How fatal is testicular cancer

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About 7,000 Americans were expected to get the disease in 1995, with an estimated 325 deaths. Compared with prostate cancer..More? [ Source: ]
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How fatal is testicular cancer
About 7,000 Americans were expected to get the disease in 1995, with an estimated 325 deaths. Compared with prostate cancer..More?
Is testicular cancer fatal?
If it is detected and treated early enough it can be cured, if left untreated it can be fatal.
How long life before death in testicular cancer?
This is impossible to say. Too many factors matter. it depends on the person’s: – health history – how the treatment works on him – what treatments they use – If he has support from friends and family. Don’t underestimate the emotional side…

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info about testicular cancer please?
Q: how do guys get testicular cancer/whats it casued from? is it a fatal problem, or can it be cured? please let me know
A: Testicular cancer is considered a young man’s disease, being most common around ages 18-30. But this doesn’t mean that an older (or even younger) male can’t get it.The success rate is actually quite high, one of the highest of any cancer in fact. There is a success rate of greater than 90% if caught early. This is why regular testicular physicals are very important!It can be caused by a variety of things. I’d say as the above poster mentioned that undescended testicals are a major cause. Being inactive can also lead to testicular cancer, as can hitting puberty early.
Really worried about Cancer?
Q: Okay.So, for no reason, I’ve always been terrified of having cancer. Seriously, it occupies all my spare time, thinking about it, worrying etc.But now, I can feel a sort of lump in my testicle. I think it’s the epydimis (is that how you spell it?!), as it isn’t a lump on the testicle it’self…it just kind of feels like a hard mass inside the scrotum, sort of attached to the epywhatsit. So now, of course, I’m petrified I have testicular cancer. I never feel any pain, unless I’m thinking about it consciously. Could this mean the pain is psychological?Secondly, I’ve now become constipated. Nice, I know. Either way, I have been for a couple of weeks now, and I get stomach pains often as a result of it. So naturally, now I’m terrified of Bowel Cancer, and I just read that it’s the second most fatal in the world. So I’m also terrified of dying now.The weirdest thing is, I’m 15 years old, reasonably healthy, no history of cancer in my family and have a history of longevity in my family, so the only basis I have for even thinking I have anything wrong with me is this pain (which may or may not be psychological) this hard mass in my scrotum, and the pains I’m experiencing in my abdomen, possibly as a result of (or perhaps causing) severe constipation.Please take this seriously, I’m driving myself crazy 😐
A: I know what that’s like. Me and my best friend actually do the same thing (we are now 26 years old). You have hypochondria which is just basically paranoia of gettin fatally ill or having some painful disease. Try eating more fibrous foods, that should help pass some stool and the lump in your scrotum sack is probably nothing more than a swollen lymph node or something. Nothing is wrong with you, I promise, but you may want to talk to your parents about seeing a psychologist so that you can get medication for hypochondria. I know it can be annoying and there are medicines that help with that. This does NOT make you crazy so please don’t think that, it is actually extremely common. So yeah, explain to your parents how this consumes you and maybe they’ll want to help. Good luck.
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