How sweet are AIDS

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AIDS isn’t sweet at all. It’s the final stage of the HIV disease. It causes severe damage to the immune system and has no cure. [ Source: ]
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Would you report her to CPS?
Q: The other day I asked a question bout how bad all the things are my SIL give my nephew, and a few people told me to report her to CPS, so now my question is, would you? I’m only 15, so I don’t really know what is supposed to be reported or not =.My sister-in-law has been giving my 8 month old nephew gatorade, kool-aid, and sweet tea since he was about 2 months old. Now she has started giving him lollipops, chocolate, soda, nuggets and fries from McDonalds, and God knows what else. Last week when I ws baby sitting him I sent him home in different clothes because his bib and shirt got full of baby food, so I let her know I was washing his clothes, then she laughs and says “Yeah, he won’t eat baby food at my house, he just waits till I give him french fries.” I said “Well, he doesn’t have the choice at my house.” and she got upset. She also sent him over on New Years eve night to go out, with soda, and sweet tea only, no formula.What do you think?Everyone is scared to get involved because my SIL will take my nephew and not let any of us see him. But I would rather him be healthy and not see him then him be obese nd have diabetes at the age of 3 and see him
A: I do share your concern over these kids. I hope that every child has caring people like you in their lives.That being said, feeding one’s child a diet of junk food is not something CPS gets involved in. It’s a terrible choice, but so are many other poor parenting decisions out there. It’s not illegal.All the best.
Does anyone remember how kind Michael Jackson was to the late Ryan White?
Q: I am sitting here thinking about MJ. I really miss him. It’s funny how someone you never met can have such an impact on your life. I was looking at these pictures of MJ as a child and teen; pictures of him as an infant with his brothers, and pictures of him with baby Janet. What happened? How could anyone not cherish such a child? Anyway, I remembered how kind he was to Ryan White. He reached out at a time when people ran from AIDS victims. What a sweet soul! Thoughts?
A: I’ve been watching different interviews and he had such a childlike innocence. I truly believe that he was an angel. Look at his success and his kindness. He’s truly one of a kind. It upsets me to know that people constantly took advantage of his generosity. I like to think that he’s in heaven with all over the other great people. That he’s finally at peace and no one can ever hurt him again. I still miss him so much.
need more advice on parents previous question?
Q: My mom and dad are so overprotective of me. I am 23 years old and a full adult. Some of the things they do I feel are irrational. Last semester I rented a bike so I could ride it everywhere. My parents told me that I couldn’t because I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was 8 and that they didn’t want me to get in an accident. My dad was so upset with me he didn’t talk to me. I told them I wouldn’t ride but went ahead and rode it everywhere. My mom and dad seem to think I do things like this because my friends influence me but they don’t I want to do all these things. I feel like I have kept everything repressed from them. I told my dad about working at the aids clinic and how I worked with a man dying of aids and how sweet he was. His first question was you didn’t swap saliva with him. I told him no. I also that I stayed overtime to help him because the man was so sweet. He told me I shouldn’t have done that. I love my parents but I can’t take it anymore. please help me
A: its just a diffrence of thinking but they have to understand that you are grown up and have to take your own dcisions. and trust me helping an aids person was a really good job. hts off to you . keep it up.we have to think differently after all we have to change this world to a better way
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