How does a person get a hole in there intestines

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Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis could cause a hole in the intestines. Only way to know for sure is to see your doctor for a complete exam. Stay healthy! ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How does a person get holes in their intestines?
The direct effect of the immune system’s reaction to gliadin causes micro-holes in the small intestine. The secondary effects of malabsorption, specifically inflammation and infection, cause micro-holes or even ulcers in the small or large …

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irritable bowl syndrome (IBS)?
Q: I am 26 yrs s/w engineer working in bangalore. I hve been suffering from abdominal irritation from the past 4 yrs. When i was doing my btech i was very happy and able to have any food items (occasionally) with out any stomach trouble, even i could drink alcohol weekly once. at that time i was suffering from throat infection (i used to get frequently). In my last sem i undergone the surgery for my tonsils. once i finished my btech i didnt get any job then the problem started in my stomach, i was getting some irritation once in a while. I went to doctor and he gave me some medicines for gas trouble which didnt help much. parallelly i joined a company by paying 1 lac (back door) as a programmer. That company does not have any projects and they were not paying salaries regularly. i was soo stressed these days and was getting more pain in my stomach. I went to hospital again and done scanning and nothing was wrong. The doctor told it may not be gastric problem it may be ur small intestine issue and he advised me to under go some scanning where he will put one hole in my stomach and verify whether every thing is fine or not which will cost around 20k. I got scared with amount as well as hole, so i ignored not i was continued with my work. After 1 yr completion of my job with that experience i joined in other organization. Again my problem boosts here as i was not having good technical skills and communication skills (I can say i am a little pessimistic guy) i was almost daily suffering with stomach irritation. I again went to Manipal hospital and there doctor gave me different types of medicines around 6 months which didnt help much. After 1 yr in my second company i was fine with my work and not having much pressure. So my stomach irriation went down (I was getting irritated only when i had beer/ non veg items). after somedays i though i should erodicate this pain and went to St johns hospital. I exapined my problem to doctor and he gave me Normaxin for 2 weeks. I took those tablets and i felt like i was happest person in the world (as my stomach issue is no more exist). after 2 weeks i went to my doctor and told i am very fine with Normaxin. Then he told me stop using this and when ever u get un easy with ur stomach u can user these tablets. But after 1 week the problem retained with me. then i google about Normaxin and found that it is being used for IBS(Irritable bowl Syndrome) and i got to know lot of things from google about IBS like it does not have permanent solution live long we have to suffer with this and make a not what u eat and check whether pain has come (so i was put much consontrate on my stomach even for a single buscut i have) etc, i read only abt IBS around 1 month and went little depression. then my brother suggested me tht for permanent solution u can go for homeopathy medicines. Then i used homeopathy medicines for 1 yr and i was almost fine. Now am not using any medicine and i dont have any issue if if follow nice diet and stress less day. When i went to home i could have all things like sweets, buscuts etc but when i go to office i have to maintain my diet strictly with only rice,dal,curd,rasm,idly,dosa, etc. i can not able to have any other things. if i change my diet next day i feel little dieria and irriation. i have to suffer for 2 days and with normal diet it goes fine. But problem is that these days i always think about my IBS and going again in depression. I alwasy compare with other and feeling pity about myself. Kindly let me know why i get irritation when i have any food other than rice/curd/idly/dosa etc..that too when i work. i maen i went to home i can eat every thing.Is it because i am panic about IBS if soo how to getrid this panic? I do not want to think abt this IBS Do i need to consult a psychologist? help me plzz,help me plzz,help me plzz,
A: ibs is in an advanced stage… it is a gastric problem… you may be having ulcers also… it takes more than 40 or 60 days…when the body is having a disease, the patient should not be given a nutritious food… he should be asked to fast for 7 or 10 day… but he can take unlimited fruits(not sweet) and uncooked vegetables… this is also called semi-fasting method…during semi-fasting, the bodies energies will be conserved to fight and throw out the disease…that is why , patients are asked to stop so many negative foods …all high nutritious foods are negative foods for sick people…sages consider water and uncooked vegetables as gods…by taking daily ,2 or three coldwater headbaths, you will be incresing your disease… yes, you are correct… by increasing or aggravating the disease, we can throw out the disease…a person requires so much culture and intelligence, to understand the basic principles of holistic healing … this is part of yoga and spirituality…this is great indian science…i am telling you about indian thinking, which the new generation has forgotten or is ignorant of culture…though this is called hindu thinking , these methods are prevalent in china,egypt japan,and east asia…that is why , i am doing this service to sick people in yahoo and otherwise, to awaken people of their slumber…this is great Hindu method,which does not require any expenditure to cure any type of disease…write me…[email protected] healing method may take 40 or more days….you should avoid`1. all milk products, namely milk,curd,buttermilk(chas-hindi),tea,cof… for two months..2…you should avoid all sweets made of sugar, gur,honey…3…you should avoid all sweet fruits for one month(mango,sapota,papaya,etc)and cool drinks.4…you can take all wheat and rice preparations,ragi java,…5. you should take daily 400 gms of uncooked cucumber( or 100 gms of radish) and 3 betel leaves should avoid smoking and alcohols,nonveg,fish,eggs for 2monthswrite me [email protected]
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