How did dinosaurs vanish from the earth

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There are many theories as to how the dinosaurs became extinct: asteroids, volcanic activity, ice age, disease, or climate change. [ Source: ]
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Why dinosaurs vanished from earth?
Dinosaurs were scarce antidiluvian, as were all other animals. As dinosaurs treaded on human territory, the rest of them were eliminated by their worst predator: Mankind. Why does everyone always wonder about the simple fact of extinction…

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Which God has eradicated Dinosaur and other animals from this Earth and why? Where did those souls vanish?
Q: Was the creation of such animals a mistake of God? Or the removal of such animals a mistake? Can any Theist agree that God has done either of these two mistake? Then how can he be Omniscient?
A: God or Brahma as callled in santana dharma is nothing else but a collective conciousness only….and in my opinion God never operates/destructs anything…’s only present in all living beings….and its the sourse of life….that unanswered…unknow fountain of life…..whatever happens on earth has nothing to do with God…..What happened and what is happening is nothing but a physical system with equal and opposite forces….everything occur out of result of some other thing…..let us say….somewhere an earthquake stuck….it’s not any God punishing anybody….it’s just that people who died did not knew that they were living on a fault line and they happened to be at a wrong place at a wrong time….if you make a fortune of money….is it always just out of sheer brain and hardwork only?….no….some amount of luck is always needed….and thats called being at right place at right time….u took consicutive decisions in life such that at some time of point you ended up at a place where you -by any chnace- got that money that comes to you….we are all part of a big puzzle….and many a times we just automatically come to the right point of advantage or disadvantage….it’s mathematics of God level !!!!!! ….if u think that mathematics involves God then….God is involved in desctruction dinosours….and other past animals….The soul never vanishes… it never gets birth…it’s continiuos….the soul that once had the body of dinosour may have gone to some other planet…or may be it’s right between us….By the way….we usually think about God and souls and restrict our imagination to Earth only….scientist estimates that…only in milkyway(our galaxy)…there could be as min of 300 and max. of 3600 earth like planets….this is just for milkyway….imgine there are billions of galaxies like milkyway in the Visible Universe (Visible universe is the part of total thats only visible to hubble or such telescopes)….we have no actual idea what universe is when we really think about it….and there could be infinite no. of souls that may be there….may be Earth is some other planet’s hell !!!!! who knows…..Dinasour were not any mistake ……when the puzzle was right for them…. the got on the surface of earth…they existed….and when they were at wrong time at wrong place(earth)…they vanished….and may be if this climate change continues like this….we may be soon come to that spot…who knows? God or the collective soul is everywhere you see…’s in living animals/plants/humans….as soul and it’s in the form of all the electrons/protons in non-living stuff….i don’t know if the latter is true or not….but these small protons/electrons always wonder me….who the hell actually thought ablut them and then actually created them….then I get the same unanswered answer…may be GOD!!!!
help me atheist understand these evolution …?
Q: just simplifying my thinking ..big bang theory boom!!! creating our sun and its planets orbiting around it(no debate i agree) billions of years later some organisms with hydrogen particles and other particles find its way to earth, it took millions of years for them to evolve, forming single celled animals ..(.Amoeba, plankton bacteria…yada,yada yada…)they do there agamogenisis thing and the multiply. Millions of years evolution keeps happening fish are formed..into half fish half reptiles crawl out of the ocean, then into full reptilians ( herbivorous dinosaurs than later some evolved to carnivorous dinosaurs ) they live for over 400 million years undisturbed years then 3.5 million years ago they vanish completed..pssh gone (no argument i agree )these the part i don’t get supposedly mammals (ape man) evolute from reptilians (dinosaurs) according Evolution 3 million years ago,.. if dinosaurs vanished (diapered) completely (0 mortality, no survivors) how did these mammals come to be(exist) from nothing with out divine intersession what do u think ? it nothing serious don’t get angry folks
A: The Mammal-like Reptiles, or Therapsids first appeared about 285 million years ago near the beginning of the Permian which is well before the dinosaurs. They evolved quickly and many different groups arose. They were very successful until about the end of the Permian, about 245 million years ago, when something catastrophic affected the earth and nearly all of the species then living died out. New species evolved rapidly to fill this empty habitat, among them the first dinosaurs and a few million years later the first mammals.The first mammal may never be known, but the Genus Morganucodon and in particular Morganucodon watsoni, a 2-3 cm (1 inch) long weasel-like animal whose fossils were first found in caves in Wales and around Bristol (UK), but later unearthed in China, India , North America, South Africa and Western Europe is a possible contender. It is believed to be between 200 MYA and 210 MYA. However Gondwanadon tapani reported from India on the basis of a single tooth in 1994 may be an earlier contender for the title, with a claimed date of 225 MYA.These early mammals were small, insectivorous, nocturnal, hairy and warm-blooded. Warm-bloodedness is believed to have first evolved among the cynodonts, a late but successful group of mammal-like reptiles from which the mammals evolved. The cynodonts were the only mammal-like reptiles to survive to the Jurassic, in fact they nearly made it into the Cretaceous, and definitely coexisted with many of the major dinosaurs.During the Jurassic the mammals remained small and mainly nocturnal, living beneath the ‘metaphorical’ feet of the great dinosaurs. These early mammals were more like small monotremes and probably laid eggs still. Marsupials and placental mammals (cats, dogs, you and me) did not evolve for another 70 million years.
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