If I coughed up some spit, what is it

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Sometimes coughing up spit means the you have a lot. Sometimes in could mean ALS which is a disease.If you are immobile, a problem can develop coughing up saliva and mucus. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i-coughed-up-some-spit%2C-what-is-it ]
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Why do i constanty cough up phlem spit ? Especially in the mornin…?
There is a condition that involves an abnormal amount of saliva production and there is something that can be done about it. Now phlegm and spit are two different things. Phlegm is thicker and can mean that you have bronchitis or some upper…
How Can I Teach My Little One To Cough It Up And Spit It Out??
I have a 3-1/2 year old daughter who is extremely congested; she coughs all night long. Her doctor prescribed amoxicillin for a sinus infection. The trouble is that my daughter doesn’t know how to expectorate in any way. She doesn’t know ho…

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I coughed up some blood. Should I be worried? What should I do?
Q: Sorry if this is a bit gross…I’ve had like no time lately and, as a result, neglected to refill my asthma medications for some time. I’m back on them now, but I have still been rather mucus-y for the past few days. One night, I had so much that it woke me up because my breathing was a bit obstructed.I know, that much was very stupid of me.Anyway, last night, I was brushing my teeth and when I spit some mucus came out. However, there was a lot of blood mixed in with it. I washed my mouth out a bit and checked to see if I had cut my gums or something, but there was nothing of the sort. I spit up a bit more of the junk in my throat and (yet again) it was covered in blood. I got worried, but decided it would be overreacting to panic without waiting for a few minutes. So after about ten minutes, the blood went from being bright red to being rust colored to stopping all together.I do not feel very sick. I have no real symptoms: no cold, no bloody nose, no fatigue. It just hurts to swallow sometimes, and I was really thirsty last night before the blood came up.I’m keeping an eye on it. Is that what I should be doing?
A: ANY TIME you have blood coming from the area of the lungs, see your Physician immediately.
coughed up bloody tissue – what in the world is it?
Q: GROSS ALERT: Don’t read if you get woozy reading about stuff like this.I don’t smoke or drink and haven’t eaten much the past few days, actually. I have had a deep cough, general bodily pain and a lot of sinus pressure and drainage and also ran a fever off and on for the past few days. I never had anything like this happen before: I coughed once a few minutes ago and I felt something huge come up right into my mouth as if it broke off from my throat. When I spat it out in the sink, it grossed me out. It looked like a huge glot of tissue with blood vessels in it and when I – urk – touched it, it definitely didn’t feel like phlegm. It felt like some kind of tissue, with folds in it containing different colors of what looked like blood – from bright red to almost a black color.Pray tell, what in the world did I just spit up. And no, I dont think it was a devil.
A: I HIGHLY doubt it was actual tissue, with blood vessels etc.. although if you have a pic you can let me know and I’ll have a looksey to further analyze BUT here is what I think: When you get dehydrated, your body essentially dries up this includes mucus, it gets thicker, firmer and kinda takes on a different shape. If you’ve been sinusy and coughing alot its possible that some dried blood (brown and black in color) got in the mucus as it was hardening it would look streaky in there. Bright red is new blood that probally attached itself as you were hacking it up. So I can betcha it was old dried mucus. I’ve seen this plenty of times before and I know it could be concerning but I wouldn’t worry too much 🙂
Why am i vomiting blood?
Q: This morning i woke up around 1:00 to this aweful taste of “rust” in my mouth, which can be mistaken for the taste of Blood when you are half asleep…anyways i proceeded to become nauseated and fought off vomiting for an hour or so then finally couldn’t take it and before i even vomited i spit up a little and coughed up some blood while waiting for the vomiting to happen, so that debunks the thoughts of the “throwing up” to cause the acid to tear up my tonsils and making them bleed, something i have had problems with before in my past. and since i had the taste of blood in my mouth when i awoke i cant help but think it was already there. I am confused more then anything about this, my Dad suggested Tonsilitis and my Mom is worried about it being something more because everyone knows how scary it is to throw up blood, something more like an ulcer in my stomach. I woke up this morning after catching up on some sleep with no throat pains and nothing has happened yet today except i sneezed out some blood, not alot just a hint of red on my hand. i want to go to a Doctor but i’m afraid i’ll be told like in my past that the vomiting of the stomach acids tore up my tonsils and they’ll send me off, again i DO NOT want this to be something bad, but i do not want to ignore something that could be wrong with me. I was going to wait and see if it happened again to go and see a Doctor but i am wayy too confused by this whole thing. If anyone has any questions please let me know! To add to this i have been waking up with horrible throat pain for about a week now but since i live in Louisiana have been thinking it was because of the weather changing, which can cause colds or other sinus infections to cause a sore throat. i do not know if that has anything to do with it but that is my only other symptom. Let me make myself clear about a confusing part of this explanation..in the past i was having stomach problems, i was throwing up and the blood was in fact coming after i had been throwing up for a minute or so, so i knew it was my tonsils bleeding from the vomiting of the stomach acids. My point is that this go round i had the blood in my throat before vomiting the stomach acids which cause the bleeding of the tonsils, but my parents couldn’t look at my throat before i threw up because i didn’t know blood was envolved until AFTER i started spitting up and couldn’t stop my puking from starting for them to check it…the reason i am suggesting to not see a Doctor is because i feel fine and no longer have any symptoms…in my past i’ve seen doctors AFTER THE FACT and they all seem to think it’s the cause of the vomiting no matter what my story. i am not worried about it i guess because i feel fine today but i will always be confused about the cause of this if it never happens again. and about the cause of the vomiting, i have NO CLUE, i am on Birth Control and my pill tends to make me nauseated but i take it before bed and always just sleep through it, for some reason i woke up in the middle of the night for no reason and couldn’t fall back asleep, then eventually i started to feel nauseated, which i thought was because of the pill, but it was too bad to fall back asleep and my throat was already hurting too bad for me to “speed the process” of the vomiting, so i stayed miserable until around 3:00 when i started to cough up and spit up blood, then started vomiting about 5 minutes later.Thanks to anyone that can give me advice it would be greatly appreciated!
A: internal bleeding
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