How long will I be sick, if I have a cold with a bad cough and fever

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It depends on how sick you are. How strong your immune system is. What your diet is like. What other diseases you have. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How long will I be sick, if I have a cold with a bad cough and fe…?
It depends on how sick you are. How strong your immune system is. What your diet is like. What other diseases you have. ChaCha!

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My family is sick with bad coughs… help please?
Q: My son has been sick since the end of november… in November he had a fever that lasted three days, but did not go higher then 103. He was throwing up and etc. He recovered from that, but in early december, he got a runny nose and a really really bad cough. Well here it is already Jan and he still has the cough, no runny nose. He coughs so bad he turned deep red and starts throwing up. He coughs when he gets up, he coughs when he runs, he coughs when he gets excited, it is a really bad cough that will not go away. I have tried cool mist humidifiers, warm mist humidifiers, vapor rub on his stomach, neck, back and feet, I have tried corn syrup, honey, tea, cough medicines.. everything the docs said to try I have tried. I am tired of this and I don’t know what a whooping cough is… but I looked it up today and he has some of the symptoms, the coughing till the vomits, coughing till he turns deep red/blue, coughing all night long, getting little sleep because of coughing and etc… and he is 3.. my daughter is about to be 2 and she is coughing now, but she also has a runny nose though… but my son just has the cough. Well he slept with me last week in my bed and now I am coughing like crazy too.. how do I know if it is just a cold/flue cough, whooping cough, strep throat, or something more serious? It doesn’t sound like he has fluid in his lungs.. but i’m not an expert… he does have an appt on monday morning.. but how can I tell if this is serious or not? I heard that whooping cough is highly contagious and I am just really worried right now and could use some advice, comments, suggestions… anything to help relieve my mind till monday morning. I know on the mayo clinic sight that a whooping cough is when they are inhaling for the couch and it sounds like a whoop.. but what the heck does a whoop sound like and how can I tell????? Help anyone…. I’m running out of options and my daughter and son are getting very little sleep.. meds do not work, humidifiers are not working, vapor rub not working, even put vapor rub stuff in the warm mist humidifier and no help…. just trying to find out…. i’m kind of scared and worried that it might be more serious… i have been coughing like crazy the last three days.. my throat is sore and hurts like heck… i have a stuffy runny nose/ i can’t hold my freaking bladder for anything… i’m resorting to wearing a pad for my “accidents” when I am freaking coughing.. it is that bad… i never knew my bladder could contain so much urine.. even when I go pee I still cough and pee comes out.. what the heck.. none of this has ever happened before.. sorry so long… just worried and rattling on.. should we go to the ER tomorrow or should I just wait till monday morning to find out what is going on??? Thanks everone…
A: OK! Take a nice, slow, deep breath, close your eyes, and think of a joyful, sunny day at the park with your family. Let the thought warm you for a minute……….I have been where you are right now and can give you a few pointers, but there are so many variables to illness that it is almost impossible to solve a problem like this on Yahoo! Answers : – ) Your son is most likely coughing so bad because the tissues in his respiratory tract are very damaged by the virus he had (and its symptoms) and now every breathe is like salt on a wound. Both you and your kids probably have post-nasal drip that is tickling your throats and making you cough.First, I am a big believer in PH balancing. Basically you want your body to be slightly alkaline, not acid. Much of the food we consume is acid and can throw us out of balance. Also stress (“What is going on…..I’m not sleeping….my kids are sick…..HELP!”) can really make things worse for us (I know….it’s unavoidable!). This is easy to fix. You will need to find alkaline (PH 9.0) water at a health food store near you. Some grocery stores now carry it, but many don’t. Drink LOTS of it (your kids, too!) Viruses, bacteria, and sick cells cannot survive when our body is more alkaline, and your body will rebuild itself.Second, if you are consuming ANY DAIRY……STOP immediately!!!!!! This includes creamer, cheese, milk, ice cream, cream cheese, whipped cream, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. Dairy DOES cause mucus buildup!Third, I believe that warm air humidifiers are the best. The cold ones can introduce bacteria and viruses into the air (the steam one kill all the germs). Use one in everyone’s room at night…..they will soothe the stressed resiratory tract tissues. A warm bath is also good….as many times a day as you like!My secret natural cure is 3-4 drops of thyme essential oil (buy pure essential oil at the health food store….not a scented oil!) in water that you’ve brought to a boil on the stove. Take turns leaning over it and inhaling the steam. It will take a few days of this to notice….but it is truly a miracle! The thyme in the air is also anti-viral and will purify your house!For sleep…..get a herbal sleep formula at the health food store as well. The natural herbs will support your recovery and help you feel sleepy.Best of luck to you…..All will be well…..just keeping thinking positive and try to relax!
I am sick the day before my septoplasty surgery?
Q: Today is Wednesday. On friday night, I realized I was feeling a little unwell. Saturday, i slept in and decided to take it easy (assuming I was coming down with something). Sunday, I took it easy. Monday I was planning to go to school, but felt horrible and decided to stay home. Same story Tuesday and today.My condition has improved greatly. However, I still get (on and off) a slight fever and am still coughing occasionally. Again, I am a lot better than I was on Monday (the worst day) and am improving.I have a septoplasty scheduled for tomorrow at 11 am. It is minor surgery, but it does require for me to be under anaesthesia, and they will be (obviously) working on my nose!I don’t know whether I should just go to my appointment and tell them about my cold when I arrive, or whether I should call them tonight or tomorrow morning. I really want to get this surgery done tomorrow, as I’ve been looking forward to it forever. I also already missed school this week and would consider it “wasted” if I didn’t do the surgery. And I have a busy couple of months coming up and I don’t know how long they will postpone this (20 minute) surgery if I cancel it!Are they likely to let me go through with it?
A: Oh man, you need to call your surgeon, i had a cold 2 days before my surgery and it was best to cancel it, which me and the surgeon decided. if you cold has not fully gone it most likely will create complications and possible infections since when you have a cold your nose needs to release the fluids, since you nose will be packed you can’t postpone the surgery it can take up to 3-4 weeks, better be safe and let your body recover before you go to surgery.
Very ill still Starting from June 2008?
Q: Now i have developed some new symptoms, I’ve been sick with this constant cold/flu bug since the end of June 2008; I first became ill with an illness in April 2007 and was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome Jan 2008 as well. Ever since June I just started with a sore throat and a general run down feeling, sometimes chills and fever and I would get the stomach flu-like symptoms here and there, at first I thought it was just a basic cold/flu but then it wouldn’t go away. But now I’ve been getting this recurring stomach flu or just cold/flu-like symptoms like before over and over again…the stomach flu has been going on since Dec 2008 until now, I also am anemic, so I am taking iron pills one pill a day 300mg, but my doctor told me to updose to 3 times a day which adds up to 900mg a day.For example: When I became ill with the stomach bug (or seemed like the stomach bug because it felt exactly like the symptoms of it) December of 2008 I not only had it once but it came back 8 more times before I moved onto different symptoms. After that happened I became ill to a very sore throat and other symptoms as well and that again repeated if self over and over again until now. (It’s almost like something is seriously wrong with my immune system and I can’t seem to fight off viruses. I wonder if maybe I might have been misdiagnosed).The symptoms I have are:•Consent runny nose (When all my symptoms combined get really bad my nose will uncontrollably run)•Consent sore lower back ache(this started close to when i first became ill in June 2008 and when all my symptoms combined get really bad on some days my lower back ache feeling tends to rise up from my lower back to the middle of my back)•Feels like a have a fever or even a low-grade fever is a better way of explaining it (usually will check my temperature to find out which tells me i don’t have a fever)•Sore throat (happens from time to time)•Sore lymph nodes (happens from time to time)•Coughing (very rarely, but has occurred)•Headache (rarely, but has occurred, usually when really sick)•Chills (very rarely)•Nausea (sometimes)•Bloating (sometimes)•Sneezing (usually when i am at the beginning stages of getting the recurring sickness)•Sometimes when I’m really ill I get this weird tingling sensation all over my body, as if it’s running threw my veins (very strange but that’s the best way i can describe it)•Sore eyes (only when looking up, and will usually happen when all of my symptoms get really bad)• Run down feeling (really tired and will usually happen a day or two before I become really ill, this symptoms is one of the worst of them all, horrible feeling.)•Sneezing (will usually happen a day or two before I become really ill)•bowel habits are off once and a while•Skin Discoloration around lower legs (Will come and go. I find once I’ve been on 300mg of Farious Gluconate for a few months it will disappear, but once off the supplement, after a few months will reappear again. This also has happened since I became very ill from 2007 to now)•Sometimes lower legs/ankles will become stiff depending on how long I’m lying or sitting in a position (Not sure if this happens when being very ill somedays or not, but this symptom I have just noticed this month of April 2009)•When working out at the gym, sometimes when I’m not feeling the greatest I will do an hour work out and the next day my body will sometimes feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and my symptoms are really bad. But this will usually occur from time to time depending on how sick my body is.*Also all of these types of symptoms come and go, and are off and on all the time, so sometimes I will have maybe 2 or three days with mild symptoms…and then other days I will be sick with some or all of the symptoms stated above for 1, 2 or even 3 weeks straight). I’ve been in and out of doctors/hospitals since 2007until the present day and I hope to that someone will be able to help me so i can make a full recovery from whatever is wrong with me ASAP.Meds Taking:•300mg Farious Gluconate (elemental iron pills) taking 3 times a day•Acidophilus (intestinal health capsules)•Centrum (Multi-vitamin)•Benylen (Cold/Flu over the counter medication-sometimes will releve my symptoms)•Marvoln (Birth Control, still currently on)•Apo-Cetirizine 10mg (not on this anymore)•Avamys fluticasone furoate (nasal spray) (not on this anymore)•1000mg of vitamin B12Tests Done:•Stool Sample Test (Came back negative)•Allergy Test (Appointment on June 1st 2009)-just allergic to seasonal and dust and such. Nothing i didn’t know before.•Blood test (deficient in ferritin which is at level 19, vitamin B12 which is at level 102 & deficient in vitamin D)•Lupus/Autoimmune test-was just recently tested for this August 2009 (haven’t heard back from my doctor it has been a few weeks so guessing it came back negative)*Hope that all this informatio
A: i think u have poor immune system. if u believe in indian ayurveda medication, there is a medicine named SEPTILLIN manufactured by The Himalaya Drug Company, india. it is known for increasing the immune system of the have to take it 1 tab twice daily for minimum 2-3 months. i hope this will help you.
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