Is a pediatrician a nurse

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No, a pediatrician is a child’s physician. They are a licensed doctor, MD. They specialize in childhood illnesses and disease. [ Source: ]
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What is a pediatrician nurse?
A pediatrician nurse is nurse that take care of babies.
What does a pediatrician nurse do?
The same thing that an adult nurse does, only to children. You know, shots, taking care of people, that sort of deal.
Can a Pediatric nurse become a pediatrician?
Yes. A dog groomer can become a pediatrician. You have to go to med school.

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What are some steps at becoming a pediatrician nurse?
Q: Should I start off at a 2 yr college or go 2 a 4 yr college. Do have I have 2 become an rn first??
A: What I think you are asking about is a pediatric nurse practitioner. Whatever your end goal is, you need to start as an RN. If you are asking about working on a pediatric unit in a hospital, then the RN is enough & it can be acheived in as little as 2 years with an associates’s degree, though a BSN is to be encouraged. But if you are interested in the expanded role of a nurse practitoner, then you need to go on & get a master’s degree. Hope that helps
in order to be a Pediatrician/nurse what classes should i take in high school?
Q: i’m a sophomore who’s currently in chemistry and trigonometry, and i’ve taken health classes. should i take calculus,pre-calculus, or Advanced placement Statistics for math? and should i take physics, or anatomy and Physiology or both for a science class?
A: Taking science classes is a safe bet.Talk to your high school guidance counselor.Go online and look up the school(s) you are interested in. Most all have their catalogs online now. You can looked the courses you will need to take there and have a good idea as to what you need to take now.
If ur a teacher, veterinarian, pediatrician, nurse or a physician pls answer the questions ..about ur job & U?
Q: pls tell everything on ur story …1.) How did you get into _________( ur job)?pls indicate whats ur job2.) What’s the typical day like for you?3.) Why is being a ________ (ur job) the coolest job for you?tnk u!!!!
A: just following your destiny, Dr10 to 7pmmeeting different people, flexible with your schedules sometime.
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