How can you take care of gum disease

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Treatment options involve home care that includes healthy eating and proper brushing and flossing, non-surgical therapy that MORE [ Source: ]
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How can you take care of gum disease
Treatment options involve home care that includes healthy eating and proper brushing and flossing, non-surgical therapy that MORE
How to cure gum disease?
If you have gum disease you need use mouth wash daily, brush your teeth, gum’s and tongue often, and watch your diet. Your Dentist can prescribe the best mouthwash to use daily. Taking vitamins will also be an added cure.
Why Should You Care About Gum Disease?
You may wonder why it is important to end periodontal disease. But besides your teeth starting to look bad, and your gums bleeding there is much more to it than that. It can be linked to many different medical problems too. When you first n…

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Can having pre diabetes cause you to have problems with your gums?
Q: I was diagnosed with having pre diabetes over 2 years ago. A few months ago, I went to the dentist and he told me I needed a deep cleaning because I am starting to get gum disease. I take care of my teeth and I brush and floss so I dont know how this is possible? I was told by a friend of mine who has diabetes that it is common to have gum problems when you get diabetes. Has anyone else has problems with their gums?
A: Infections are more common in diabetics, so probably this would apply to gum infections also.
I have gum disease, need root canals, and bridges, have pain HELP?
Q: I didn’t take as good of care of my health as I should have and now i’m paying big time. First:I have gum disease. I have pockets as deep as 5 mm. I read somewhere that 5mm or less can still be treated by scalling and root planning. Is that true? Is it possible that I can still save my gums? I have had 3 teeth pulled already. Two of them were the result of me having Post Traumatic Trigeminal Neauralgia and not knowing what it was. The teeth could have been saved but i didnt’ known however they can always be bridged. I already had two root canals and need another one or two or three done.. I’ve got decay galore :(The dentist won’t know for sure how many other teeth need to be root canaled until he takes out all of the cavities but I’m in it 100%. I have pain coming from the back on the left but can’t figure out if it is a tooth that has already been root canaled or not. Can they be saved by a retreatment even if I have gum disease? HELP I’m 33 and don’t want to wear dentures. Is there hope for me? Some other thingsI was on some heavy duty meds, (Percocet/Vicodin/Suboxone) so I never ever felt the pain. I was eating sugar like crazy. Once all the opiates were out of me, that’s when the pain came, so i was probably in pain but the p.k. blocked it,. I bought a water pick thing and been brushing and flossing. Is gum disease stoppable? How can I find out what tooth is causing the pain? It’s like a jabbing nerve pain. I feel so bad. All I can think of is my gums and my teeth saying HELP US PLEASE and those little bacterias eating me up I have to stop them. I’m going to easity spend 11 grand – 13 grand on this. Would you do it or would you say screw it and get them pulled and get dentures? I don’t want those. I may even spend 14 grand but I only have about 12 but it’s not money that I have it’s CREDIT CARDS. I don’t even have a job but I got my credit cards,. I’ve been going to the dentist every day they have been open for the past two weeks. The dentist said his first goal is to get me stable. Is that a good thing? What does he mean? He then said I had gum disease. He said also I have a bunch of problems in my mouth and it is going to cost me some money to fix it. How can i Help him help me find what tooth is causing the pain? In the back tooth (the one that was root canaled about three years ago) on the exray it shows a shadow on the root. He said it may be scar tissue? It could also be another infection right? What should i do? O UCH I’m in so much pain right now. I wish i had my pain pills but I can’t take th em because I got addicted to them so i’m going through this with a bunch load of PAINCan a root canaled tooth be used for a bridge? ANY info / help on how to control gum disease with pockets up to 5 mm please help?
A: Wow, that’s quite a long question. Yes, 5 mm pockets can be cleaned with a deep scaling and root planing. keep brushing and flossing and get frequent cleanings.A root canaled tooth can be used as an abutment tooth in a bridge.Of course it’s a good thing that your dentist wants to get you stabilized. That should mean he wants to fix the emergency stuff first, like root canals and filling, plus get your gums healthy. Then you can work on bridges and oral hygiene instructions. I also think you should have cleanings every 3 months instead of every 6 months. You need to be followed closely at first to make sure your gums are healing and that you are able to do a good job at home.
*detailed question* Gum issue? Abscess or something else?
Q: For the last several months, I have had reoccurring lumps of sorts on my gums. They started about a day after my last dental visit, where I had x-rays and all of the other usual dentist checkup-y things done and they didn’t find any abscesses or any signs of oral cancer, or anything wrong except for some cavities that needed to be filled and early signs of gum disease due to poor dental care when I was younger and lack of checkups for a year or two. As far as I know abscesses or oral cancer (at least not in the stage of what I would consider to be a tumor, if it were cancer) don’t just “appear” in a day after having x-rays and a full workup done on my mouth. I do have 2 teeth with cavities in the back of my mouth (one on each side, actually below where the lumps are) but the dentist didn’t think either of them were THAT bad, but should be filled as soon as possible, though due to me not having any insurance he didn’t see any reason that with proper personal dental care it couldn’t be taken care of a little bit later when things were more financially stable and I had my insurance issue settled. I do have my wisdom teeth coming in slowly, but they are only coming in on the bottom. For whatever reason, I don’t have top wisdom teeth.Anyway, I have these lumps on my gums, and everything I have ever read about abscesses says that they cause pain, usually immense pain, but mine don’t cause any pain at all. They’re not even a tiny bit sore, and they go away intermittently but then raise back up, usually in the morning when I wake up. They are usually always above the back teeth on my gums, the one on the right is about the size of a jellybean, and is newer than the one on the left. The one on the right feels like I can move it with my tongue, like I can push it around and lift up part of it with my tongue, but this is a new thing and before the lump has always just been a solid lump, never anything movable. The one on the left is smaller, and usually less inflamed than the right one usually. They feel as though they’re filled with something, though I’ve read and heard that when an abcess bursts there is a VERY bitter and unpleasant taste in your mouth from the pus. When my… well, whatever they are, go down, I don’t taste anything in my mouth, much less anything bitter or gross, and they don’t hurt when they go away or when they re-appear. They slightly vary in size, but are always smaller than the jellybean size, which is the biggest they ever get, and they don’t get that big very often. As for color… the last I checked they are the same pinkish color of my gums, not white or yellow or anything. I don’t have any underlying conditions, I am otherwise medically healthy.Any ideas as to what this is or how to go about treating it? I went on a cycle of antibiotics back in September when I first was terrified I had dental abcesses, but they didn’t go away. My GP thought that maybe they weren’t dental abcesses or a dental infection… but wasn’t sure what they were since there was no pain and they didn’t go away with antibiotics. I read somewhere about some kind of condition where you just get growths on your gums that eventually go down or go away, and I can’t get to my doctor/dentist until March again because of insurance reasons…again.
A: Are they behind your last molars, on the tissue where your wisdom teeth will erupt? If you can take a picture and post it, that would be helpful. I do not think that they are an abscess because your dentist would have seen an infection on the x-ray. Also, I do not think that they are pyogenic granulomas. These take more than two days to develop. It seems that these vesicles are caused by some irritants while you were at your dentist. As long as they go away within two weeks, you shouldn’t worry. If they last longer than two weeks you should probably see you dentist asap to rule out anything serious. (oral cancer doesn’t typically present itself in this manner)You may want to rinse with a cup of warm water + 1 tsp. salt. And maintain good oral hygiene!EDIT: please note that pyogenic granulomas, like most granulomas or fibromas, are usually caused by chronic irritants (i.e. subgingival calculus aka “tarter”), not going to an hour long appointment.Good luck
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