How do animals get rabies in the first place

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Animals get rabies from other rabid animals though the skin or mucus membranes, similar to how humans get the disease. [ Source: ]
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How do animals get rabies in the first place?
Animals can get rabies from being bitten by a infected animal.

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How do animals get rabies in the first place?
Q: How do animals get rabies besides from another animal?Where do they get it in the first place.
A: It comes only from a scratch or bite from an infected animal. That is why they are trying to keep tourist’s dogs out of England with quarantines that hold them to be sure they are not infected. It is also why Cape Cod in Mass puts out bait for raccoons to keep them from crossing the bridge onto it. That is also why domesticated cats and dogs must have rabies-prevention shots.
How do mammals get rabies in the first place?
Q: I mean i no you can get rabies through scratches and bites from a rabies infected animal, but are some mammals born with rabies? Where did it originate from? Is it air-borne, genetic etc
A: No. It is NOT a genetic or inherited condition. It’s an infectious disease like HIV. Transmitted through body fluids from another infected animal.
can puppies < 3months old be rabid?
Q: 2-3days ago i noticed a shallow red dot on my hand, which appears to be a small/shallow puncture wound. I do not recall any incident that will result to that, but I am always hands on with our new 3 pups, which was given to us recently. I am thinking that i was unaware while shoving off the pups when they rush towards me (feeding time) one of them got do dogs get rabies in the first place? is it genetically built in? i read that they must be exposed to that virus by means of contact with a rabid animal. but i heard some domesticated animals are fine until they bit a human and after sometime get beserk (aka mad dog) I just want to make sure…well i know they’re like more than a month old but i just said 3 months to have a bracket ^__^
A: sorry, but it woul take me forever to type up what I have, I work in a center (safehouse) for abused and neglected animals and then with AC and police on these issues of trapping suspected wildlife, so get some munchies and take a look at this. It is an interactive form use the flash.
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