Is it bad if just the tip of one finger goes numb for a long time

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This may or may not be related to Raynaud’s disease. You need a good neurological evaluation of the sensation of the hand. [ Source: ]
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Is it bad if just the tip of one finger goes numb for a long time?
This may or may not be related to Raynaud’s disease. You need a good neurological evaluation of the sensation of the hand.

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How can I correct nerve damage?
Q: I have been to the doctor for this two times, and to the chiropractor three times with some relief, but not completely. Three weeks ago I woke up early with severe pain in my left shoulder blade and left arm. During the day the arm pain would come and go, especially bad in the elbow and while sitting. Then along with the pain, my finger tips went numb and I had tingling across my back, just below the shoulder blades. Now I don’t have the pain, but the tingling across the back remains and so does the numbness in my left index finger tip and thumb tip. I am also experiencing numbness in the toes of both feet. The doctor did an EKG and that was fine. He gave me pain killers and muscle relaxers, which I took for about one week. Does this sound like nerve damage? Can it be corrected? If it will heal itself, how long does it take?
A: I’m not quite sure if it’s nerve damage. If it is nerve damage, it might or might not be perminant. I’m sure to doctor went through with you your list of possible activities that could have injured you or to possibility of sleeping wrong and tweeking a nerve that way. I would ask the doctor about the possibility of having a clot somewhere and make sure you didn’t have a mini-stroke or anything like that while you were asleep. you might want to ask him about getting a MRA/MRI and maybe and EEG. a EKG/ECG is only a test that will tell you if your heart is beating properly. i hope it’s not anything serious, but it might not go away for a while. good luck with everything.
Can i die by having a nerve damage?
Q: Just a couple minutes ago i asked if any one knew what problem i had..i was at football practice, and i noticed i had purple hands, and later on the day i have numb finger tips.And i just realised we were doing tackling drills…and i know for sure that this is a nerve damage.reasons:1. finger tips being numb, not first time (because i remember having them at other times)…purple hands first time.2. the way i recall tackling is that my back is fully flexed backwards…( or just leaning back)3. i have a somewhat bad bruise on my collarbone…so one of these parts of the body has a damaged nerve.and i just want to know if i will be ok…because its 1:30 am.and im scared to go to sleep and not wake up again.. lolSo will i die from this?or will i be ok?and how long does it usually take for this to heal?and what can i do to help it heal?thanks
A: You need to go to the ER….NOW!The purple means that there is a lack of oxygen to the cells in your hands. This could very quickly turn to cell death. Once the cells die there is no way to regain them. This could mean a loss of the use of your hands or the complete loss of your hands. Emergency rooms are available 24/7….USE IT!
Is my story any good?
Q: Im 13 and I’ve written part of a story just for fun and it’s based on how much i love this guy but he has a girlfriend. It’s also based on dreams I’ve had. I know there’s a lot of spelling errors and things like that but overall is it any good??Full honesty is wanted :)WhisperChapter 1 If I could have one wish, just one wish, you know what I’d wish for? Easy! Sam Holdings. His perfect almost-black hair, mesmorising plain blue eyes that seem so not plain when I’m staring into them and his not-to-thin but muscular body. Ah, just the thought of his long, peach, muscled arms holding me against him. Sorry, wait why am I appologising to myself? Thinking of Sam is just natural instinct. Getting a bit to carried away, but I guess I always het carried away when I’m thinking about the god on earth called Samuel Holdings. Oh Sam . . . “Megan Kurt! For the seventh time!” Oops! Mr Rhys. English teacher. Okay Meg get it together, Tuesday, school, second period, English. Ugh. “Yes Sir?” I made it seem like an absentminded question, which it was. But Mr Rhys didn’t need to know that. “I’m looking for an answer Miss Kurt” his tall brown haired figure snarled impatiently, making his mud-brown eyes pop. Ugh he scares the living daylights out of me. Now that takes alot. Damn it, why didn’t I listen! What the hell are we even doing? I looked to the left of my middle window desk to one of my best friends, Alice Johnson, but been her usual self she giggled knowing what, acctually who I’d been thinking of and looked out of the window to keep her soft face composed. Okay Meg, need to use that brain power you have stored. . . somewhere. Sadly the best think I could think of was “Erm.”. . . He sighed and his brow furrowed, so I tryed to think again but his imapatient tapping of his ruler on the front dest where Madison ‘Di di’ Merchant sat with her long blond hair plaited neathly and shiny pink lip gloss almost oosing off her lips. That shade of pink shouldn’t be legal. I had three words for Di di ‘teachers glamour puss’. I stopped concentrating on her and started to think again but the first thing that popped into my head was Sam so I immediatly pushed that thought away not wanting to start over again. Next thing, next thing. . . Comma’s! Comma’s! Wait. Comma’s? Oh well it’s an answer. “Erm. . . Is it comma’s Sir?” I asked. Just then the who class burst into histerics. While trying to keep from exploding Mr Rhys opened his mouth, took a deep breath and sighed. “So Miss Kurt. Shakespear’s play’s didn’t include women because of comma’s?” He said through his teeth. Mr Rhys didn’t like me. Everyone knew that. At first I thought he was going to stay calm for once, but as I was probably about to find out if he could keep his cool, the bell rang. “Saved by the bell again Meg” Alice whispered in my ear just before her brown curls danced out of the room to wait for me outside the old classroom door. “We will finish our conversation in a Thursday detention Miss Kurt” Mr Rhys boomed as I slid un-successfully out of the room after Alice. Great a Thursday detention, worst day for detention and what a great start to the week! But on the plus side that’s another thing I get to keep from mum. It’s kind of a hobby. I don’t get along with my family exept my disabled eight year old sister; Kayla. We only speak for her sake. As I slumped out of the faded brown wooden door Alice was there just as predicted. “Haha!” She laughed as I sighed and looked up at the rusted number 24 on the door. “Too much thinking about S. . .” I didn’t let her finish instead I put my pale, black-tipped finger to her plump pink lips to make her shut up as the most gorgeous thing on the planet walked past us. “Sam” I sighed into Alices sholder after he had gone out of hearing range. She looked into my eyes and could probably see the pain in them as she followed my gaze to where he met his girlfriend, Morgan Newman, outside Spanish room number twenty-eight with a soft kiss. I moaned as my heart tore with pain. “She doesn’t deserve him” Alice said as she took my hand and started to walk towards the backdoor where the benches are, our ‘group’ always hangs out there during free time. “He’s too good for that tart. He’s meant for you” she finished as we went through the exit. “If he’s so good how is he for me?” I moaned sadly. Chapter 2Alice dropped my hand just before we reached the circular bench where our friends sat. As I ran my fingers through Alice’s curls I looked up and focused on everyone’s hair. Cal with her short blond bob, the other Meg, who we all call Tink and her long fiery red hair. Jayson and his ‘ultra-cool’ gelled up brown hair. Ah, my favourite guy of the bunch; Daniel ‘Diz’ we’ve been friends for over eleven years, we met when we were three, I smiled at the memories. He sat with his blond hair messed up ‘surfer style’. I quickly moved on to Jazz and her black and pink
A: This sounds good so far, you are really good at going into details and you kept me intrigued. This is definitly something I would read.
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