Is it After intercourse is it normal to have cramps

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Cramping after intercourse could be a sign of a medical issue such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. It’s best to see a doctor. [ Source: ]
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Is cramping and tightness of the abdomen normal after intercourse…?
Absolutely, especially if you had an orgasm. The uterus tightens with intercourse when you are not pregnant but of course you cannot feel it then. It is perfectly normal and not at all dangerous. I have deleted an answer about cervical dysp…
Is it normal to feel cramps after sexual intercourse??
Yes it is quite normal. It has to do with the uterus muscles contracting.
Is it normal to experience cramps the day after you’ve had interc…?’ve_had_intercourse
Mild cramping after vigorous sex is normal but severe pain is not.

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6 weeks pregnant and having cramps after intercourse. Is this normal?
Q: Is it normal to have cramping after having intercourse while you are pregnant? The cramps stopped after about 5 min or so. Nice answers only please!
A: Yes, your uterus contracts during orgasms. It is normal and doesn’t harm the baby.
Is it normal to have cramps after having sex five months after intercourse?
Q: Is it normal to have cramps after having sex five months after intercourse? I know Im not pregnant but im having miserable stomach cramps and severe lower back pain.
A: Absolutely not normal. Go see your doctor, you may have cysts.
Is slight bleeding and cramps normal after ovulation? What about nausea?? help please?
Q: My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. My cycles have been somewhat regular not to the exact day but within the same week, So I wasnt sure of my ovulation. To be safe we started have intercourse on the 12th and have been till the17th. I assumed that it would be withing that time period. So today I noticed when I went to the bathroom that there was a little spotting, I am not supposed to have my period for another week and I have never had spotting like this before. I also am getting cramps for the past 2 days which also I get during my period but not until at least one or two days into it. generally I get sore breasts a week before my period starts but my breasts are not sore at all which is weird. I though that maybe I was pregnant since Ive been feeling nauseous for the past 4 days really bad, so I took a test this morning and it was negative which made me sad. But at the same time there no way I can be feeling sick from being pregnant this early?? Correct?? Help? anyone???
A: you could be feeling sick, but you won’t get a positive pregnancy test even if you are pregnant-it’s way too early. light spotting could be implantation, (usually 7-10 days after fertilization) if you did ovulate on the 12th. I know it’s hard, but wait until your period is due and then use one of the Early Response tests. They say you can use them up to five days before your missed period (so you could try earlier) but if you are pregnant, you’re more likely to get a positive if you wait until your period is actually due. good luck to you!
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