How many people die from Celiacs Disease

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The death rate among people with celiac disease is double that of the normal population. Some estimate it is even higher. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What percent of people with celiac disease die because of it?
People with celiac disease have similar mortality rates as the general population. However, about 10% of patients develop cancer.
What other health problems do people with celiac disease have??
People with celiac disease tend to have other diseases in which the immune system attacks the body’s healthy cells and tissues. The connection between celiac disease and these diseases may be genetic. They include・ type 1 diabetes ・ autoim…
Over the past two decades, advances in understanding of the multi-system nature of active Celiac Disease and the identification of sensitive blood tests have led to the recognition that Celiac Disease is much more common than previously tho…
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