I meant nexium

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NEXIUM is used to treat for recurrent heartburn or acid reflux disease. It can cause headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/i-meant-nexium ]
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What does Nexium nexus mean?
The point at which you realize that you have to take medication and/or go to the doctor for your heartburn. and/or other gastrointestinal problems.

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Levaquin and nexium????
Q: I was prescribed levaquin for a respiratory infection and it says on the bottle not to take with antacids. Does this mean nexium too? Or just the type like tums or rolaids? cuz i have some wicked heartburn here and don’t know what to do. anyone have a good cure without taking tums or rolaids or nexium (if you are not supposed to take the nexium)
A: Only the bicarbonates like Tums & Rolaids. Continue taking your Nexium every day.
Is there anyone who has taken xenical and not lost weight?
Q: I have taken Xenical for two periods of six weeks at a time with a maximum weight loss of 2lbs. I eat a low fat diet and also take Nexium. Does this mean that the xenical is not working?
A: Xenical performs well in clinical trials, but it’s effect long term shows poor results. The best way to lose weight, is a healthy reduced calorie diet, combined with vigorous exercise DAILY.
Have any of you taken Nexium or Prevacid for acid reflux while you were pregnant?
Q: It’s a category B drug which means it is generally safe in pregnancy but would you take it? And i’m not talking about minor heartburn i mean severe, wanna-die, moaning in pain on the floor, battery acid burning your insides kind of heartburn. That’s the kind of heartburn I get if I don’t take my medicine. I’m not pregnant but I am thinking about the future and I want your input please. I appreciate it.
A: Actually yes I have because I have severe digestive issues even when not expecting. With each pregnancy since having my gallbladder removed I throw up the entire time and have severe stomach pain. My doctor prescribed Prevacid and I toke that up until they discovered I was allergic to it. Now they have me on Zantac for it and that seams to work well in helping me keep food down. Trust me i understand not wanting to take something but if its severe enough to where you cant hold food down that not good for a baby ether. That’s why I decided to go ahead and take it so I could have the vitamins the baby so vitally needs. Just so you know my 11 month old was born perfectly healthy after taking these during pregnancy as well. If your doctor prescribed it then they have taken in to account the risks and I think you will be safe. Good luck and hope this helps.
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