect me nearly as much as this has been. I’m desperate now. I’ve tried nasal sprays, mucinex, a netti pot, and I’ve been drinking tons of water… I just don’t know what to do to make this stop. Nothing seems to help.Basically all I want to know is how long I can expect this to last. It’s driving me absolutely insane. Yes, I know everyone’s body is different and there’s no definite answer to this, I would just like to know the average I guess. Since I only smoked regularly for a year, this can’t go on for much longer, right? Or maybe I’m just being hopeful…
A: Hi. To me it sounds like something a little more than what you think. It sounds like you also have Bronchitis. That would explain the coughing and white sputum. It might also be some other form of respiratory or sinus infection or both, but I would have to guess that it isn’t just your lungs clearing out. Good decision to quit though. I know someone who is 19 and a smoker and already has C.O. P. D.(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) which doesn’t have a cure.Do your self a favor and see your doctor as soon as possible. Could lead to pneumonia. Hope this helps.
How can I help my mum to quit smoking?
Q: My mum started smoking around the age of 14. She was a heavy smoker for a long time, almost one packet a day. When we lived in New Zealand, she decided to quit and called the quit smoking help line. She quit for a bit but then we moved to Australia – shes now smoking. Not heavily, about half a cigarette every 1-4 days. She DOES want to quit but the quitline in Australia is only for permanent residences which we are not. She knows all the bad affects and she wish she wasn’t a smoker.So what can I do to help?
A: I recommend cutting down gradually until your quit date. I did this. I cut down to half a pack. I did this for three months. I smoked by the puff, not by the cigarette. I took only the amount of nicotine that was necessary to satisfy my urge to smoke and put the rest of the cigarette out.After doing this for three months I quit cold turkey.
Tons of questions about caring for a 6 week old rescued puppy?
Q: Yesterday I got a 6 week old (2 pound) dachshund puppy that has been rescued from a neglectful home. From what I understand, the puppy was living in VERY unsafe conditions with it’s poorly cared for mother and possibly siblings. I’m unsure why it’s been separated from it’s mother, but I guess that’s the state’s business. We did take him to the vet for his first round of shots, and the vet said he was a lucky dog, as he was clearly not cared for much and has a pretty bad worm problem, but luckily he will be fine with the proper shots and de-worming meds. I’ve raised dogs in the past, but never any younger than a year as the only dogs I’ve housed were older rescued animals, so I really have some questions that I need answered. I want to raise him properly and give him everything that he needs, so thorough answers would be nice! First – how much do you feed the puppy? I bought some vet recommended Blue Buffalo brand food, and it says to feed him 1/4 cup a day. This seems like too little to me. I fed him 1/4 cup (crushed and watered down so that it could eat it, the food plain was too hard for him) a few hours before bed time last night and it seemed to still want more. I fed him only 1/8 cup this morning and was planning on 1/8 this evening, but really want to be sure. We are also trying to crate train him as the vet said to start instantly. He did pretty well last night, cried maybe 6-7 times for ten minutes each time, I took him outside every 3-4 hours from the last time he went throughout the night, and he went all but once. The other times he cried we ignored him per instructions from the vet and he eventually went to sleep. Is this the best way to do this? And if he wants to sleep during the day, do we let him sleep wherever he passes out, or should we show him his crate? Or should we leave his crate open in the bedroom, and let him go there only if he wants to (other than at night when we take him there).He also seems to sleep often during the day, how much should he sleep during the day, and he it sleeps all day, how do we insure that he will be sleeping all night? I don’t want him to be a ball of energy when it comes around to bed time. It seems that he isn’t active at all and only wants to sleep, is this normal too?And how do we potty train him at this age? I’m trying to take him out every few hours, but he still seems to want to only pee inside. I know he is young, but I don’t want to completely ignore his accidents. And – what is the best way to clean up his messes? I’m using Resolve Pet Stain on the carpet, but is this really the best?And finally – how do I get rid of his smell? He smells like he has spent his entire life in a cage with poop, pee, and cigarette smoke. We gave him a nice bath yesterday, but he still smells awful! Sorry that this is so long, but he really needs a good home after what he has been through, and I really want to give him the best!
A: Feeding the pup: He is still young, but usually the instructions on the bag are fairly good. At that age, I always give several feedings a day, however. And I usually go with some bland rice with a little boiled chicken or hamburger mixed in. I would not go over about 1/4 of a cup at a time. And while feeding the Blue Buffalo, I would give the rice only twice a day. As he gets older, go with the dog food only, but gradually cut back. These dogs can get overweight quickly.Crate training: Sounds like you are doing fine there and pups do sleep A LOT. The day will come when you wish he would sleep a little more. He needs lots of attention and I am sure you are giving that. For young pups I have always invested in a play pen that I keep them in some during the day. I have always been able to find one at yard sales and flea markets that meets my needs and does not break the bank. It is large enough for them to roam about and play a little and I can watch them closely. They can also see out and watch me. I have always found it helps a lot.While you can start the bathroom training, at six weeks you are not going to have him trained quickly. He needs socialization skills that dogs get from their mothers at this age. Keep doing what you have been and eventually he will get the idea. I also have always purchases the “Sham-Wows that are advertised on TV for pups and housebreaking. They hold a lot of liquid without dripping and can be washed until I am finished with them, when I toss them out in the trash. I ONLY use these in cases where the pup is very young and needs a little extra time for housebreaking. I do not want to “shammie” train them but house train them. But I do understand having to clean up pee all the time. I always put one of these in the play pen, just in case. When I move the pup from the play pen and house training is in full force, you can put the shammie at the door so you can see when he is on his way to it. Remember, we always manage to train ourselves to take the dog out better than we train the dog. The dog gets the idea over time.As for the smell, that will take a while. I would not give too many baths at this age, but you can buy some puppy wipes that will help.Good Luck with your new pup and I am glad you rescued the little guy.
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