If i get dizzy every time i get up what can be wrong

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Dizziness can result from something as simple as motion sickness or it can be caused by complicated problems with the balance mechanism in your inner ear. Dizziness is also a rare but possible sign of stroke and Parkinson’s disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i-get-dizzy-every-time-i-get-up-what-can-be-wrong ]
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Why do i keep getting dizzy like every time i get up, whats wrong…?
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every time I get up, i feel dizzy. whats wrong?
Q: no matter if I only sit for a little, or for a long time, I still feel dizzy for about 30 seconds. my vision gets blurred, then all i can see is grey then it fades away with the dizzyness. what could be wrong?
A: it sounds like you are hyper stimulating your vegas nerve (major nerve in your nervous system) Over sensitive vegas nerve can be dangerous you might want to go to the Dr if this happens frequently
whats wrong with me? dizzy spells, seizures, heart rate?
Q: I can’t say exactly when this started, it’s been a couple years at least. I get light headed and dizzy all the time. Sometimes its so bad that i’ll be sitting down and i’ll feel like my chair is falling over with me in it and i have to flail my arms around to keep my balance. It happens when I sit up too quickly, bend over at all, almost every time i smoke a cigarette, several times a day from several things. generally when this happens i just have to sit down for a second until it passes and if i don’t my heart starts racing, i feel like im going to black out, breathing gets harder.Sometimes if i’ve been drinking the night before when I wake up too early the next day i’ll get the light headed feeling and then my stomach will suddenly start to hurt really bad and then i black out and convulse. (went to a neurologist about this and apparently there is an odd spike in my brain waves in the back right side of my brain but they cant tell me what it is) this has happened one time when i haven’t been drinking the night before.ive gone the doctor about it and they’ve run all the tests but just cant tell me anything. just wondering if anyone had similar problems or if someone might know whats happening.
A: Sounds like some of the symptoms I have. I don’t convulse with my seizures (I’m more of an eye-flutterer/arm-twitcher), but I have spikes on my left and right temporal lobes. I’m epileptic. Smoking sounds like one of the triggers, so I would suggest trying to quit. Some of it sounds a bit like you have low blood pressure. Hyperventillating will make it worse, when you feel an attack coming on, this is called an aura phase. If you force yourself to do meditation breathing exercises, then it tends to not be as bad. I would ask for a different neurologist for a second opinion and get a definative diagnosis. Before you go, start journaling the attacks, it is VERY helpful in getting a clear diagnosis. I had problems from the time I was a baby with epileptic seizures, but because they weren’t the convulsing type, the small-town docs didn’t diagnose me until I was 22. The doctor told me the ONLY reason he was able to figure out that it was epilepsy was because of the journal. Describe ALL of your symptoms in it. No matter how small. Are you sleepy after? How long does it take to recover? Before, do you get a weird taste in your mouth? Do things sound odd? Do you have any visual disturbances (Some of my epileptic auras can be really bad and cause minor hallucinations)? All very important. Not only will this help them diagnose it, but it will help you see a pattern to it. This will help you prepare to deal with it the next time you have one.
Does anyone know what’s wrong with me?
Q: I have a terrible headache, I feel like I can’t get enough air, I get dizzy every time I stand up and I’m nauseous. It’s too late for me to go to the doctor, so I was wondering if anyone could help me out.
A: Drink lots of water and then lie down..
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