How can I develop a fever

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Fever is a symptom of a disease or infection. So you need to acquire a disease or some kind of infection. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How does a fever develop?
Fever is a physiological response, or symptom, of something else happening in the body. Common causes of fever include an infection (a cold, flu, bacterial infection, etc.), a disease, cancer, and many other causes. . An portion of the brai…
Why does the body develop a fever?
Draw the human eye and describe how we see. Send e-mail to Jeremiah (13) for answers.
Can my child develop rheumatic fever again?
Yes, although the chances are reduced because of the use of antibiotics after the initial disease process. The greatest chance of recurrence is during the first three years. The chance of developing the disease again decreases with age and …

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How to get rid of fever and upset stomach of an infants?
Q: The problem is we are going abroad this saturday, where we need to do an airborne travel for hours. But today my daughter, who is 15 months old, developed fever and has come up with an upset stomach.This might be due to the changing weather conditions. I want her to get well before we travel. Though as soon i felt her temperature i gave her a dose of crocin, which has brought down the temperature for now. But i want a permanent solution asap. Can any one suggest what can i do?
A: hey i would suggest you take kid to pediatrician. so that he would diagnose what is the cause.u cannot take chance of having complications. also u make sure u have insurance oversees. don’t treat kid yourself
How long did it take to get a fever with swine flu?
Q: I called my OB but they said to wait to go in to the hospital until I have a fever of 100 degrees. I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat, runny nose, and a little weak feeling. I feel like I can still move and do things, but I am a little tired. I am also 38 weeks pregnant. I developed the runs tonight, which is unusual for me. I called back again and was given the same advice to stay home, and if I develop a fever then go in. But I have no fever and I usually never develop fevers with sicknesses like colds, etc…I didn’t even have a fever with an inflamed infected gallbladder. I am wondering did anyone not develop a fever with the swine flu, does it sound like I have the swine flu? If you did develop a fever did it start the first day or did it take time to develop? I have been taking my temp around the clock. My husbands throat also feels off, and my 3 year old has a slight cough and is also having a sore throat. So this has to be something that is contagious! Neither of them have a fever either.
A: Maybe you’re just getting the regular flu. Its not always swine. My cousin just came from the doctor today and found out he had the flu, even though he didnt have a fever. So you dont have to have a fever to have the flu necessarily, but it is more common
Can you develop a scarlet fever rash after starting antibiotics?
Q: I went to the doctor yesterday regarding a sore throat and fever. She thought it was strep, and prescribed antibiotics. She did a swab, but the results won’t come back until Monday or Tuesday. I still have a slight sore throat today, although it is much better than yesterday, and my fever seems to be gone. However, when I woke up this morning, I had a rash on my chest and neck. I know I’m susceptible to scarlet fever, as I had it twice as a child. Can I develop scarlet fever symptoms when taking antibiotics and when my other symptoms seem to be clearing up? If it is scarlet fever, how long will it be contagious for? I am a teacher, and we have a field trip tomorrow. We are leaving school half an hour before school starts, and so it will be hard to find a substitute. However, I don’t want to spread the illness.Thanks!
A: Call your doctor right away. You may be having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.
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