Is it bacteria, pathogens, or viruses

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Pathogenic bacteria and viruses both cause disease in humans. Thanks for using ChaCha! Text CLAUS your Xmas list! [ Source: ]
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Are the four major groups of pathogens bacteria viruses fungi and…?
There are really 5 main groups; viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa (which includes the malaria parasite) and Helminthes (which includes parasites such as flatworms and roundworms). Moulds are classified as fungi.
What about bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in water??
The quality of water for drinking cannot be assured by chemical analyses alone. The presence of bacteria in water, which are normally found in the intestinal tracts of humans and animals, signal that disease-causing pathogens may be present…
Could pathogens be called viruses, bacteria, and viroids??
No not all bacteria, viruses or other micro-organisms make you sick, infact there are more non-pathogenic bacteria than pathogenic micro-organisms.

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in kidney disease is it caused by what type of pathogen {bacteria, virus or fungi?}?
A: These and more, including cancer, polycystic renal disease, genetic abnormalities, diabetes, adrenal hormone malfunctions, and so on. Not to mention kidney stones.
What is the nastiest predatory animal for its size?
Q: I have not looked it up. It has just occured to me. What critter could cause most damage to humans and other animals if it was larger and still able to fly, squirm, swim or whatever it needs to do to attack its victims/prey? Disease or virus/bacteria/pathogen vectors do not count, neither does the use of tools like nuclear missiles.
A: The Irukandji jellyfish (Carukia barnesi) is a small, extremely venomous box jellyfish. Its bada-ss, a wonder of evolutionary genetics.Its smaller then a fingernail, with very long hair thin tentacles nearly invisible in the water. Recently discovered, we know very little because it is so fragile and almost impossible to keep alive in habitation. check out the video, I do believe this woman was sick for 2-weeks. Described as an unending staircase of pain where the most potent morphine injection barely takes the edge off! Like having your spine smashed over and over again.That woman had a dead tentacle swipe across her wrist. After getting out of the water. she was covered head to toe in a scuba outfit. She was stung while researching this animal, being aware of its potency. Imagine running into this bugger unknowingly like a normal recreational swimmer. It is unknown how many deaths from Irukandji syndrome have been wrongly attributed to other causes.
Does sweat transmit/transfer viruses and bacteria like other bodily fluids, or not?
Q: For example, is it a risky proposition for a sick wrestler to compete, on the basis that the sweat can transmit pathogens?
A: That would actually be a question for probabilities and statistics… the reason for that is; the variables on transmission. e.g. open wounds, blood platelet counts (some degree of blood can be present in perspiration in certain conditions) the ambient temperatures end on and on..
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