How do you cure all these problems

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Blepharitis is a chronic disease for which there is no cure, and requires long-term treatment to keep it under control. ChaCha!! [ Source: ]
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Are you saying you can cure all of these problems??
No, not necessarily. Although people bring their kids (and themselves) for all kinds of problems it does not necessarily mean that they can have success with chiropractic. If ten children came in with asthma I might be able to help some of …
What Makes This Product Cure All These Gum Problems So Quickly an…?
Ultimate Gum Solution is made from a 70-year old recipe that has been perfected over time. The product has been rigorously tested and has been in commercial use by customers for a good number of years. The original concept was carefully res…
Can i be cured of all these multiple health problems??
the diabetes must be controlled. It is very dangerous if not controlled and can lead to many problems, it is probably one of the causes of your heart problems, in addition to lack of exercise, smoking, anger etc. You need to be treated we…

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How come people at my school are more attractive than me. Please cure my problems I will really appreciate it?
Q: I really don’t get it.At age 10 (I’m male) I was really cute and handsome, happy and confident (but not ego-tistic) but nowadays (i’m 16) I’m not cute, not handsome and as a result of this, not happy or confident; I sometimes try to avoid people who I know and I avoid answering the phone unless I know who it is. I also get stage fright. and I never had any of these problems before.Some of Handsome People I know never do any exercise and don’t realy eat that healthily, but they still have amazing bodies and faces. I’ve been doing about 3 hours of exercise a week for 5 years and I eat healthily (I still eat chocolate, but not tons of it and I get my 5 a day of fruit and vegtables). How is it posible that their bodies have developed so much better than mine?I also find that if I’m not actually asleep by 10pm (in bed at 9om and read for half an hour), then I’m really exhausted for the next day (I get up at 7:15am) and I find it hard to enjoy the day when i’m tired and I make stupid mistakes, say stupid things and don’t learn that much.While I’m desperatly trying to get to bed at 9 each night, all of my friends go to bed between 10:30pm – 12pm each night. What amazes me is that they aren’t tired at all ( I know this because they are friendly, alert active, funny and they have no bags under their eyes. of course sometimes they are tired, but they still don’t have any bags under their eyes; even after sleepovers with me). Yet every day I have bags under my eyes and it’s really hard to become sleepy at 9 every day. but when I stay up later, i’m just exhausted for the next day. All of the girlss and guys in my school were all like me when we were 10, but now they have all changed into beautiful people, whilst I have seemed to of develop into an ugly person; I often wish I was 10 again.I just don’t get how my friends all have perfect bodies when they seem to go to bed later/ the same as me, and eat and exercise the same as /less than me. The majority have perfect circulation and can do exercise in a t-shirt and shorts in winter without any problems at all, I have to wear gloves and a jumper and my arms still turn blue and purple.I guess what I’m trying to say is, please can you help me improve my life dramatically. I do really try to be happy and optimistic but my problems are not going away.I would really like to know how these people are becoming beautiful/ handsome without really trying, having good circulation and not having bags under their eyes even when they’re tired. Maybe I doing little things wrong. I don’t know, and I really need your help.Additionally (I know that a person’s true beauty is their personality and I completely agree, but as a teenager of today appearance is also very important) what makes one person beautiful and another ugly (besides genetics) when they have a similar lifestyle. and how come some people have lovely hands and mine are wrinkly and always blue (apart from when it is really warm) even though I use hand moisturisers and they don’t; and other peopl I know who do use hand moisturisers or who wash their hands excessively still have beautiful hands. It’s really weird.Thankyou all for your time and effort, I really appreciate it; this means so much to me and my life. I am looking for detailed answers, but if you don’t have enough time to write a detailed answer then bullet points or anything would be fantastic.
A: Hey don’t feel so bad. Scientifically, our appearance do change as we grow old and mature. that’s called know what, i eat a lot in a day but not too heavy and i don’t get chubby..i always wash my hands but my hands doesn’t look wrinkled and even nicer tha my sister’s, though, the veins are more visible when i rest it down.when i was a teen, i had no pimples and acne until i reached 20 onwards. I used to have a smooth face but it’s now dotted with pimple scars and it really upsets me.I can’t explain why people dont get many pimples as i do when i know they’re also exposed to sun and dirt..Probably some has more sensitive skin while some has strong skin endurance.After all, ur just a teener, there’s a lot more changes u’ll experience as u grow older…just remember to take care of ur health…avoid too much alcohols and don’t keeps the skin fairer. gud luck!
What is the cure for pinched or damaged nerves that doesn’t allow you to move your arm?
Q: I was in a car accident (head-on collision) and after the paramedics pulled me from my left arm, because my left leg was stuck beneath the dashboard, my arm was not moving at all. I couldn’t do anything with it, and i had severe pain in my left shoulder. I have went for all the tests and my nuerologist said that my left arm has a lot nerves damaged. She sent for a neck and spine MRI to see if there is anything wrong on the neck or spine. She did not find anything wrong, just very little damage. Now all she said is that I have to continue Occupational therapy. i want to know what is the cure for my left shoulder. If anyone has had the same problem as me, please tell how you cured this, and what you can advise me to do and how to cure this problem. Thank-You God Bless You
A: My mother-in-law is going through the same situation. She was injured in a similar way and sometimes she can barely move her hand. She’s done the MRI’s and CAT scans, steroid shots, occupational therapy, etc. The only thing that has even remotely helped her is our local herbalist. I wish I could tell you what she takes, but this herbalist gave her enough mobility to live her life! I would try outside-the-box stuff. See an herbalist. Acupuncture. Chinese medicine. I know its not for sure, but if you’re frustrated with the medical establishment, what could it hurt?
Did you khow for Holy Water springs in Macedonia?
Q: HOLY WATER Springs in MACEDONIA There is a large number of Orthodox Christian churches in Macedonia with miraculous power, and in some of them there is a holy water’s for all sorts of need’s and problems to the human kind. Different churches have different kinds of water that are for a particular sickness, depending on which and how many saints are present.These waters can cure problems with the sight, hearing, speaking, headache, internal and external wounds, skin problems, insomnia, nerves problems, infertility, fear, cleansing of the negative energy, turning the wheel of luck and many moreContact person; Aleksandar S.Tel; +38975924073 , +38970653965Mail; [email protected]
A: You must mean FYROM ,yes?Because I’ve never heard of springs in Macedonia which is the name of the northern part of Greece.SOLUN macedoniaQuoting”In the past, these lands came under a number of ancient states and former empires; Paionia, the kingdom of ancient Macedon (which gave its name to the whole Macedonian region). It must be noted though, that the ancient kingdom of Macedon was centered in what is known today as Greek Macedonia and its boundaries did not span north of the town Bitola.””Following the two Balkan wars of 1912 and 1913 and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the region of Macedonia was divided between Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. The territory of the present-day Republic of Macedonia was then named Južna Srbija, “Southern Serbia”. After the First World War Serbia joined the newly formed Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. In 1929, the kingdom was officially renamed the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and divided into provinces called banovinas. So called “Southern Serbia”, including all of what is now the Republic of Macedonia, became a part of the Vardar Banovina.”ETC to me you are misinformed.So here is a link to help you.Taking someone else’s name that doesn’t give you roots nor history.SOLUN macedoniaWikipedia is not a Greek teacher.However YOUR links are writen by FYROM teachers.
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