How many known diseases are there in the United States

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There are hundreds of thousands, even millions, of different diseases in the United States, and new diseases are found every day! [ Source: ]
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How many known diseases are there in the United States
There are hundreds of thousands, even millions, of different diseases in the United States, and new diseases are found every day!
Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women…?
Many people think that heart disease only affects men. This is not true. Any woman can develop heart disease. Educate yourself about how to lower your risk of heart disease. 
Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the …?
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Since there are so many baby boomers in America today who remember the way it used to be….?
Q: can anyone tell me how many people in the United States, from the average person to the people who are training or are already doctors, who don’t know that drugs kill and herbs heal? That 60 years ago when doctors used to make house calls and your Mom couldn’t do anything for you, the doctor proscribed a packet made up to make a tea to heal you or a poultice made of herbs to heal your measles or chicken pox? That drugs were originally a derivitive of herbs and not just chemicals put together that do more damage than the diseases themselves? Just wondering?Yes, pepper nature did give us birth control methods and ancient peoples the world over have been using them for thousands of years.Also, colds and flu are a virus and they are and have been healed for thousands of years by the ancients too. It is only so-called ‘modern’ doctors who tell you that something can’t be true because they have never done it. If you are too young to understand that and have never studied history, that is why you are still biased against natural healing, in my opinion.
A: Just as many who know that open heart surgery wasn’t available (or as effective), organ transplants were the stuff of science fiction, that the big C meant death – if it was diagnosed at all, that there was no birth control pill and doing the deed meant children. Nature never gave us a birth control herb.
How many of you know about NAIS?
Q: This program affects EVERYONE who has the animals on the NAIS list.Do what you want with the information. I personally do not like the program I don’t believe that the program will do any good. This program will do more harm than good.I do know that my family and I will no longer be able to afford to have farm fresh eggs when the Government starts enforcing this MANDONTORY program. Even the people who have one or two goats in their backyards will be required to chip and register their premises.And the cost….I can’t even begin to imagine what the cost will be. We will see a dramatic increase in everything that pertains to agriculture. The increased cost will show up on the price tags of products.And will our food supplies be any safer…no….the only way our food supplies will be any safer is if we stop importing food and livestock from foreign countries who use all of the pesticides and chemicals that we in this country have banned. Other countries that livestock come in from do not vaccinate, do not test and do not chip their animals for the very diseases NAIS says that it will prevent.The diseases that are coming into this country are from foreign imports. E-coli, salmonella, and others that get into the food supply occur at the processing plants and are due to poor processing methods and unclean workers not from the premise of origin.You will find two attachments please educate other horse owners as to the intent of NAIS. There are many states that are implementing this program right under our noses without any of us knowing. This program affects your ability to go for a trail ride and even to take your horse(s) to the vets. Every time your animals leaves its premise you are going to be REQUIRED to file a report within 24 hours of such movement and that report carries with it a fee that you have to pay in order to file. The final implementation of NAIS is counting on you not paying attention because this is an election year. All media attention is focused on who got what vote and where not that your freedoms are being taken away.The Government programs that help feed animals during storm disasters are not helping unless the ranchers and farmers that are asking for the help are registered with NAIS or they must agree to register and chip the animals after the rescue. The horse registries are being made to comply with the NAIS mandates and supplying names, address, and number of animals registered to owners. 4-H, FFA and county fairs are not allowing kids to show their animals unless those animals are chipped and registered with NAIS. All suppliers of all things that we buy for our livestock, vaccines, feeds, tack, are being required to report our purchases for the purposes of being tagged as animal owners. The purpose…to generate list of animal owners and premises that may or may not yet be registered with NAIS.Since the Federal Government doesn’t have funds to implement this program they are relying on State governments to implement the program. State governments must comply with Federal mandates. NAIS will be in place by Jan 2009 for every animal in the United States of America and horses by Jan 2010.The USA is our country. The people own this country. It is the consumers that can change how Government is run. And right now, and this has been happening for years, it has been the Government that has been dictating how the consumers are run.If you want change you have to make it happen.5 states have passed bills to withdrawal and prohibit the implementation of NAIS. Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Texas, Virginia, and Washington have passed or have introduced bills to either prohibit NAIS from being implemented and Kentucky, Michigan, Colorado, and Vermont have agreed to participate. Kentucky and Michigan are moving agressively to implement NAIS. Kentucky expanded the mandates to included all animals including Dogs and Cats.
A: Write your state senator and congressman.
How many people actually know about the NAIS and understand the implications of it?
Q: The National Animal ID program was originally designed to give the big beef producers help in getting export markets which required disease controls. The idea is that every single livestock animal in the United States will be identified and tagged. All livestock animal movements will be tracked, logged and reported to the government. The benefit is to the big factory farms who probably do need this type of regulation. They get to do single ID’s for large groups of animals. Small farmers, pet owners and homesteaders will have to tag and track every single animal.There are no exceptions – even small farms that sell direct to local consumers will be required to pay the fees and file all the paper work on all their animals. Even horse, llama and other pet owners will be required to participate in NAIS. Homesteaders who raise their own meat and grandma with her one egg hen will also have to register their homes as ‘farm premises’ and obtain a Premise ID, tag all their animals and submit all the paperwork and fees. Absurd? Yes – There are no exceptions under the current NAIS plan. The USDA has slipped this plan in the back door without any legislation. This is going to be very expensive and guess who is going to pay for it in higher food prices… You!
A: I fully understand the NAIS, before anyone signs up for this insane program I suggest you study it very carefully, as you will be bound by contract to fullfill all requirements. Read the Cooperative agreements, very informative.
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