How do other people get other people sick

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There are many modes of disease transmission, but the common cold is spread by breathing in germs when a sick person sneezes MORE? [ Source: ]
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How do other people get other people sick
There are many modes of disease transmission, but the common cold is spread by breathing in germs when a sick person sneezes MORE?
Why do some people get sick more often than others??
i always wondered this myself. but now i know! its because they probably had all these sicknesses when they were younger. did you know that once you have the cold, you never can have it again? but one catch – there are over 200 types of …
Why do other people always get sick at restaurants but I don’t??
You are right. You have a good immune system. Plus you may have been lucky and not had the contaminated food. But people who have underlying health problems and this could be things that occurred from being brought up poor in a third world …

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How many people actually got other people sick when they kissed them and they had mono?
Q: i have mono and ive got a new boyfriend and i do not want to wait to kiss him. how long did you wait and the person didnt get mono?
A: So long as you’re having symptoms, I wouldn’t kiss anyone. The virus usually goes away in 4-6 weeks. I’m sure you don’t want to wait to kiss him, but you should be considerate of his health.
Are other people like me SICK of people saying WWE is COMPLETLY FAKE!?!?!?!??!?!?
Q: Its really getting to me, i mean i know its not all true and that the stuff is scripted, but they do actually fukin hit each other and they do get hurt.Just before Jerichos freakin tooth came out! how much proof do u need?? and when they bleed and u can hear the goddamn heads slamming into the steel chair, im pretty sure thats real!!!
A: Oh yeah, I hate people who think they know everything and think that everyone’s an idiot. First off, we ALL know it’s scripted. That’s why it’s entertainment. Second, people always experienced an incident so it’s not always safe even though the match was “scripted”.Proof: Undertaker took a suicide dive in Wrestlemania XXV and was almost knocked out. Shawn Michaels actually bought some time so that Undertaker would be able to get up.
how to keep from getting sick from other people at work?
Q: what are some ways that I can prevent getting sick at work? I have a couple of very inconsiderate co-workers who sit directly behind me who show up to work sick. All day long they are coughing and sniffing. I have been using Lysol to wipe my desk down, but what else can I do?
A: Lysol wipes are a wonderful tool. My sister and I also swear by Vitamin Water. The last two times our families have gotten sick (she has 2 children and I have 3 children) we both haven’t gotten sick at all. So we really believe in the Vitamin Water. I like the Focus!
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