How is a disease created

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Disease is considered to be a harmful deviation from the normal structural or functional state of an organism. [ Source: ]
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How is a disease created
Disease is considered to be a harmful deviation from the normal structural or functional state of an organism.
Did God Create Disease?
There is evidence that cancer and heart disease are primarily caused by stress. STD’s, in the majority, can be traced back to having sex with animals. Most food poisoning could be avoided by following Biblical food usage, storage and consum…
How to Overcome the Disease that Created a Disease – Addiction?
・ 1 The disease model has become a common methodology which has been adopted by the National Institute… ・ 2 Disease – a condition in humans, plants, or animals that results in pathological symptoms and is not… ・ 3 Unfortunately, most ps…

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Exactly how does sin create disease and natural disasters?
Q: I’ve heard it all over, including in R&S, that God created a perfect world and all the imperfect things–disease, earthquake, tsunamis, etc–are the result of human sin.How exactly does sin create polio, for example? How does sin cause an avalanche that kills hikers? Or anything else. Tell me step by step if you can, because I don’t see the connection.
A: they need someone to blame because their God would enver do sucha thing.
If God created disease as part of mankind’s punishment for original sin, why allow us to cure them?
Q: As everyone knows, until the advent of medicine, disease, like floods & earthquakes, was a totally random phenomenon. Some people got sick, others didn’t. Some died, while others did not. There was no equity. Good people could suffer and die, while evil people might be spared. Despite the inequities, disease was a most effective form of discipline, and god surely must have been happy having created such a diabolic means of punishing people.Until…….. Out of the clear blue, mankind invented medicine. Suddenly, good people didn’t have to die. They could be cured, and even vaccinated to prevent disease entirely! Did god slip up?How could he? We all know god is omniscient. He must have known we’d find cures and vaccines, so the question we must ask is, why did he allow us to thwart this particular plan? We can’t prevent any of his other mechanisms of smite… volcanoes, earthquakes, typhoons.Maybe he just wanted to make billionaires out of the pharmaceutical company owners?
A: Disease has biological, not supernatural, origin.
How many blacks aware of Buildeberg Group, starting wars, unleashing race/specific disease, creating a NWO?
Q: This is incredible stuff.Almost too shocking to be believed but what I already know of history and human nature, I’m thinking it could be entirely possible.I just saw a medical news program alerting black women of a specific very deadly breast cancer that almost exclusively targets black women and moves aggressively…called DOUBLE NEGATIVE something…I find it hard to believe disease can be so selective without being engineered to do so. Curious that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is significant in this group of largely if not entirely white heirarchy of world bankers, media moguls, politicians and industrialists. I may believe it…Blacks as a group, with a good lawyer, might prove it. the video ENDGAME
A: what was that quote about America being the only country where its inhabitants believed in the virgin birth but think the moon landings were faked?Dangerous stuff which causes paranoia and inspires fools to arm themselves for ‘armageddon’
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