How long can a dog carry rabies

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There is no treatment for rabies; once symptoms begin, the disease is always fatal. It can be prevented, but not cured. Thanks! [ Source: ]
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How long can a dog carry rabies
There is no treatment for rabies; once symptoms begin, the disease is always fatal. It can be prevented, but not cured. Thanks!
Dog may have rabies… how long is too long?
There is no treatment for dogs with rabies. Symptoms of rabies can take up to six months to appear. It is after they begin showing signs that death is within a short time. If you go to the vet, they may quarantine your dog for up to six mon…
How long does rabies vaccination last in a dog??
Dogs need to be vaccinated every year. Take him to the vet ASAP.

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What vaccinations and documentation do you need to obtain a dog passport?
Q: Next year I want to take my dog to visit my sister in Italy. I know she will need a rabies vaccination (The dog, NOT my sister!!!)…. is that it? What vaccinations do they need so they can have a passport? She has the “normal” vaccinations, the ones all puppy’s have. Has anyone had the rabies vaccination for their dog? How many jabs is it and how long does it take for them to be “immune” and protected? She is a small dog, Bichon Frise, would she be allowed to travel on the plane with me (hand luggage) or would she have to go in the back with the suit cases and luggage? Are smaller dogs allowed in with the people ( as hand held luggage) if they are in a carrier / crate / flight container thing? I think I saw some sort of bag you can use to carry small dogs in for domestic flights? Has anyone done this with their dog? Is it terribly expensive? If you have the passport and vaccinations all sorted out does that mean no quarantine? Thanks for any useful info!
A: Your dog would need to be:- Microchipped- Vaccinated against rabies- Blood tested – after the rabies vaccination – An EU pet passportAll of this is explained in detail on the two websites below.
A question about Rabies, the forgotten disease?//?
Q: Okay, hello…I’m 14 years old, and I worry about diseases often, my mother is sick of hearing my outburst of stuff, so I have you guys to turn to..In this situation, my mom is not worried..No one is. SO here’s my explanation.Yesterday I was with my little brother and my friend, we were sitting in her building lobby talking and stuff. Her uncle also lives in that building, and recently got a dog, about 3-4 months ago. This dog and him came for a walk and went through the lobby, the dog was jumping around, smelling and licking everything around him, not listening to any of the owner’s commands, exploring overwhelmed by everything. This dog came to my brother and licked his hands like crazy, licking his jacket ,licking him….. Then this dog came up to me, he licked and nibbled on my pants and shoes, getting my coat dirty while smelling and licking me, licking my hands as well, and my hands are very dry, amd i have many open scratches /wounds on them, saliva from this dog getting in them possibly.I put my stuff in the laundry, but not my coat(dry clean only) and my brother didn’t, in fact, he wore the same outfit as yesterday today!My question is ; Do you think I have possibly have gotten rabies?My reasons for concern is the transmitted way, and this dog i don’t know. This uncle of my friend isn’t all paranoid about his dogs, I am not sure he got it vaccinated, i asked my friend and she said it did, but its yound, what about rabies?? This dog didnt have symptoms, ut i read you can still pass on rabies without symptoms.I told mymother and she refuses to take me to the doctor because this dog is domesticated, if it had rabies it would be dead, and what are he chances it has rabies anyways, the dog is on a leash…(we have wild racconns around our building and one had rabies, i saw it get taken away..1 year ago) I am scared, no one seems worried, this man is so happy with his dog, while im scared to death..what should i do?21 hours ago Additional Detailswhat about quarantine…how long is it, ill just watch it for that period of time..During the rabies incubation period, a bite by the infected animal does not carry a risk of rabies because the virus is not yet in the saliva. Only late in the disease, after the rabies virus has reached the brain and multiplied there to cause encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), does the virus move from the brain to the salivary glands and saliva.pasted from a web site is that good news?also my friend got bit my a cat about 3 months ago and got rabies shots for it, we shared drinks and she spit in my mouth a bit(like when she talks..if you know what i mean) does this carry a risk?
A: Please talk to your mother about getting into therapy for this obsessive problem you have. I have been where you are, I know what you are going through. You do not have rabies. STOP READING ABOUT IT. You are just going to get yourself more wound up and scared and freaked out. You have already read that a dog has to be advanced enough in its infection to have encephalitis for the virus to be in the saliva. A dog with encephalitis is not going to be happy, bounding around and greeting strangers with enthusiasm. Encephilitis symptoms: fever, headache and photophobia with weakness and seizures also common. Less commonly, stiffness of the neck can occur with rare cases of patients also suffering from stiffness of the limbs, slowness in movement and clumsiness depending on which specific part of the brain is involved. If this dog was able to transmit rabies via saliva it would have been stumbling around, barely able to stand, unable to tolerate bright, natural daylight. Please try to stop thinking about this. If you cannot talk to your mother about your worries and fears is there another trusted adult you can speak with? Someone at school like a counselor or someone at church or an uncle or aunt?
Re-how can China kill dogs? How can they beat the to death???
Q: Chinese Hide Dogs to Escape CrackdownBy AUDRA ANG, APBEIJING (Nov. 16) – Elaine Loke is shutting down her dog boutique and will spirit her golden retrievers Hippy and Bally out of Beijing to escape the city’s sweeping anti-rabies campaign. ——————————————————————————–Talk About It: Post Thoughts Dog owners like Loke have been scrambling to hide their pets in the face of a new crackdown which allows only one dog per household and bans breeds taller than 14 inches. Fears have been fueled by graphic Internet pictures and witnesses who say police are beating to death strays and dogs that run afoul of regulations.”I can’t believe this is happening,” said Loke, 33, who keeps the curtains in her first-floor apartment drawn to ward off prying neighbors and walks her dogs in an underground parking lot. “It’s so stressful. In the morning, I hear dogs barking and people talking outside my home and I think the police are coming.”The pressure is so bad that Loke is returning to her native Hong Kong and closing a business she has had for two years.In China, dogs have long been seen as a source of meat as much as companionship. But the current crackdown has touched a nerve in the rapidly modernizing capital, especially among its burgeoning middle class.”What kind of rules are these? I don’t expect everybody to love animals. But I do want to have my rights to keep pets,” said Clare Xiao, an account manager at an advertising company. She sent her larger Brittany to a kennel run by a friend and kept her Pekinese, a stray she found on the street.”What the government is doing is just disappointing, cold and emotionless,” said Xiao.Many of the prohibitions have been on the books since 2003, but only sporadically enforced. The city of 13 million people has 1 million dogs, half of them unregistered, according to state media. Most Popular Stories · Deadly Storms Tear Across Southern States · eBay Restricts Sale of PlayStation 3 · Medical Group, Suzanne Somers at Odds Over ‘Bioidenticals’ · Moms Protest Nursing Woman’s Removal From Plane · O.J. Simpson Talks About How He Could Have Killed Ex-Wife A sharp increase in rabies cases nationwide has prompted the renewed vigilance. Only 3 percent of China’s dogs are vaccinated against rabies and the disease is nearly always fatal in humans once symptoms develop, though it can be warded off by a series of expensive and painful injections.Officials have extended the 2003 rules to cover not only Beijing’s center but some outlying areas. The clampdown, announced Nov. 6, gave owners until Thursday to comply or the dogs would be seized and the owners fined.One owner Zhu Qiao has moved three times since 2001 to find areas where her black-and-white dog, Gou Gou, could be raised safely and within the law.”He’s part of my life, he’s my friend and family,” said Zhu, 30, a television producer. “If you want to impose a law, you have to get the opinion of dog owners and experts. You can’t just take them away.””I can’t move again. There’s no option but to hide him and if he gets taken, I’ll go with him.”Another owner had his Labrador retriever taken away Wednesday because she was too big.”She is a very amicable dog. She never barked,” said the owner, a businessman who would give only his surname Yang. “If they don’t allow me to raise her here, I will find another place. I will get her back.”Witness accounts and photos on the Internet have shown dogs being captured in nets and pummeled with wooden and metal sticks. But authorities have vowed to carry out a “strict but civilized” campaign that police hoped would not anger dog owners, according to the official Xinhua News Agency.”I have never heard of dogs being culled after they were caught by police. Dogs are a man’s best friend and we treat them as friends, even when we have to lock them up for the sake of public security,” Xinhua quoted a Ministry of Public Security official, Bao Suixian, as saying.Many owners have sent their dogs to kennels outside the city. Some are handing them over to friends and family.Joyce Wang gave one of her dogs to her sister and is keeping Ding Ding, her fox terrier, close by her side. She said she had heard that the government was offering $25 to people who reported on rule-breaking dog owners.”I’m scared and worried. Now I don’t take him outside during the day,” Wang said. “Even in the evening, we will take a detour if we see people in the compound we live in.”
A: It is very sad what is happening to our beloved dogs, Worldwide..However, in USA last year WE murdered over 4 MILLION dogs, just because they were born, to a country that doesn’t want them or want to care for them..Change begins at HOME….Check out this story, and see how you might have helped..Penny haunts me.>
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