How do animals get diseases

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All animals can get diseases. They get diseases the same way people do, parasites, viruses and bacteria. Thanks, ChaCha [ Source: ]
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How do animals get diseases
All animals can get diseases. They get diseases the same way people do, parasites, viruses and bacteria. Thanks, ChaCha
Do animals get Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
Yes, animals and, believe it or not, even plants get sexually transmitted diseases. (Humans are of course animals, but very unusual animals). Here I’ve written a pretty complete answer from items that come to mind. First, from the point of …
What diseases can animals get?
Umm really it depends. On some testing, like for makeup and such, its more of a physical thing. Animals get infections, sometimes they spray hairspray in an animals eyes to test the affect of it, so they get burned retnas, scratched lense…

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Q: I think that animals are the most important creatures in earth. They help us live in this planet. Even when we treat them so bad they are always there with their unconditional affection. They are the only creatures don’t care if you are rich or poor if you are white or black or if you ever did something for them they only want to be with you with out expecting something from you but your affection. They don’t care about material stuff. Many animals are used to work like in farms, they are exploded and maybe the animals don’t even get feed but they never go away because the love their owner and they will be with them. Other animals are used in laboratories and there they get exposed to so many diseases and scientist experiment on them with chemicals that no one knows how they are going to react in the bodies of the animals. No one does anything to stop it: cats, mice, monkeys, dogs, and fishes etc… all of these animals, some of them in extinction danger are used and most of the times killed, in this kind of experiments without anyone doing anything. I’ll like to go to this program to know more about animals and how I can do something to stop animal abuse. I want to learn how cure animals and I want to see how animal behavior is different in the wild than in a cage. I want to see all kinds of animals and show affection just like they show if to us. I want to go to this program to learn about animal diseases and other kind of illnesses. But what would really like to know is if the killing of animals can destroy us as the same time or if this only affects animals. I hope that when I get out of this program I know more about how to take care animals and where is better to have different kinds of animals. I want to know want medicines I can use and I hope I know more about animal behavior
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why feed living, feeling animals to a snake when you can more conveniently feed already dead food?
Q: okay, so i am fully aware that there are quite afew heated debates out there about feeding live food to snakes, but i still can’t wrap my head around how some people can watch a helpless little animal get slowly swallowed whole where it goes through a painful death of having needle like teeth sink into it and drag it to its death…to me that is just cruel…i am getting a snake very soon and fully intend to feed it frozen thawed food… firstly there is the matter of possible injury to the snake…many snakes r killed by their own prey..or at least blinded…plus many live animals carry disease wich is passed to your snake…thawed animals do not have any of these dangers…plus they are cheaper and you can buy in bulk with no issues…i dont even see any competition between the two…okay so please explain…but if you cant play nicely and share your opinion without being rude please dont bother because your criticism will be ignored and a complete waste of nicely now lolokay bobby D well i know that they arent committing suicide, but atleast they are killed humanely. and watch it.. i am vegetarian so i wont be “throwing any burgers down my throat” any time soon. but thanks for ‘your opinion’ i dont mind if you dont agree with me lol just be nice all i did was voice my opinion..hey bron thanx for your answer. some people believe tat it is healthier to feed live because it is what they eat in the wild, but keep in mind these are not animals that were raised in the wild, they are captive bred (with exeptions, but where i live keeping wild animals is illegal so bear with me lol) and it is actually healthy to feed frozen food because freezing kills bacteria and other harmful properties that could hurt your snake.hi snake lady.. yes perhaps in the wild snakes are to hunt and kill live mice… but in the wild the mouse does have some chance of escape. by your logic, if the snake does not eat the live mouse that is in the tank, then the mouse should kill the snake, survival of the fittest and all that…what you call nature…but this is a controlled environment that the mouse has no chance in..if it goes to hurt ur snake ull stop it..but you just sit and watch the snae slowly kill the mouse? yes i am proud to say that i call that cruel…that is not nature.i am not against feeding snakes. i am aware they must eat mice. but i am against feeding LIVE mice when there are perfectly good mice that are humanely killed for this purpose. thankyou every one for your answers they are all taken into consideration :)thanx ozz and alex s 🙂 good to know that i am not alone.. i would like to choose you both as best answer…but i cant can i lol… now i dunno wot to do : ..thanx every one else too for your opinionhay pandora 🙂 very good answer.. yes i know that some snakes will only eat live..and i respect that the owner tried their best to change that, but if it cant be changed then fair enuf, we dont want the snake to die… but i think that if it is possible, the best food is frozen 🙂 i agree with you. have a good day.
A: Well done to you and I am in COMPLETE and TOTAL agreement with everything you say. You have obviously researched this topic in depth, as have I, and I would recommend the site below – which agrees with us. Good luck and enjoy your snake.
Do animals get venereal Diseases?
Q: I was wondering if animals get venereal disease as humans do. and if so how do you recognize them.
A: Yes they can. Devil facial tumor disease (affects tasmanian devils) and canine transmissible venereal tumor (affects dogs) are both rare types of venereal cancer diseases that are sexually transmitted. DFTD has decimated the tasmanian devil population is Australia because it is passed so easily.
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