How was small pox discovered

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The first known cases of smallpox go back to 1350 BC and the disease has been known for a very long time. Dr. Campbell identified how smallpox is spread. Edward Jenner is credited with developing the smallpox vaccine in 1796. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How was the smallpox vaccine discovered?
by the observation that women working on farms milking cows who had the related condition ‘cowpox’ seemed to catch small pox far less. Cowpox is similar enough to smallpox to confer some immunity to smallpox. Yet cowpox isn’t very dangerous…
Were was small pox discovered?
Since small pox has been with us from about 10,000years it’s hard to say where or exactly when it was discovered. It was studied in England in the 15th century, hope this helps. Look at the Wikipedia encyclopedia to see more.
What year was the small pox vaccine discovered?
Dr. Edward Jenner invented the vaccine in 1796. Because of him, the world was smallpox free by 1977.

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small pox………………………..?
Q: i got a school report about small pox. I have to find out how to prevent it, how is was discovered, and how it was first used
A: Damn I thought you were going to say you had it. I was about to be like, “Where are you at… so I don’t go there!”
Which should I have more faith in?
Q: Every time I read of a new discovery about the way the universe works, there is a scientist who discovered it. Every time a new technology that advanced mankind is created there is a scientist or engineer who created it. The computer we are using to get on the internet were created by engineers using theories about how electricity works developed by scientist. The small pox vaccine was developed by biologist, the internet was created by computer scienstist, etc. These two groups (scientist and engineers) produce real and tangible benefits that I can see working every day. I see posts all the time saying “atheist have to have faith in science, so they still have faith” or the equivalent. Of course we do! You would have to be an idiot not to, all around you is proof that science works.On the other hand we have religion. I have never once seen a news article stating “Pastor at church in Kansas develops alternative fuel source after a divine revelation from an all night prayer” or “Cure for cancer given to New York Bishop in a dream from God”. Even when Christian scientist discover something, it is through the application of the laws and processes of science and not through any type of divine intervention. On top of that, the “miracles” religion claims can’t be consistently demonstrated. Praying for a cure for a disease, for example, works with about the same effectiveness as random chance. Apply medicine and science to curing a disease empiracally works better than both prayer and random chance (and in fact, medicine and science have even be able to completely eliminate some diseases, a feat God has never even attempted to claim).So why would I have faith in religion, something that has done nothing but bring us war, corruption, greed, and division for the last 2,000 years when I could have faith in science, which performs real miracles every day?Here is your chance to convert me religious people. Give me a reason why my faith in science is misplaced.
A: God gave us brains to discover the things we NEED and DON”T need in life. He provides~ Read one of the Lee Strobels’ books to discover HOW we can prove the FACTS of the Bible~ He lined up many scientists and experts of different fields to make a few compliled fact books.Better yet? Read the gospels as “stories”, INSTEAD of as a doubter…. ASK GOD for proof and YOU , YUP, YOU ….will recieve it.
History Help?????!!!! PLEASE????!!!?
Q: Ok so i need a little history help!!??? 7.) One of the first Native Americans groups who built dramatic cliff towns were the: Hohokam Aztec Cherokee Anasazi 8.) In the 16th century, many countries sent explorers to the New World because they thought it had: Gold and Spices Oil and coal Exotic Animals Tobacco and Cotton 9.) Which of the following things was NOT brought to the New World by the Europeans? Guns Horses Corn Diseases 10.) What was the main disease brought by the Europeans that killed a lot of Native Americans Chicken Pox Small Pox Influenza Polio 11.) The difference between archaeologists and anthropologists is: Archaeologists try to uncover family stories by talking with the people of the culture, while anthropologists search for old artifacts that were made by the culture Archaeologists search for old artifacts made by the culture, while anthropologists try to uncover family stories by talking with the people of the cultures none of the above all of the above 12.) Where did the Vikings come from? Germany Holland Spain Scandinavia 13.) Vikings are stereotyped as: Barbaric pirates Caring Natives Adventurous merchants Terrible farmers 14.) Why is Columbus allotted with the discovery of America and not the other two people who found it? Columbus was white. Columbus claimed it for his country showing ownership of the land. Columbus was actually the first one to discover it. The other two people never did. Columbus was the richest and the most important. 15.) What man was discounted for discovering America, but after the land was already named after him? America Washington Christopher Columbus Amerigo Vespucci King Ferdinand6 hours ago – 4 days left to answer.Additional DetailsHow many times was America “discovered?” 1 2 ♥ 3 4 2.) The first people to cross into America were: Asians ♥Vikings Spanish Africans 3.) The first people came to America by: Driving the car Sailing in a boat ♥Walking over a land bridge Flying in a plane 4.) The person most the credited for discovering America is: An Asian from 30,000 years ago ♥Christopher Columbus A Viking George Washington 5.) The first groups of people who lived in America are known as: Slaves Europeans ♥Natives Americans Islanders 6.) Native Americans respect and revolve life around: Environment People ♥Technology Ideas
A: Anasazi Gold and SpicesArchaeologists search for old artifacts made by the culture, while anthropologists try to uncover family stories by talking with the people of the culturesScandinavia Barbaric piratesColumbus claimed it for his country showing ownership of the land. Amerigo VespucciNative Americans respect and revolve life around:Environment Some if these questions and answers to chose go off the chart for bias and stupidity, but these are the answers your teacher wants.
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