How do fish go blind

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Any animal with eyes can go blind, whether through damage, disease, or those aquarium lasers that were popular a few years back. [ Source: ]
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How do fish go blind
Any animal with eyes can go blind, whether through damage, disease, or those aquarium lasers that were popular a few years back.
Can gold fish go blind?
ok this happend to me i had 2 6inch goldfish he hit his on a rock or something he went blind for awhile but his friend carried him to the top for food but in the end his eyes cleared up i hope he makes it update us on yahoo ansears
Can a beta fish go blind?
Yes. Overdosing parasite medicines can cause fish blindness and some paralysis. The paralysis may resolve in fresh tank water, while the blindness tends to be more resistant to recovery.

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Is my Beta fish blind?
Q: I have not seen my Beta fish eat in at least 2 days.Usually when he comes to the top of the tank,I drop a couple of Beta bits on top of the water and he snaps them up.When he comes to the top of the tank,I drop the food right in front of him,and he by passes it.I’ve tried several times when I see him come to the top,but he never seem to see the food.He is not eating the food that drops to the bottom either.What should I do,and how long can he go without eating?
A: He’s probably not blind, and that would not affect his eating habits, anyway. He may be sick, or just not hungry. He may also be eating when you’re not watching. I think this link may help Hope everything works out.
How do you feed a blind fish?
Q: I have a 4-5 year old oscar who I believe is mostly blind. One of his eyes is not sharp in color and has red dots in it near the bottom. Today when I tried to feed him( for the first time since his tank mates were removed) I noticed that he was bumping into the ornaments in the tank and he would not come up to the top of the water nor would he pay any attention to the pellets being dropped in the water. I am concerned b/c this is unusual behavior for him. Normally he would come right up to the top of the tank and you could drop the food right in his open mouth. What am I to do if he really is going blind?
A: I have a betta who went blind. She lives with another female so at first I would take her out into a small cup to feed her. She would eventually find the food. That was when she was eating pelleted food. Now that I’ve switched to frozen foods she has no problem finding her meals, even with the other female in there. Frozen foods have a stronger aroma so they easier for him to find.
Is my fish blind????
Q: hes a 7month old betta and I havent seen him eat in months he doesnt react to his refelexion and he doesnt really swimm around he just stays in one spot. /i had him in a small tank adn i thought he just needed a bigger tank so about 2 days go i him a 10 gallon tank I put him in it today and he isnt swimming round much and when he does he swims upside down or side wys. I shone a flashlight into his eyes but his pupils dont get smaller. Is he blind?? and since he doesnt eat as soon as i give it to him should i leave the filter off so he can still eat? if so how long?
A: you put your betta in a uncyled tank that is your problem he is suffering from the effects of new tank syndrome
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