How can lack of sleep affect some one

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Not getting enough sleep each night can increase your chances of heart disease, obesity, cancer and depression! Get some sleep! [ Source: ]
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How can lack of sleep affect some one
Not getting enough sleep each night can increase your chances of heart disease, obesity, cancer and depression! Get some sleep!

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Do you find it difficult to get out of bed and get going in a morning? Here are some tips for an easy,?
Q: stress-free start to the day.1.The first step towards enjoying your morning is making sure you sleep well the night before. Many people struggle to get to sleep; if you’re one of them, try taking a hot bath before bed or listening to some soothing music. The key is to get into a routine, particularly one which will relax you. 2.Studies have shown that around seven or eight hours of sleep is healthiest for most adults. Of course, the amount of sleep needed varies from person to person. Work out a median between feeling tired and feeling groggy in the morning from oversleeping. 3.However long you sleep, make sure you leave yourself long enough to get ready in the morning. Rushing around after yourself or others will leave you feeling harried and stressed, which could affect how you feel for the rest of the day. 4.Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning can combat the dehydration which can occur overnight, particularly in hot weather. This will help wake you up and is particularly important if you’re prone to getting headaches from lack of fluids. 5.Breakfast is, if anything, even more important. The studies proving the health benefits of breakfast are numerous – eating well in the morning can improve concentration and speed up your metabolism, for example. A healthy breakfast, such as non-sugary cereal and fruit, is perfect. 6.Pampering yourself just a little in the morning can help put you in a good mood. Choose something simple but effective, such as using a luxurious soap in the shower, listening to your favourite radio station while you get dressed or drinking a cup of your favourite coffee with breakfast. 7.If you have children, try to get yourself ready in the morning before you sort them out, even if it means getting up earlier. A few moments to yourself will help you relax and you don’t want to be trying to apply make-up and feeding the kids at the same time! 8.Another way of reducing your stress in the morning comes with preparation. Lay out your clothes the night before and make sure you know where your car keys are before you go to bed. This is particularly important if you have children, as it will generally take longer to get them ready than yourself. 9.Developing a routine – even if it’s as simple as “shower, dress, breakfast, go” – will make sure you don’t forget to do important things in the morning. Again, developing a routine with children will encourage them to do things for themselves, such as dressing, leaving you more time for other things. 10.If you find yourself getting unduly stressed during your morning routine, give yourself a moment to stop and take a deep breath. Setting off for work in a good frame of mind will often make your whole day run more smoothly. Quite often we make mornings more stressful than they need to be – give yourself chance to relax!
A: Yes I do…..and thanks for the helpful tips!!!!Mine is mostly lack of sleep…I am kind of a night owl…and then have to be to work at 7:30am. So I need to go to bed sooner…and if I wasn’t addicted to Yahoo Answers…that would help!!!It is like a sickness with me.haha always blaming something!Hope you get rest that you need!
do you think most working class people suffer?
Q: do you think working class people suffer in all areas of their life because of stress. Lack of sleep and so on. I think it affects everything from our marriage, our ability to parent, how we deal with conflict, our health. in the area i live in which is mostly working class.Both parents are forced to work sometimes 6 days a week just to pay there mortgage and keep food on the table. There are high rates of family breakdowns, heart attacks, suicide, child abuse, binge drinking and violent crimes. There is very little infrastructure for families. e.g access able councilling services, government funded, youth programes, decent public schools. The community gets little support because everybody is spread so thin all ready!!! Why can’t the elite see that these problems will affect everyone, like we saw with the Cronulla riots. People who are stressed, frustrated and angry, that feel unheard. look for some one to blame. they start to argue. the wrong people are always blamed!! i feel the upper class has turned a blind eye to the working class and there issues for too long, not thinking how it will affect them. we can not live in ivory towers and violence and crime affect everyone!! What’s your opinion?
A: Well I agree with everything that you have said up untill about the upper class. I feel that its not their fault, but the government’s. Not so much the upper middle class and the well to do because even there we have our problems but the people that have money flying out their butt should pay a heck lot more when it comes to taxes and stuff. Just only fair. Middle class should have a break when it comes to taxes, they can barely get food on the table, and family problems just make things worse. So no, its the government’s fault.
Should I be upset that my wife is stopping taking one of her medications?
Q: My wife and I both have mental conditions. Hers is Bipolar II. My own is severe OCD.My wife has never liked the side affects of taking Paxil. She also takes Lamictal. When taking the Paxil, she has trouble sleeping. She has severe spells of deep depression, which result in a lack of motivation. She often doesn’t feel like working, or doing anything at all. She doesn’t want to pursue her favorite activities and hobbies, either when on the Paxil. She wants to stop taking it altogether. I suppose I can’t blame her. She also cannot have children if on the Paxil. Eventually, she wants to have kids. A few months ago, she stopped taking the Paxil, unbeknownst to myself and her family. I noticed a strange change in her. She seemed somewhat distant and aloof. She was almost manic, and was very happy- perhaps euphoric. She wanted to go fishing every single day. She was happy. But she got very irritable at times. At times, she was very uncooperative. We had a few fights. I had went to Facebook and just posted a video of a favorite guitarist of mine, and had asked everyone “Would you guys like to see an awesome guitar player?” My wife posted one word in a response: “no.”I saw the post the next day. She had apparently wrote that in response to us having been arguing and fighting. This was when she was off the Paxil. I confronted her. I was very hurt and upset. I do tend to be overreactionary many times. I was very very depressed, and I did not hide it from anyone. I quoted sad song lyrics on Facebook. Some people were concerned that I was suicidal. I felt so hurt by what my wife did, that I fell into a deep depression. But I came out of it in a day or two. I repeatedly told my wife how devastated I was over her writing “no” to my question on Facebook. She actually did remove the comment some 12-15 hours after posting it. But all of my family and friends could have seen it. I felt very disrespected. I have since that time forgiven her.Did I overreact? Was I not entitled to feel betrayed and hurt by what she did? I am a hypersensitive person, and she had never written anything like that before. I was shocked. But then today, my wife told me that she wants to be off the Paxil. I am naturally scared, because I am afraid of her being uncooperative, aloof, and easily irritable again. Do I have the right to tell her not to stop taking the Paxil? Does she have the right to stop taking it when she wants to? Her choices affect me, and my choices affect her. Who is in the right here?
A: I think these strong psychiatric medications can really screw people up, especially when used long term. I feel they should only be used as a last resort.I will be praying for your wife’s healing and I hope she manages to get off this drug that she doesn’t like taking. Praying for healing for both of you. I know you have a lot of love for each other and hope you can work these things out.I suggest praying for healing – very often when I have prayed sincerely for healing, I have received healing or at least some guidance on how to heal myself.
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