How can you make lymph node swelling go down

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Lymph node swelling should be checked by a doctor to make it go down. It could be due to a viral illness, mononucleosis, a bacterial illness, or Lyme disease. [ Source: ]
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How to make Lymph node swelling go down?
I’m not sure but I’ve herd that putting a warm towel on your swollen lymph node can help. It should go down on its own in 2-4 weeks.

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Throat hurts extremely bad, took 2 diff antibiotics, swollen bump under tonsil, please help me figure this out?
Q: Ok, well this is a complicated situation, so I’m going to give a run down and let everyone know the full story. Please bare with me.Approximately 3.5 weeks ago, I started to feel like my mouth was getting dry or maybe that I was getting a sore throat. This went on for about 2 days. I finally looked into my throat and saw a red swollen bump below my left tonsil. I thought maybe I was getting Tonsilitis or something similar because I tend to get that often.I called my doctor on the phone, told him my scenario and he called in a prescription to my local Wallgreens. The prescription was Doxycycline. It was for 7 days at 2 pills a day. I took this medicine and my tonsils quickly went back to normal size, but the red bump and soreness did not go away.Approximately 2 days went by, so I went in and saw my doctor in person. He looked at my tonsils, my throat, and made a decision that he thought the Doxycycline simply didn’t take care of the infection. He decided that another week of the Doxycycline would clear up any remaining infection and that I would be ok. So, I began with another 7 days (2 pills a day) of Doxycycline.I finished my last run of the Doxycycline and simply put….I felt the exact same. I started to doubt my doctor’s diagnosis and I felt it was time to go to another doctor. About 4 days ago I went to another doctor and he did a basic examination. He said my throat and tonsils didn’t look too bad, but that they were inflamed. He asked a series of questions concerning my nose, ear, fever, etc. and all I could tell him was that there was a swollen bump or something of that nature and I had a sore throat.This doctor sat and thought for a minute, then came to the assumption that he thought I probably had Mono. So, he took my blood and did a Mono test, but it came back negative.Unaware of what I could exactly have, this doctor said more than likely I have a viral infection, but he can’t diagnosis it. He prescribed Keflex and when I went to the pharmacy it was the generic brand of Keflex known as Cephalexin (21 pills – 3 pills per day – 7 total days – 500 mg). I currently am on my second day of pills (I have took 4 total pills) and I honestly feel NO change what so ever. My throat is red and looks irritated, I have a sore throat, and the red bump is still there.I’m not sure if this red bump is an infection, or maybe a swollen lymph node. Nor do I know why I have any of the symptoms I have.I did chew Copenhagen for a long time, but I quit approximately 2 weeks ago. Does anyone have any further advice or maybe a similar situation? Or perhaps, does anyone know how to make the redness and tenderness go away along with this red swollen bump? Is this possibly an infected lymph node or some other gland?Thanks a lot, and seriously, I’m very appreciative to anyone who as took the time to read this and answer honestly. God bless you all.
A: First, I would recommend sticking with one doctor. They go through various diagnoses and will change their treatments when something doesn’t work. By changing doctors you’re losing the continuity of care and having to relay the “story” to a new person and many things will likely get lost in translation.That being said, I have no idea why the doctor would prescribe Keflex for a viral infection as it is an anti-bacterial and will have no effect on a virus. My recommendation is to finish the medicine as prescribed, keep an eye on the bump, and go back to your original doctor if it isn’t better at the end of the treatment.If the bump gets bigger, more painful, or other things get worse, you should go see your doctor before the treatment is completed.
What else could be confused with Genital herpes????
Q: Ok let me explain my situation. One month ago while I was in the shower I noticed something weird on my left outside lip. It wasn’t hurting or itching, I diedn’t even know it was there until I touched it. So I got a mirror and looked. It looked like a very small pimple, really small. So I popped it, and a after I had an open sore. What scared me is that it didn’t hurt like a pimple does. I could only make it to the gyno after 3 days, because it was close to the weekend.The Dr. told me it LOOKED LIKE herpes, or it could also be folliculites. Ok, so here I am totally devastated.So I decided to go to a 2nd Dr. and get a 2nd opinion. She told me the same thing but got a blood test done for HSV1 and 2 and it was negative.Even though that little sore had not given me any weird sensation I put cortisone on it when I got home because I was so desperate, and all my vagina got irritated for like 2 days. After 2 weeks, as paranoid as I could be, touching my body all over, I noticed there was an INTERNAL lump on my vulva, on the left side also, but it wasn’t tender or hurt. It was located as if it was underneath my left ovario. I started thinking I had cancer. A couple of days after that I started feeling a very light itchiness on my pubic hair, in the same direction as the clitoris. I looked and didn’t see anything weird but that the skin was redish, so I shaved over there, even though the doctor had told me not to shave. Right after I shaved, it stopped itching, but it bled a little bit, and the skin was very sensitive, there were very tiny bumps on the area. And it crusted the same day. Because of that I decided to go back to the Dr. and she put me on Valtrex… but I saw she wrote on my file PROBABLE HERPES… which devasted me. How could she put me on that med if she’s not sure?? She had told me that the med was just to make that stuff down there go away. But it was already healed! Without the help of any medicine. Today it has been 1 month since I last had sex, and possibly exposed myself to an STD.I don’t feel anything weird at the moment. Just that internal bump is still there, it feels smaller but I think it’s still there. It’s internal, not visible, it can only be found if I press on the skin. So according to my online search I see that this could be a lymph node, or swollen gland and a sign of herpes.Now this is what I’d like to know: Agora gostaria de saber o seguinte:1-When you have herpes is that weird internal bump, or swollen gland always supposed to be swollen or it goes away???2- If it’s really herpes, would it heal without the help of medication?? Because I read that a sure sign of herpes is that it won’t heal without the help or proper medication. 3- I also read that if you pop a herpes blister it will fill up and come back. The only way it dries is if you take the medicine?? Is it true??4- Does all this really sound like herpes??5- Is there anything else that can be confused with herpes?? If that is the case, what would the possibilities be?6-A friend, who is a doctor, spoke to me about the Bartholing Glands. She said they could get infected and give you a redish, irritated bottom with something that could look like a pimple too. It also hurts. On the side where that thing was located was redish and swollen, but it didn’t hurt or itch or anything like that, except after I put cortisone on. But it still didn’t hurt, just itch a little bit. Could it be just a sign that it was healing? Does it sound anything like this Bartholin Gland??Thank you so much for all of your help.
A: HPV is commonly mistaken for herpes and from what it sounds like, you may have it. I had internal bumps at 17 and now at 21, they are showing up externally and by the way you describe yours, sounds to me like my HPV. Herpes would have healed with the medication (I’ve had that too…). I would find a smarter OBGYN (no offense) and have a pap smear. If it comes back abnormal, you will be tested for HPV (let your doctor know your situation ahead of time too). If the pap comes back normal, you sadly, have to start from square one.
what is this lump in my…?
Q: jaw? Alright, so i once in awhile get this terrible throbbing pain in my mouth, like pretty painful, and i always thought maybe it was just my molar being sore from a cavity. Well today the pain started and it was very sore so i was trying to find the exact spot of where it hurt and when i was feeling,i realized the pain was actually coming from my jaw, under my mouth…and i found a lump, about the size of a pop tab and its circular/oval shaped about the thickness of my thumb…and painful to the touch. Its in the soft part on the inside of my jawbone (if that makes sense) and i can (painfully) move it up onto my jaw bone to feel how big it is… Just so you all know, when i say under my jawbone i dont mean by my neck or under my ears…its like right straight down from my cheek bone….smack dab in the middle, right inbetween my chin and my ear…on the left side…i wanna know if there are lymph nodes thereI guess i want to know if its a swollen lymph node (are there even lymph nodes there?) or is it something i should really be concerned about either way?I have gotten these pains for maybe 5-6 months but just thought it was my tooth and now i am assuming it was this lump…if you recommend going to the doctor, should i go to the dentist or my gp?What do you think this is?10 pts best answer! Thanks to everyone who answers!
A: You need to call your dentist as it sounds very much like an abscess in the gum/tooth in that area. My daughter had this just a few months ago and she ended up on antibiotics. Another daughter had an abscess just a week or so ago in the wisdom teeth area as she has an impacted wisdom tooth, went to our dentist, was put on antibiotics, and is scheduled this Monday for two extractions.Don’t waste time on a doctor as he will send you to the dentist and you will be stuck with two bills. Just contact your dentist and get checked out. If you need medications your dentist will write one for you. If you need to see an oral surgeon your dentist will recommend one for you. In many cases your dentist can do whatever work needs done. Our dentist is extracting our daughter’s teeth and not sending her to an oral surgeon. We have been going to the same dentist for 33 years (since August of 1976), and we trust her completely.Don’t let this go as it will only get worse. Apply warm compresses on the area to relive it, and if possible, call your dentist and leave a mmessageand ask that they get back with you ASAP, and in many cases they will (they usually check their messages). But first thing Monday morning you call the dentist and tell them you need to see them immediately that you think you may have an abscess. They know not to fool around with these as they can be dangerous if left untreated. I hope you get better soon! I will be out of town most of the weekend and won’t be online much, but this week when you find out anything~write me a note through Yahoo and let me know how you are doing, okay? And do not put this off even if it goes away! If it keeps occuring then there is a problem and you should be checked. Having infection of any kind like that is not good for your health and could be some other underlying problem that could prove to be serious. I am not worried about the 10 points, I want you to take this serious and make sure you get checked out. Will be praying for you!
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