How long do you usually live with cancer

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A person with cancer’s life expectancy varies widely depending on the type of cancer they have, and how advanced the disease is when diagnosed. Persons with stage 4 cancers that have metastasized generally have a poor prognosis. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How long do people wit lung cancer usually live?
iPhun asked: Do they live like years or just months? And how long can a person live with lung cancer? Also can it cause fainting? *I don’t have lung cancer, nor do I know anyone who does. Posted in Lung Cancer 8 Comments
What Alternative Treatment For Liver Cancer Stadium 2? How Long D…?
Take remedy 1 and 2 thrice a day half hour before meals followed by 20 drops each of 3 and 4 half hour after meals together in a half a cup of hot water and take 5 after a week of taking the above regularly just one dose a week. Avoid Choco…
How long do people with prostate cancer usually live??
I have just done 40 radiations for prostate cancer and believe it is gone.Some people do not bother to get treated and it grows slow enough to not be their demise. Colon cancer is more vicious and more fatal .A lot depends when it is detect…

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Usually, about how long does a dog have to live when cancer has spread to the brain?
Q: My 18yo golden has metastatic melanoma. This type of cancer she has is incurable, inoperable due to age, and very rapid and invasive. It started as a tumor in her gums we had removed, then it rapidly spread to her ears and back to her gums. She’s terminal, and all we can do is keep her comfortable with Deramaxx and Duragesic patches(fentanyl patches).The vet today confirmed my suspicion that the cancer has spread to her brain by doing some neurological tests. Any good vet or doctor will never tell you how long they think you have left, and he’s no exception. But I really would like to know about how long we have left together. The cancer has started to affect her ability to make quick decisions, and the ability to understand commands she’s known her whole life. But yea, how long does cancer usually take when it reaches the brain?I did ask my vet today, and he wouldn’t give me answer. He gave me the usual hopeful answer doctors usually give to terminal patients.Good lord people. She can still walk, run, eat, and drink. She still walks around with her toy. She’s not ready to go, even my vet thinks so. So chill out. She wouldn’t be 18yo if I was a bad owner.
A: Aw, I’m very sorry about your dog. You should be asking your vet these questions.ADD:I really can’t tell you how long it takes to spread, but you will know when her quality of life has diminished when she no longer eats, wants to go for a walk, doesn’t get up to greet you when you come home. She will let you know when it’s time.
Does anyone know how long a patient with stage 4 colon cancer usually have to live once it reoccur in liver?
Q: Already did chemo and remove all cancer from the colon… already did the surgery to remove all the long cancer from his liver….(couple of cm long) but no chemo this’s my grandfather who has the cancer (He’s 90 years old but he is still very healthy and to me he looks the same now before he was diagnosed with a 60 year old no wheelchair or anything like that…he still exercises everyday like 1 hr walking around the garden.. )…My mum kind of always hide these kind of informations… about his cancer from me. So I need to hear it from someone else..I know no one can really determine how long he got but if you can, please give me a rough figure…
A: Well first take a deep breath, now that you have that out of the way. All Cancer is bad and stage 4 cancer can sometimes have a pretty dim outcome BUT that being said. He sounds like he is in shape and taking care of himself. The statistics on Stage 4 cancer are not good but they are STATISTICS made to be beaten all the time. Noone can give you a rough figure not even the Dr’s the only person that knows the timeline on his life is GOD and trust me he is not going to tell anyone. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayersf
How long do dogs live after being diagnosed with bone cancer in their leg? What should I do?
Q: My 8 year old Rottweiler Mix was just diagnosed today with bone cancer. The doctor advised us that even if we do consider amputation, it would probably only extend her life by 6 months and might also include chemotherapy, as there’s a good chance it has spread by now to other parts of her body. She’s been limping now for about a month and after trying some pain medication, I insisted she been given xrays of her leg. We had no idea that it would be bone cancer, as we thought it was a sprain from roughing around. We obviously are devasted. What are your thoughts? I don’t want her to be in pain. How long do dogs usually live after given the diagnosis of bone cancer? Thank you!
A: Pets get sick just like people and it is heartbreaking for their owners. You dog’s life expectancy is driven by what treatment, if any, you choose to employ and how well he responds to it. Your vet is the best person to talk with about this. Bone cancer is extremely painful in its later stages, so you need to prepare for the eventually day when that happens. Your dog may have many months or even years before that happens, but start thinking about it for when the time comes.
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