How many sexual dieases are there

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There are more than 25 diseases that are transmitted through sexual activity. Around 19 million new infections occur each year. [ Source: ]
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How do you can prevent sexual transmitted dieases?
Don’t have sex. if you are going to have sex then wear a latex condom.
Can lesbians sex lead to vagina infection? or any STD, or sexual …?
There is a belief among some women and providers that women who have sex with women (WSW) are not at risk for STDs. Nevertheless, many lesbian women experience them. Female to female transmission is possible with some STDs. STDs are more co…
Is crohn’s disease sex-linked?
One study done in 2003 indicated an incidence of 30% higher rates for females. Extra intestinal manifestations occur more often in female Crohn’s disease patients than in male patients and may lead to earlier diagnosis. However new studies …
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