Is a baked potato more healthy or unhealthy

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Take away the extra fat and deep frying, and a baked potato is an exceptionally healthful low calorie, high fiber food that offers significant protection against cardiovascular disease and cancer. Have more questions? Text 242242 to ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is a baked potato more healthy or unhealthy
Take away the extra fat and deep frying, and a baked potato is an exceptionally healthful low calorie, high fiber food that offers significant protection against cardiovascular disease and cancer. Have more questions? Text 242242 to ChaC…

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Do you think my diet is okay or should I change it?
Q: Okay I don’t know if my diet is okay, I don’t want to lose weight even though sometimes I feel really fat but I want to gain muscle I’m sick of being called small.I’ve just turned 13 years old and I’m 156 cms tall (short I know!) and I weigh 6 stone (sometimes I feel like that is a lot) … I did two different BMI calculators both from the NHS, on one of them it says my BMI is healthy, but on the other one it says I’m underweight. My BMI is around 15.61!The thing is, is that I feel I eat too much unhealthy stuff, my metabolism is good so that’s why I don’t put on much weight. I feel uncomfortable with my weight sometimes I feel fat really fat and unhealthy. I know my weight is probably okay, but why do I feel unhealthy?I want to put on muscle because I get teased for being small and it really annoys me! I don’t want to have lots of muscle I just want to get out of this weak body of mine.Okay, now to my diet – I’m vegetarian so I don’t eat meat or fish! I eat a lot, I need to eat more calcium I’m not growing at all! I hate egg, cheese and lentils (stuff like that) I only like cheese on pizza or pasta and I only like egg in egg fried rice.Because I’m so picky, no wonder I’m small..I never eat breakfast, on school days I feel sick in the mornings. I have late lunch at around 1 but I normally have snacks like toast. For lunch I normally have something like homemade soup, toast, riveta or a toastie. For tea I normally have something like quorn, pasta bake, a healthy chinese, baked potato (I eat the skin) etc but for the past week it’s been quick stuff like pasta and stone baked garlic bread because my brother’s friends have been around.I don’t get much exercise because I don’t get out much. But when I do get out I normally skateboard for about 5 hours which is like twice a week.Is my diet alright?Should I change it, if so then how?What can I eat for my calcium and iron?What drinks should I drink?I know there’s a lot of questions there but if you could answer at least one then thanks!Rhiannon!
A: You need more protein. Everything else is fine for someone with no weight issues. Would be too many carbs for a heavy person. There are many protein sources. There are dozens of variety of beans. There are meat substitutes made of veggie protein (like Boca burger) and also some mixes you can get. Tofu. Protein shakes. You gotta get more protein. Other than that, you are alright but you also need more green vegetables.
What more can I do to change my daily diet? (kind of a long question, sorry)?
Q: Okay so I’m 14 years old and some days I eat enough food for three people and some days I barley have anything. Overall, my daily diet is really unhealthy. I don’t worry about my weight because I’m thin, but I have a really high matabolism so when I eat a lot, my health must be terrible by the end of the day. Here’s how it goes : Mornings : I never eat breakfeast ( really bad, I know ) and when I do, it usually consists of one glass of chocolate milk, and a banana if I have time to fit it in. Inbetween breakfeast and lunch : Right after my period one class, I go downstairs and grab a large chocolate chip cookie, and a can of pepsi.Lunches : It varies, but on school days it’s usually cafeteria fries, a can of pop (yes, another one but sometimes its water) and if we decide to go down town, a two scoop ice cream cone.Dinner : Depends on what my mom feels like making. If I request a healthy dinner it usually contains : fille-minon (small circle of steak with a bacon strip wrapped around it), a baked potato, carrots, tomatos, and a glass of milk. Other days it’s home made spagetti and garlic bread,sometimes its mcdonalds. we do eat out a lot.Mcdonalds and A&W end up being my dinner a lot which I know is very very very bad, especially considering the amount I eat. This is what it takes to fill me up :A double cheese burgerA large friesand a small cokeor at A&W, a teen burger, a medium fries and a coke.Also, I don’t exersize intentionally or daily. I have absoloutly no idea how I stay thin and avoid becoming a two ton tessy.Sometimes if i’ll eat a full course meal, and if someone can’t finish theirs, I eat it for them. It’s discusting when I think about it.So far I’ve been trying to eat :Breakfeast : Chocolate milk, banana, nutragrain barInbetween breakfeast and lunch : just a cookie, no pop. hopefully ill be able to cutt down to nothing at all until lunch time.Lunch : Chicken wrap, yogourt with fruit (fruit parfe), and filtered brita water from home.Dinner : At home = the healthier dinner i mentioned before, and if we go out : Tim Hortons, either chicken noodle soup and a carton of milk.Also, now that summer is coming up im going to try to run on our tred mill for 15 minutes every day. we have an ab-lounge too. It’s probably hard to believe that I’m thin, but somehow I am. I really need to eat less and eat healthier. Anything else I can do?
A: Eat breakfast. Daily.=The other meals will follow naturally.
eating LOTS of dried fruit and peanut butter 2 gain that healthy at all?
Q: I am trying to gain weight…kindof quickly. i noticed i will eat about 3 bags of dried fruits a day…lots of sugar and carbs…and i know its very calorie dense. just 1/4 of a cup is 160 calories and there are 26 servings…and im eating more then a bag. im also eating lots of peanuts/peanut butter, muesli, whole grain breads, baked potatoes, protein bars, frozen yogurt and sometimes some really unhealthy desserts that i would not eat before. im getting about 3,100 calories a day and im also eating foods a nutritionist told me to so i AM getting the right foods BTW. im also not exercising cuz im not allowed and i cant anyway( i hate the fact that i have to gain more fat) i cant exercise until i gain atleast 10 pounds of fat.IS ALL THAT DRIES FRUIT HEALTHY FOR ME TO GAIN WEIGHT? its calorie, carb, and sugar dense but its fruit! im eating anyway whether its good or not, same with the frozen yogurt and peanut butter. CAN I GAIN A POUND BY WEDNESDAY EATING THIS MUCH FOOD/CALORIES
A: wait wait wait…. why are you trying to quickly gain fat again?Unless your body fat % is extremely low it is a good thing. you need to input 3500 calories more than you output to gain a pound of fat. So you do the math with what you need to do. if you just want to temporarily gain weight and don’t really care about health/how this will make you feel. Simply eat a lot of salt/sodium drink a bunch of water and cut out the fruit/potato from your diet. You’ll temporarily gain some water weight, and it’ll prob make you feel stressed but you won’t have to put on fat like that within a couple days.Again what the heck are you doing this for… it’s a bad idea.
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