How was the fighting in the gulf war

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Fighting in the Gulf War, may have been exposed to chemical irritants and unspecified diseases. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How was the fighting in the gulf war
Fighting in the Gulf War, may have been exposed to chemical irritants and unspecified diseases. ChaCha on!
What is plot of Inside the Kill Box: Fighting the Gulf War ??
Drawn from 200 hours of interviews with over 65 combatants of the Gulf War on both sides, including President George Bush… more | add synopsis
Where was 1st armond div fighting location for the first gulf war…?
The Iranian 1st Armored Division or the Iraqi 1st Armored Division during the first Gulf War (1980-1988)?

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When did we stop fighting wars with nations start fighting only with their governments?
Q: In World War Two, It was the Nazi’s that we fought, but we went to war with the Nations of Germany and Japan, and Italy. We fought, we bombed we destroyed and the toll was so bad that the people as a whole gave up the fight.At the end the war was over.Then at some point we decided that we would not fight the nations, but only the government. Korea we fought the ‘communist’In Vietnam it was the Viet CongIn the first Gulf War it was Sadam HusseinIn Afghanistan it was the TallibanIn the Second Gulf war it was Sadam Hussein again, and now the “insurgents”Now my question is this, With this policy of ‘not harming’ civilians, are we not defeating ourselves?How long would Hitler have keep fighting if we had ONLY fought his soldiers? Or the Emperor of Japan if we had ONLY fought the Japanese military?I’m not saying its fair or nice or even right, but if you want to win a war, does it not make more sense to do what war is, kill, destroy cripple, until the PEOPLE way, that’s it, we quit? By only warring with a government, the people are free to attack from the shadows, they use our own goodness to our disadvantage, and in truth, in many cases have no real reason to demand that fighting stop.Is this not backwards?
A: Well that is the Sherman way. War is hell and to conduct war, wage all out war. That is why he burned the south to the ground on his march to the sea, and history proves that it is a very effective way to conduct war. Another Term is called Total War. But now we are kinder and gentler. We want to win their “hearts and minds.” That is the liberals answer to killing your fellow man, try to do it decent, I think Sherman had it right. Conduct war to be so brutal that no one wants to see it rear it’s ugly head again. Make it so horrible that in burns an indelible image in all of mans conscience, then and only then will it be a thing of the past, and to do that, we have to go nuclear, and we should make an example of Iran.
I fought in the gulf war? i have night terrors.?
Q: I fought the americans in the gulf war. I shot batteries at american tanks one time. Im sure i atleast killed ten americans because we got comfirmed hits on two convoys. The americans were easy to kill, they were almost to easy, so i wake up i lulz because they were almost to easy to hit. I live in nz now, how do i stop these night/lulz terrors?I’m not an insurgent. I just have terrors like any americans do. I dont hate americans i just done my duty. I fought i an 6th rasihka regiment, if im a insurgent then every soldier everywhere is one.
A: I would say you have PTSD. It is a type of dissorder that alot of men and woman get when they see was. Your best best is to go and talk to a doctor. They will let you get with a counseler and talk with him and the doctor could possibly subscribe stuff to you to help you sleep. Now as for you saying you killed americans and this in that im gonna tell you your gonna get some crazy responses and that I wish you were here with me in iraq since I know you have killed American : )
War and how it effects or kids?
Q: The adults tell the kids kids, “don’t fight, fighting doe’s not solve anything” and then the kids see the adults been sent to fight to the death in the Falklands War, 2 Gulf Wars and fighting the taliban, If I were a kid I think I would believe my eyes and start to think, well if the government believes fighting does solve things so much so that they send hundreds of people to there death kill and injur thousands more with GUNS I’ll say that again GUNS and bombs and a large proportion of the people back that belief, then the adults who say fighting does not solve anything must be wrong. Is it any wonder the kids of these 4 wars are deciding fighting is a good answer and guns are a good way to fight.? Every body needs a roll model and the biggest roll model is the leader, what do you think, Ps forgive my spelling and grammerSome people will say war is for the greater good or to stop a evil tirant or my kids turned out ok, yes, and so did I and so did my kids and so did you but you are doing the same as the kids with the guns finding justification to kill. remember this last war was mainly about WMD and then when no WMD was found it became about stopping a evil tirrant. Men who think they have power Saddam, Bush, Blair, The Bully at school or the kid round the corner with lots of friends or with access to a gun, will just like find ways of justifying them selfs and their evil ways, and remember all of these people just like the (Bowler Hat Man) did not and do not think there plans through to the end.
A: im with you on this one i think that we should set the exaple for the small children and not go to war what do we get out of it anyway many many people dying and lots of money being lost in weapons and amo thats all
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