How prevalent is cerebral palsy

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Thankfully cerebral palsy only effects 14% of people in the United States. This is a very small percentage compared to other diseases. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How prevalent is cerebral palsy?
According to United Cerebral Palsy, it is estimated that 500,000 individuals in the United States exhibit one or more symptoms of cerebral palsy. Currently, approximately 5,000 babies and infants are diagnosed with the condition annually. I…
What is the prevalence of Cerebral Palsy in the United States??
It is estimated that approximately 764,000 people in the United States have Cerebral Palsy. Approximately 8,000 babies and newborns are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy each year. In addition, approximately 1,200 to 1,500 preschoolers are diag…

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should I be worried?
Q: I’m 19 weeks pregnant and since I found out where babies come from I’ve had one prevalent fear… that I would have a child like my uncle or aunt who both suffer from mental handicaps. My aunt has autism and my uncle suffers from cerebral palsy both of them consume a large amount of pills per day and are physically drainning to deal with. I want to get over this fear it’s been so strong that I considered for a long time never getting pregnant at all. How practical is this fear? What are the chances my child will suffer from a mental handicap?
A: I worried about the same things when I was pregnant…its normal for everyone. I happen to have had a severely disabled child and can tell you that I wouldn’t trade her in for the world. She has been a huge positive in my life. But the chances your child will have a handicap are very, very low. CP is not hereditary and autism is thought to be only mildly hereditary. #s are up because children with mild versions are being diagnosed. So enjoy your pregnancy and try to stop worrying because it doesn’t help in any way.
Why does the Government allow drugs like Alcohol and tobacco? and not Weed?
Q: Alcohol and tobacco cause far more deaths than weed ever has and Alcohol makes people violent and has no benefits and tobacco only makes people sick, while weed actually has a lot of good benefits why don’t they un-ban weed and ban alcohol and tobacco?i mean how many people die from Alcohol and tobacco a year? i bet tonsAnd how many people died form smoking weed? None.what’s wrong with the government… they allow drugs that cause deaths and ban drugs that don’t cause deaths….and btw weed has alot of uses As far as medicinal treatment is concerned, marijuana has an incredibly long history dating back to thousands of years and hence it should not be amazing to know that at some point or the other marijuana has been recommended for curing almost all the prevalent diseases. It is beneficial as an analgesic as it provides relief from pain with minimum or insignificant side affects. In fact, marijuana is especially beneficial for cancer and AIDS patients who are enduring chemotherapy. Significantly enough, marijuana can also diminish neurological over activity as well as muscle contraction and hence it is very useful for people suffering from multiple sclerosis (hardening and thickening of body tissue as a result of unwarranted growth or degeneration of nerve fibers), cerebral palsy and other muscular disorders.By lowering the blood pressure, marijuana provides effectual cure for glaucoma. Normally, glaucoma is a condition where the pressure inside the eyeball is unusually high and is also hypertensive affecting the eye disc. Marijuana is also an effectual remedy in curing asthma, menstrual pains, pain associated with childbirth and arthritis as well as rheumatism. It may also be effective in treating depressions as the herb has anti-depressant properties. At the same time, marijuana encourages as well as stimulates sleep helping patients suffering from insomnia. Even the seeds of the marijuana plant are medicinally useful and according to the Chinese medicine, they have strong and effective laxative qualities and are used to provide relief to the elderly people from constipation.
A: Okay, the guy who says it alters your DNA… Where are your sources? That is THE most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in regards to anti-cannabis arguments.Cannabis was outlawed because of competition with paper mills, and to further the stereotype of latino and blacks in the 1920’s. Legalize it, and you get more control over it. I’d rather my kids get high from legal tape than in an alley with a joint laced with coke or something. Tax it up the wazoo, for all I care. It’ll help the economy. I’d just like to buy 1-2 plants and have my own personal grow-batch. I’ve never really thought much about cannabis. At ALL. But after experiencing, I realized that we are being fed lies. It won’t make you lazy. If you think it does, it just means you were one to begin with. It amplifies personality, sure, but not like the terror of alcohol can. Tell me one case of amplified anger through cannabis to the millions of reported cases of alcohol-related violence.
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