How can pen ink damage my skin

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Pen ink leads to possible ink poisoning and causes life threatening infections and diseases such as staph and hepatitis. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do I get pen ink off my skin?
in case you were thinking of doing what i think you’re referring to, love is the movemet, twloha. if not, then it still applies. and just keep scrubbing. i’ve done the same thing. it just takes a couple times, but it’ll come off if you just…
Is pen ink bad for your skin?
It’s not too harmful, however, if you draw all over your body, the ink will soak into your bloodstream and may cause possible poisoning. So try to stay away from drawing crap on your skin…especially with permanent marker.
How does pen ink cause skin cancer?
i always heard that pen ink causes cancer but i do not think it has been clinically proven that this is true.
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